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Arcane crafting is Thaumcraft's first extension to Minecraft's crafting system. It works similarly to ordinary crafting, but instead of the ordinary crafting table, it uses the Arcane Crafting Table (ACT). Like the basic crafting table the ACT has nine material slots and one output slot, but it also has a special slot for a wand to be inserted. The ACT can make any crafting recipe that a normal table can, and these will not require use of a wand. However, it can also use recipes researched for Thaumcraft. These will require a wand containing enough vis of appropriate types for the recipe. Note that iron-capped wands will face a penalty for the vis costs, while thaumium-capped wands get a bonus. Gold capped wands pay the "standard" costs, while silver and copper caps (if you have mods providing those metals) give bonuses or penalties according to the vis type.

Unlike the vanilla crafting table, the ACT can hold items even after its interface is closed. This can be useful in various ways:

  • Loading the makings for many unstackable items, and carrying them off as inventory permits. This is especially useful when making items to be rendered in the Alchemical Furnace, such as boats for Iter.
  • Putting together a recipe whose components need to be assembled or acquired separately.
  • If the player discovers their wand is short of vis, they can go recharge it or fetch a full one, without dumping the recipe contents.

Arcane Crafting Recipes