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This is the Crafting Table for the StupidFood mod requested by krikat and amagedon.
Due to errors on uploading pictures into the wiki, some of the pictures don't provide you with the actual ingame footage.
See the "Official Name" column and the info in the "Ingredients" column for more information.

You can download the StupidFood (aka Milkshake) Mod here.
However, this will only work in Minecraft version 1.1 - Going to update when MCP and ModLoader release for 1.2.3

Ingredients Input » Output Official Name
Sugar + Cocoa Beans + Milk Bucket + Glass Bottle

Cocoa (Chocolate Milkshake)
Sugar + Melon + Milk Bucket + Glass Bottle

Melon Milkshake
Sugar + Banana + Milk Bucket + Glass Bottle

Replace Apple with Banana!!

Banana Milkshake
Dirt + Milk Bucket + Glass Bottle

Poop Milkshake
Apple Banana
Sugar + Dirt + Wheat Dirt Cookie