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Stormister's Rediscovered Mod






Compatible with

1.7.10, 1.8, 1.8.8

Properties file


The Rediscovered Mod is a semi-popular mod that adds the Sky Dimension, as well as new Blocks, Items, and Mobs, almost all early concepts and removed stuff. See the version history page for a list of all updates that have been made to this mod.


The Rediscovered Mod adds 16 blocks.

  • Crying Obsidian
  • The Old Sponge
  • Gears
  • Lanterns
  • Dirt Slabs
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Lecterns
  • Locked Chest
  • Spikes
  • Scarecrows
  • Ruby Ore
  • Ruby Blocks
  • Cherry Leaves
  • Cherry Wood
  • Cherry Planks
  • Cherry Stairs
  • Cherry Slabs


The Rediscovered Mod adds 19 items

  • Quiver
  • Potions
    • Nausea
    • Blindness
    • Slow Mining
  • Armor
    • Various Chestplates with Quivers
    • Studded Armor
  • Purple Arrow
    • Unobtainable
  • Roses
  • Empty Rose Bushes
  • Paeonias
  • Empty Peony Bushes
  • Ruby


The Rediscovered Mod adds 13 Mobs

  • Passive
    • Fish
  • NPC's
    • Rana
    • Pigmen
    • Green Villager
    • Hostile NPC's
      • Steve
      • Beast Boy
      • Black Steve
      • Melee Pigmen
      • Archer Pigmen
  • Hostile
    • Giants
    • Zombie Horse
    • Skeleton Horse
    • Red Dragon


  • The mod was planned to have more stuff added, such as the Calm4.ogg, Dyed planks, Horse Saddle, Classic Wool and Human.