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Real Life Mod
Real life mod logo2.jpg

ItsAMysterious: Developer, modeling & texturing
Jigga_Jones: Modeling & texturing, website hosting


All rights reserved


Site, Forum


Beta 0.43

Compatible with

Java Edition 1.7.10 - Java Edition 1.8

Welcome on the official real life mod-wikipage! On this page you can find useful tips and tricks, basic survival guide, crafting recipes and some additional information about the mod.

Basic information[edit]

This mod makes Minecraft feel more like everyday life. It adds a complex survival system including diseases and other aspects that complicate life. It also adds a money and bank system to that can be used to buy and sell blocks and items. Further, it adds a variety of realistic blocks and items, as well as realistic vehicles.

Special thanks to:

  • MINSA20 (For some great ideas)
  • Raul9150 (For some textures)
  • Yenilmez (Several feature-enrichment ideas)

Crafting recipes[edit]

Name Ingredients Crafting recipe
Fireplace Stick +
Oak Leaves +

Blast Furnace Bricks +
Lava Bucket +

Blast Furnace
Cracker Salt +
Chips Baked Potato
SteelAxe IngotSteel +
Computer Iron Ingot +
Circuitboard +
Growpot Clay (ball)


  • /spawnHelperbot - spawns Chatterbot
  • /freeMoney - adds 1000$ to the players Cash

Survival guide[edit]

When you start a new world, you will receive a bottle. In the upper left corner of the screen, you can see how many water you have. If its not enough, you will become confused and you will have to drink. In survival mode, you will be given one filled water bottle when you spawn in the world. NEVER LOSE IT! When the bottle is empty, you can refill it by right-clicking on water or a washbasin. To get all the items from Real Life Mod, you will have to craft a computer and get some money by mining ores. More tips will follow soon.