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This mod by Jamioflan allows you to fly planes in Minecraft, allowing players to create 7 different planes, as well as 4 vehicles and two mechs and fly/drive them around. This mod is for both singleplayer, and multiplayer.

Included in this mod are:

Biplane: carries one person, five cargo slots, Not Dangerous.

Two-Seater Biplane: carries two people or one person and a wolf, five cargo slots, Not Dangerous.

Fokker (WW1 Fighter): carries one person, five bullet slots, Dangerous.

Sopwith Camel (WW1 Fighter): carries one person, five bullet slots, Dangerous.

Spitfire (WW2 Fighter): carries one person, five bullet slots, two bomb slots, Very Dangerous!

P-51 Mustang (WW2 Fighter): carries one person, five bullet slots, two bomb slots, Very Dangerous!

BF-109 (WW2 Fighter): carries one person, five bullet slots, two bomb slots, Very Dangerous!

Minecraft Spitfire Fighter.

Flakvierling-38 (Anti-Aircraft Cannon)

Bofors 40mm (Anti-Aircraft Cannon)

kubelwgaen (WW2 Jeep) carries 4 people and 6 cargo slots

Willy's jeep (WW2 Jeep) carries 4 people and 6 cargo slots

sherman Tank (WW2 Tank)carries two people, and has 2 guns, a cannon and a machine gun

Panzer IV (WW2 Tank) carries two people and has two guns, a cannon and a machine gun

Proto titan (Mech) carries one person, and can equip 2 guns or 2 mining tools

Alpha Titan (Mech) carries one person, and can equip 2 guns or 2 mining tools


Client Without Forge Installed

1. Go to this page, look for "Recommended 1.6.4" and download the installer on that line. Run the installer. If it fails, check the Forge FAQ

2. Now run your Minecraft Launcher.

3. Click "New Profile" in the bottom left.

Give the profile a name and select a directory for it. (This should not be the default directory, you don't want to overwrite your vanilla worlds) In the "Version Selection" section, scroll down the "Use Version" drop-down and select "release_1.6.4-Forge..." (There will be version numbers after "Forge").

4. Now click "Save Profile".

5. Click "Play".

If done right, the main Minecraft menu will say "Minecraft Forge" with a version number in the bottom left. Now continue on to the next section to install Flan's Mod.

Client with Forge Installed

1. Open your Minecraft Launcher.

2. Select your modded profile.

3. Click on "Edit Profile".

4. Copy the "Game Directory" and navigate to it in your computer's file browser.

5. Now open the "mods" folder.

6. Download the latest version of Flan's Mod (above).

7. Drag the downloaded FlansMod-x.x.x.jar into the "mods" folder.

8. Download any content packs you want. Content Packs

9. Now run Minecraft through the launcher and quit.

10. Returning to your game directory, there should be a "Flan" folder.

11. Put all the content pack zips (don't extract them) in the newly created "Flan" folder. Run Minecraft again and you should be good to go.

Content Packs

1. Download the content packs you want to use from

2. Put them into the Flan folder in your .minecraft directory


  • 1. Download & Install the Forge server
  • 2. Download Flans Mod and place in the mods folder (If not already created it will be created upon launching the server)
  • 3. Add content Packs
  • 5. Start your server


for both start with a clear .minecraft with updating minecraft

Default controls for planes are:

  • W - Speed up propeller
  • S - Slow down propeller
  • A - Turn left
  • D - Turn right
  • Z - Roll left
  • X - Roll right
  • Space - Pitch up
  • Left Control - Pitch down
  • Left Shift - Get out
  • R - Inventory
  • Left Mouse Button - Shoot
  • V - Drop Bomb
  • C - Change Control Mode

These can be changed by editing the included file.
For the Anti-Aircraft guns, simply right click to get on and left click with an Anti-Aircraft shell in your inventory to fire


The plane components are crafted in the 3x3 grid, but needs final assembly in the special 5x3 grid included in the mod.

To craft a plane, one needs to make the following parts: A propeller, an engine, some wings, a tail, a cockpit, and some wheels. Some planes require more than this, like the Spitfire requiring a bomb bay.

First of all, you are going to need your 5x3 Plane crafting grid to make the planes. Craftingbenchplanes.png

Then decide which plane you want to make.


  • Wheels - 23260


  • Wooden Tail - 23257


  • Biplane Wing - 23256


  • Triplane Wing - 23268


  • Wooden Propellor - 23258


  • Wooden Cockpit - 23269


  • Metal Cockpit - 23265


  • Bomb Bay - 23262


  • Passenger Bay - 23280


  • Metal Tail - 23261


  • Piston - 23279


  • V4 Engine - 23274


  • V6 Engine - 23275


  • V8 Engine - 23277

V81.png OR V82.png

  • 8 Cylinder Rotary Engine - 23278


  • Metal Propellor - 23281


  • Metal Wing - 23289


  • Metal Wing with Mounted Propellor - 23273, 23282, 23283, 23284 (All Engines work with the wings, not just V4.)


  • AA Barrel - 23285



Biplane & Two Seater Biplane[edit]

Required Supplies:

  • 12 Leather
  • 14 Wooden Planks
  • 7 Sticks
  • 1 or 2 Boats
  • 4/6/8 Flint
  • 21/29/37/45 Iron Ingots

The two seater biplane has the same recipe as the normal biplane, but with an extra wooden cockpit in it.

Sopwith Camel[edit]

Required Supplies:

  • 12 Leather
  • 16 Wooden Planks
  • 7 Sticks
  • 1 Boat
  • 6 Dandelion Yellow
  • 4/6/8 Flint
  • 27/35/43/51 Iron Ingots
  • 4-2 mg-42

Fokker Dr. 1[edit]

Required Supplies:

  • 12 Leather
  • 22 Wooden Planks
  • 11 Sticks
  • 1 Boat
  • 6 Pink Dye
  • 4/6/8 Flint
  • 27/35/43/51 Iron Ingots


Required Supplies:

  • 12 Leather
  • 2 Wooden Planks
  • 3 Sticks
  • 1 Minecarts
  • 1 Glass
  • 1 Redstone Dust
  • 4/6/8 Flint
  • 48/56/64/71 Iron Ingots
  • 6 Cactus Green

P-51 Mustang[edit]

Required Supplies:

  • 12 Leather
  • 2 Wooden Planks
  • 1 Minecart
  • 1 Glass
  • 1 Redstone Dust
  • 4/6/8 Flint
  • 51/59/67/74 Iron Ingots
  • 6 Light Blue Dye

Messerschmitt BF-109[edit]

Required Supplies:

  • 12 Leather
  • 2 Wooden Planks
  • 1 Minecart
  • 1 Glass
  • 1 Redstone Dust
  • 4/6/8 Flint
  • 51/59/67/74 Iron Ingots
  • 6 Gray Dye


Version 16

  • PlaneAPI improvements
  • Updated for 1.7.3
  • Made mouse control optional
  • Reduced server side "sprites" to 0
  • New mouse controls and roll movements
  • Exploding plane wrecks

Version 15

  • Updated for 1.7.2

Version 14

  • Fixed planes falling through floor
  • Made plane movement smoother
  • Stopped AA Guns from producing glitched shells


  • Updated for 1.6.5


  • Updated for 1.6.4
  • Minecraft Extended compatibility
  • Plane rotation fixed properly (old version was very smooth because server and client weren't syncing)

Version 13

  • Added P-51 Mustang
  • Fixed bullet suicide glitch with BF-109
  • Improved multiplayer entity code for smoother movement
  • Added barrel recoil to AA Guns

Version 12

  • Added BF109
  • Multiplayer exit bug fixed
  • Propeller speed calculated from movement in multiplayer; meaning smoother plane movement for other player's planes
  • Multiplayer sound fixed
  • Added sounds for AA guns
  • Added Metal Wing and changed recipes for existing Metal Wings

Version 11

  • 5 new achievements
  • Added Flakvierling-38 and Bofors 40mm AA guns

Version 10

  • Updated for 1.5_01
  • Propellers are now separate per plane

Version 9

  • Planes are destroyed correctly when attacked
  • Server does not point plane in the direction player is facing so glitches in taking off are reduced
  • Server tells the client which engine the plane has when a player gets in so the movement shouldn't be so jerky
  • Properties file for client and server - changeable block ID and toggle-able guns/bombs
  • Renamed V8 Rotary Engine to 8 Cylinder Rotary Engine

Version 8

  • Multiplayer for Beta 1.4_01
  • Compatible with SDK's guns in multiplayer

Version 7

  • Updated to Beta 1.4_01
  • New 5x3 plane crafting grid
  • New components
  • Interchangeable Engines
  • Improved Planes API
  • Two Seater Planes (Only use at the moment is to carry wolves)
  • Two Seater Biplane (Mainly an example plane)
  • Support for double propellers
  • Planes always break into component parts
  • New Spitfire Skin
  • Old planes somewhat tidied up, old items are obsolete, craft for a new one

Version 6

  • Planes API implemented
  • Added Spitfire (Mainly as an example, it is therefore a separate mod (also it has awful textures))
  • Bullets are now fixed and fire where you point the plane
  • Bullets break glass, leaves and lightstone
  • Multiplayer Inventory added, had to fix SDKs modloader and so it is included in the download
  • Player View fixed for pitching the plane
  • Added Bombs : Small, large, and napalm
  • Added lots of various parts for people to construct their planes from

Version 5

  • Multiplayer Support (somewhat buggy, jumps around like boats do)
  • (Multiplayer Planes currently have no inventories, fuel and bullets are infinite)
  • Take off distance increased
  • Max speed increased
  • Change in Fokker Dr.1 model and texture
  • Fokker Dr.1 and Sopwith Camel do not stall over 110 blocks (Biplane still does)
  • Bullets are more visible
  • Propeller actually dies when out of fuel
  • Sounds slightly improved

Version 4

  • Added Fokker Dr.1 Triplane and Sopwith Camel WW1 fighter planes
  • Added guns to the Fokker Dr.1 and Sopwith Camel
  • Right click no longer exits the plane, you have to press the exit key (default : e)
  • The plane remembers the direction in which it is facing and is loaded that way
  • Added inventory and GUIs (default key to open : r)
  • Added fuel (only coal works at the moment)
  • Added a roll to the plane when turning
  • Changed and added a lot of recipes
  • Added sound (not great at the moment, you can turn it off by not adding the files to resources)

Version 3

  • Height limit now 115 blocks, but your propeller will start to smoke at 110 blocks and cut out if you stay too high too long
  • Now completely keyboard controlled
  • Properties file added to choose controls
  • Points in the direction you face when placed
  • Works after map reload (still north facing)
  • Drops a biplane if destroyed by hand, parts if crashed
  • Wheels added to model and recipe changed accordingly
  • Tail flaps now rotate according to direction you are flying in
  • Possible compatibility with Humans+, not this version as Mr Okushama will have to tell the mobs to get in the planes
  • Collision box is now a 3 x 3 x 1.6 box. I am going to have to work on collision boxes quite a bit to get them fully working

Version 2

  • Movement speed somewhat increased
  • Cruise control added so the view is not always locked
  • Recipe slightly changed
  • Collision Box made to cover the whole of the wings (does not yet cover the tail)
  • From that, the plane disappearing when you look up has now been fixed
  • Removed Yaw control from mouse, it was giving me far too much grief...
  • Smoke effects added when propeller starting

Version 1

  • Initial release


The current version of airplanes can be found in this thread.