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PhoenixCraft is an unofficial Minecraft mod based on the fantasy novel series Age of the Phoenix by B. H. Gorden.[1] Age of the Phoenix and its derivative works are the property of B. H. Gorden and Infinite Egg Creations, LLC. As of 1/21/2018, this mod is still a work in progress.


Lahermosa1, Rosycutiepie5, Lordkancer


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The Story[edit]

Age of the Phoenix follows Nalya Bloodroot, a young woman from the Plains of Aemphalis, who is thrust into an ancient war between the enlightened Mages of the Isle Mirage and the ambitious Clerics of Danuk.  In a journey to uncover her past, she embarks on quest to find and return the Phoenix egg--the Clerics' source of magical power--to prevent the creature from unleashing its fiery wrath upon the land of Aemphalis.

The World[edit]

The continent of Aemphalis is a storied land rich in culture and rife with conflict. Players can choose to originate from one of seven distinct homelands, or they may cast aside the bounds of traditional civilization and start their journey alone. Minecraft World Dimensions: 640 x 640 cubes

File Size: 14MB

Map of Aemphalis created by B. H. Gorden using Campaign Cartographer 3 by Profantasy Software, LTD.[2]


The Plains

The Gardens




The Isle Mirage

The Dragon Camps

Unique Features[edit]


There is a wide variety of people in the lands of Aemphalis. Players will choose to originate from one of the seven homelands even if they decide to begin their journey unaffiliated with any particular one.


  • Herbworker
  • Totemic
  • Animist
  • Mage
  • Cleric


Jobs are activities that the Player must learn to perform from a manual or NPC. The skills acquired while performing a trade will continue to develop over time. Jobs are only one of many ways that players can earn money.

  • Animal Husbandry
  • Bounty Hunting
  • Brewing
  • Building
  • Cartography
  • Cooking
  • Crop Farming
  • Fishing
  • Horticulture
  • Record Keeping
  • Treasure Hunting


Hobbies are activities that the Player already knows how to perform and do not need to be learned. Players do not earn money from hobbies.

  • Art
  • Exploration
  • Pets


Panics when attacked, does not retaliate
Name Description Habitat Image
Crab text Ocean, Sand Beach, Stone Beach File:Pending
Deer text Forests, Mountain Forests File:Pending
Duck text Lakes File:Pending
Fish (Freshwater) Bass, Catfish, Trout, Walleye Rivers, Lakes File:Pending
Fish (Saltwater) Salmon, Tuna Ocean File:Pending
Frog text Swamp, Lakes File:Pending
Loon text Lakes File:Pending
Ox text Plains, Savannah File:Pending
Rooster text Plains, Savannah File:Pending
Seal text Ocean, Sand Beach, Stone Beach File:Pending
Attacks when provoked until killed or the Player moves beyond aggro range
Name Description Habitat Image
Bison text Savannah File:Pending
Black Bear text Forests (Flat, Hilly) File:Pending
Boar text Forests (Flat), Plains File:Pending
Cat text Domesticated File:Pending
Dog text Domesticated File:Pending
Dolphin text Ocean File:Pending
Elk text Forest (Flat, Hilly, Mountainous) File:Pending
Jellyfish text Ocean File:Pending
Moose text Forests (Hilly, Mountainous) File:Pending
Porcupine text Plains, Savannah, Forests File:Pending
Rat text Near population centers File:Pending
Snake text Jungle, Plains, Savannah File:Pending
Attacks on sight until killed or the Player moves beyond aggro range
Name Description Habitat Image
Alligator text Rivers File:Pending
Brown Bear text Forests (Hilly, Mountainous) File:Pending
Great Saber text Jungle, Savannah File:Pending
Hyena text Savannah File:Pending
Leopard text Jungle, Savannah File:Pending
Orca text Ocean File:Pending
Piranha text Lakes File:Pending
Raccoon text Forests (Flat) near population centers File:Pending
Shark text Ocean File:Pending
Attacks on sight until either it or the Player is killed
Name Description Habitat Image
Giant Squid text Deep Ocean File:Pending
Megalodon This ancient fish, long thought extinct, has been spotted by sailors battling insomnia on the ocean south of Aemphalis. Other than the occasional nighttime sighting complete with exaggerated tales of dead eyes, and nightmarish jaws filled with row after row of teeth stained with blood and adorned with rotting cloth, not much is known about this creature. Deep Ocean File:Pending
Phoenix The Phoenix is an avian drake of unknown origin with the propensity to burst into flames without warning before taking flight. It is thought to currently reside somewhere in the underground caverns beneath the Northern Peaks of Aemphalis. Unknown File:Pending
Velocicrocogator This creature resembles a 20 feet tall featherless Velociraptor with the head of a crocodile. It can leap great distances using a pair of powerful hind legs, and run at cheetah-speed for short bursts on all fours. It is protected by a thick and knotted sand-colored hide. Sand Beaches File:Pending
White Whale This gargantuan marine mammal is exists only in rumor. However, if you ask any sailor or deep see fisherman, prepare to hear a sorrowful tale of the great ivory beauty that embraced their entire crew in death. Deep Ocean File:Pending


Name Description Image
Copper Ore Most plentiful in Jungle biomes. Gives Copper when mined with a pickaxe. File:Copper Ore Block texture.png
Gold Ore Ubiquitous. Gives Gold when mined with a pickaxe. Gold Ore Block texture.png
Iron Ore Gives Iron when mined with a pickaxe. Iron Ore Block texture.png
Jasper Ore Yields Jasper when mined with a pickaxe. Jasper Ore Block texture.png
Serpentinite Ore Found in jungle biomes. Gives Serpentinite when mined with a pick-axe. Serpentinite Ore texture.png
Silver Ore Most plentiful in Hilly and Mountainous Taiga biomes. Gives Silver when mined with a pickaxe. Silver Ore Block texture.png
Name Description Image
Aurora Leaves text Aurora Leaves texture.png
Black Sand text File:Pending
Black Water text File:Pending
Rough Blue Granite text Rough Granite Blue texture.png
Light Gray Granite text Granite Light Gray texture.png
Nest Block Nest blocks make up the nests of giant birds (Grassland owls, the Phoenix). Gives sticks when harvested. Nest Block texture.png
Rough Onyx Block Naturally occurring volcanic rock found within the Northern Peaks of Aemphalis. Gives Onyx when mined with a pick-axe. File:Rough Onyx Block texture.png
Rough Marble Block Naturally occurring rock found above sea level in mountainous terrain. Gives Marble when mined with a pick-axe. Rough Marble texture.png
Name Description Image
Castlestone Brick Crafting Table Recipe: TBD. Castlestone Brick texture.png
Colorfulstone Brick Crafting Table Recipe: TBD. Colorfulstone Brick texture.png
Jasper Block Crafting Table Recipe: Jasper (9). Jasper Block texture.png
Tiled Lapis Lazuli Block Crafting Table Recipe: TBD. Lapis Lazuli Tiled Block texture.png
Rough Lapis Lazuli Block Crafting Table Recipe: TBD. Lapis Lazuli Rough Block texture.png
Limestone Brick Crafting Table Recipe: Limestone (9). Limestone Brick texture.png
Rubber Block Crafting Table Recipe: Rubber (9). File:Rubber Block texture.png
Smooth Blue Granite Block Crafting Table Recipe: Rough Blue Granite (4). Smooth Granite Blue texture.png
Smooth Marble Block Crafting Table recipe: Marble (9) Smooth Marble Block2.png
Serpentinite Block Crafting Table recipe: Serpentinite Ingots (7), Coal (1) and Marble (1) Serpentinite Block texture.png
Stone Path Crafting Table recipe: TBD. Stone Path texture.png


Name Description Image
Cloak text File:Pending
Island Mage Armor text File:Pending
Island Mage Robes text File:Pending
Name Description Image
Boiled Egg Crafted Recipe: Water Bucket (1), Egg (1) Boiled Egg texture.png
Deviled Egg Crafted Recipe: Boiled Egg (1) Deviled Egg texture.png
Elixir The Cleric's elixir. File:Elixir texture.png
Name Description Image
Latex Bucket Empty Bucket filled with latex from a tapped rubber tree found in jungle biomes. Latex Bucket texture.png
Marble Dropped from mining Rough Marble blocks. Used to craft Smooth Marble blocks. Marble texture.png
Onyx text File:Onyx texture.png
Rubber Crafted Recipe: Latex Bucket (1); Yield: Rubber (3) Rubber texture.png
Serpentinite Dropped from mining Serpentinite Ore blocks. Serpentinite texture.png
Serpentinite Ingot Furnace Recipe: Serpentinite (2). Serpentinite Ingot texture.png
Silver Mined from silver ore. Silver (PhoenixCraft).png
Name Description Image
Phoenix Egg Just an ordinary egg. Maybe a bit more pointy. Phoenix Egg texture.png
Phoenix Feather Rare drop from harvesting a Nest block. Ingredient used in Herbworking recipes. Phoenix Feather texture.png
Name Description Image
Phoenix Sword Crafting Table recipe: Phoenix Feather (1), Blaze Powder (1), Stick (1). Phoenix Sword texture.png
Serpentinite Battle Axe Crafting Table recipe: Serpentinite Ingot (4), Marble (1), Onyx (1), Stick (1).
Serpentinite Battle Axe texture.png

New Crafting Recipes[edit]

New Furnace Recipes[edit]

PhoenixCraft DLC[edit]

PhoenixCraft NPC skins are available on the Planet Minecraft creative community fansite.


Better Questing[3]

Better Questing - Standard Expansion[4]


Custom NPCs[6]

Custom Main Menu[7]


Forge Mod Loader[9]

Lycanites Mobs[10]

Ordinary Coins[11]

Pam's HarvestCraft (by Pamela Collins (MatrexsVigil) and Rhodox of the Painterly Pack)[12]

ToroHealth Damage Indicators[13]

Xaero's Minimap[14]

Compatibility Issues[edit]

As of 12/31/2017, there are no known mod incompatibilities.