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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition.
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OptiFine is a mod introduced by the Magic Launcher to smooth out Minecraft's graphics performance. You can download OptiFine for Minecraft to improve your gaming ability. It comes with a variety of tricks and techniques to make Minecraft run fast on your computer. It is highly recommended by the experts to install the OptiFine for Minecraft.

A Minecraft world with OptiFine
A Minecraft world with OptiFine.

OptiFine offers a significant boost to FPS for any player playing with Minecraft. It's great for playing with complex or detailed Minecraft maps. It does not matter whether you are playing offline or online or with any number of the players; the mod always has better graphics and improved performance.

How to configure OptiFine[edit]

If you are a beginner and know little about technology, you might find it a bit tricky to configure the mod. It’s easy to get lost in the configuration menu. Make it easy by following the developer hover-tips that will appear when you click any button. You will have different buttons for different types of the settings, including animation, video setting general, performance, quality, and other features. You just need to visit the submenu section to find out which changes you will need to have a better experience.

While the performance setting focuses on the FPS, rendering, and chunk updates, the quality setting focuses on the custom textures, colors, and biomes. The animations settings will have three buttons, which you can manage many settings with. In addition, you can toggle 17 different in-game animations. You need to go through all of the buttons for all of the settings to get the right combination.

You can use the settings to maximize the benefits. By using these settings, you can set graphics to fast, turn off smooth lighting, turn off the fog, turn off clouds, turn off animations, set render distance to short, set performance to max FPS, and set AdvancedOpenGel to fast. After the changes, you will enjoy Minecraft more than ever.

OptiFine's various features.[edit]

Many of OptiFine's visual and performance enhancements can be configured through Video Settings in the Options menu. Listed below are OptiFine's various features.

  • Texture packs can be changed without fully re-loading a world.
  • Smooth Lighting becomes a percentage rather than simply being a toggle.
  • Fog gains a quality toggle as well as a start range toggle.
  • The Render Distance slider is expanded substantially, allowing for render distances up to 64 Chunks and allowing it to be slid in one-chunk intervals.
  • Smooth and Multi-Core Chunk Loading options are added. These attempt to reduce the FPS loss incurred by loading and rendering new chunks.
  • An option is added to cause Water to render transparently, allowing users to actually see the bottoms of rivers they are standing near.
  • Options are added to cause Snow to render under Fences and Snow and Grass to visually cover full blocks rather than just their top sides.
  • An option is added to cause plants and water in Swamps to render darker.
  • An option is added to smooth the color transitions on Biome borders into gradients, so that adjacent grass and leaves are not abruptly completely different colors.
  • The "Natural Textures" option causes walls of identical blocks to alternate their normal textures with rotated and flipped versions of their textures, to break up the monotous gridlike nature of such walls.
  • The "Fast Math" option tries to use more optimized rendering functions to further increase FPS.
  • The "Fast Render" option uses completely different rendering algorithms altogether to decrease processing load and attempt to significantly increase FPS. However, Fast Render can cause the textures of some blocks, in particular the blocks of a Tinkers Construct Smeltery, to flicker.
  • The "Chunk Updates" setting changes the number of chunks updates that occur in between each frame generated. Higher settings will cause the world to render more quickly, but can significantly impact FPS, especially when first loading into a world.
  • The "Dynamic Updates" setting causes more chunk updates to occur when the player is not moving. This causes the world to load and render faster at times when the potential performance impact would be less important.
  • The "Dynamic Lighting" setting causes light-emitting items (Torches, Glowstone, etc.) and lit TNT and Creepers to emit client-side light when held or dropped. This light does not exist server-side, but can allow a player to scout out a cave without actually placing torches at the cost of not having a Sword or Shield.
  • 1.10 versions of OptiFine also include Shader support and customization, and a built-in Shader package.
  • The 1.12.2 HD U C7 pre allows for a higher 64 chunk render distance with the same 1 chunk intervals as before. At least 3 GB must be allocated to Minecraft in order for this to work, however.
  • The "Zoom" feature can be found under "Controls," and zooms in the vision of the player to more accurately see objects further away.

How to Install OptiFine[edit]

The installation will be easy and less time-consuming. You will have to go through the following for the installation.

  • You will have to download the latest OptiFine for your Minecraft version (link below). For example, if you have Minecraft 1.7.10, scroll down to Minecraft 1.7.10 and download the latest release for it.
  • Once you download it, go to the folder where you downloaded (usually %USERPROFILE%\Downloads on Windows) and open the .jar file you just downloaded.
    • To install using the Java version contained in Minecraft, run in cmd.exe "C:\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\runtime\jre-x64\bin\java.exe" -jar %USERPROFILE%\Downloads\OptiFine_VERSION.jar. Check your Java location by editing the "More Options" in your Minecraft profiles.
  • Click the Install button and open the Minecraft launcher
  • The OptiFine profile should be already selected; if not, click the arrow next to the play button and select "OptiFine", and then click Play.

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