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Mutant Creatures is a mod created by thehippomaster21 that adds a number of fully animated mini-bosses that are essentially more enhanced and deadly versions of their respective Minecraft mobs. It also adds custom drops from the new mobs, weapons, armor, and a new splash potion that can turn certain mobs into Mutants.

Mutant Mobs[edit]

There are 5 Mutants in total, so far, each with different abilities, physical traits, and attack tactics.

Mutant Creeper[edit]

The Mutant Creeper is the most destructive mob in the Mutant Creatures mod. While Creepers tend to sneak up on the player, this behemoth wants to be seen and heard, though if it does sneak up on you, it likes that too. This creature even has a charged mode.

Mutant Creeper
Mutant creeper.png
Health points

120Heart.svg × 60

Attack strength

Head Whack: 4Heart.svgHeart.svg Jump attack: Varies by proximity and difficulty.
Maximum damage:
Normal: 147Heart.svg × 73.5
Charged: 259Heart.svg × 129.5 Charged Attack: Lightning strike


When a Chemical X is used on a Creeper, or in a light level of 7 or less, rarely.

Internal ID


Namespaced ID


Attacks/ Special Abilities[edit]

The Mutant Creeper has 5 dangerous attack methods at its disposal.

Direct Attack[edit]

It's most common and weakest attack is to simply charge toward a player and slam its head into them, which deals about 4Heart.svgHeart.svg HP. The knockback is severe, about the same as a sword with a Knockback II enchantment. To nullify this, the player can block with their shield.

Jump Attack[edit]

The mutant creeper's much stronger attack is the Jump attack. The mutant creeper jumps around 15 blocks into the air, and when it lands, it makes an explosion bigger and more damaging than TNT and injuring other things around it, including other mutant creepers. This will also cause any surviving mobs to retaliate.

Spawning Minions[edit]

Sometimes, the mutant creeper will spawn little creepers that will attack the player like normal ones. If the mutant creeper is charged, the minions it spawns will also be charged.

Creeper Minion
Health points

8Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg initially. Technically infinite.


A mutant creeper or the creeper egg when it hatches.

Internal ID


Namespaced ID


Charge Attack[edit]

Another of the Mutant Creeper's moves, this will make it turn white, and it will not move for around up to 8 seconds, flashing 6 times. Once he finishes, he will regain 15Heart.svg × 7.5 health, and resume combat. If you hit it while it's doing this, it might break away from this process to defend itself. Be careful, as the mutant creeper's liable to do a Jump attack should you break its concentration.

Lightning Attack[edit]

Every time the mutant creeper does its charge attack, their is a 4/5 chance that if you walk up to it to attack it, it will strike itself with lightning. Not only will this do lightning damage to the player, but the mutant creeper will become charged. All its explosive attacks now have double the explosion radius, and any minions summoned by a charged mutant creeper will be charged as well.


Any source of explosion damage done to the mutant creeper will heal it by the amount of damage the explosion did, not including other mutant creeper explosions.


When he dies, he sucks all mobs and entities (in a 16 block radius, larger if charged) towards him and then, after 8 seconds, deals an explosion similar in radius to the withers initial explosion, dealing up to 125Heart.svg × 62.5 damage to things right next him, and 75Heart.svg × 37.5 to anything not right next to him in the radius. Charged ones deal 50% extra damage and have a larger radius. This final "attack" quite often is enough to finish the player in a single blow, but you can escape if you quickly sprint out of the radius. Jumping will only seal your fate. If the death explosion kills other mutant creepers it might cause a chain reaction of explosions, most likely killing you. He will drop an egg that will eventualy hatch into a mutant creeper minion (more on that in "Drops").


If you kill it, it will drop an egg at the center of the crater. The egg will hatch in 4 in-game days if kept whole and turn into a Mutant Creeper Minion that is under your control. The creeper minion will act like a tamed wolf, but still having creeper properties. It can be healed with gunpowder, and it's health can be increased by gunpowder if it's health is full. Using TNT on it will both make it a continous creeper (won't die on blowing up) and increase the blast radius.

If you destroy the egg before it gets to hatch, it will either drop 5-10 Gunpowder, or, more rarely, it will drop a Creeper Shard. Creeper Shards deal 2 hearts of damage when used to attack, but also can make explosions when right-clicked. The radius is based on how high the durability of the shard is. Hitting mobs with it will increase the durability, and send them flying just like the mutant creeper's face smack. At full durability, the explosion from the shard is similar to the mutant creeper's death explosion. The benefit of these explosions is that they don't harm the player. The only draw back to the shard is that it can poison the player, causing some damage to them, though it's never any amount that could trouble them.

Mutant Zombie

The Mutant Zombie compared to the player

The Mutant Zombie is a beefy zombie that has a resemblance to the Hulk from Marvel. This beast is considered undead.

Mutant Zombie
Mutant zombie.png
Health points

160Heart.svg × 80

Armor points

0 (Empty Armor.svg)

Attack strength

Shockwave:8Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg-24Heart.svg × 12 Throw:7Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHalf Heart.svg+fall damage Roar:2Heart.svg+zombies


When chemical X is used on a Zombie. Light level of 90 or less, rarely

Sounds Idle Hurt Smash Attack Roar
Internal ID


Namespaced ID


Attacks/ Special Abilities[edit]

The mutant zombie has 4 powerful attacks.

Smash Attack[edit]

The mutant zombie can smash the ground as it's normal attack. It will make a grunt sound, then slam it's fists onto the ground, creating a shock-wave that can reach up to 5 blocks away, aimed towards whatever entity the mutant zombie is attacking. If it hits you, it will hurt you,dealing up to 24Heart.svg × 12 HP. It also has a 25% chance of inflicting hunger on you. When it's arms are raised, you have 0.9 seconds to attack before it smashes them down

Roar Attack[edit]

If the mutant zombie is really mad, it can roar. When it roars, it damages all mobs near him, then summons 1-6 zombie minions to attack whatever it's attacking. The number depends on the time of day, and their frequency of beings villagers goes up if a mutant zombie villager is spawned.

Throw Attack[edit]

The throw attack is possibly most devastating attack to mobs that take fall damage. When the mutant zombie throws you, it launches you into the air high enough to take 12Heart.svg × 6 fall damage once you land- if you land. Because the mutant zombie will jump up at you and smash you into the ground, doing extra damage. This attack can be avoided if you fight the mutant zombie under a low ceiling.

Minion summon

This attack summons minions with the smash attack.


At night, it will regenerate 1 heart every 5 seconds, so fighting this Mutant is easier in the daytime. It won't burn in the daylight like normal zombies, but it's certainly weaker under the sun.


When it dies, the mutant zombie will lie on the ground. Don't be fooled, however, because it will get back up with 20 hearts left. There are two ways to permanently kill it. One is to keep on killing it until you make it fall down 4 times, or take it down one time and light it on fire. If the mutant zombie burns long enough while in its death pose, it will disappear.


The Hulk Hammer

When the Mutant Zombie really dies it will drop the Hulk Hammer. The Hulk Hammer can be used to do 2 hearts of damage, or right-clicked to use the mutant zombie's smash attack. This can be done 72 times before you need another hammer. The durability doesn't decrease if used in combat normally. Swords will be better though.

Mutant Snow Golem[edit]

Mutant Snow Golem
Upload Mutant Snow Golem.png
Health points

80Heart.svg × 40

Attack strength

Ice Block=4Heart.svgHeart.svg-12Heart.svg × 6


When a chemical X is used on a Snow Golem

Internal ID


Namespaced ID

MutantCreatures.Mutant Snow Golem

The Mutant Snow Golem compared to the Snow Golem

The only way to obtain a Mutant Snow Golem in Survival Mode is to craft a bottle of Chemical X, and splash it onto a normal Snow Golem. The Mutant Snow Golem has 80Heart.svg × 40 HP.

Attacks/ Special Abilities[edit]

The Mutant Snow Golem is a more powerful version of Snow Golem and it has a single attack like the Snow Golem.

[more information needed]

Ground Freeze[edit]

Like a regular snow golem, it will leave a trail of snow when moving.It will also freeze water if it's on it.

Monster Attack[edit]

Throws ice blocks that does 2–6 hearts (4-12 HP) of damage.

    • And it will only hurt mobs but not the player.

Right-click it,and it will follow you, showing your username on it.


Throwing a snowball at it heals it 2Heart.svg HP.[edit]


It dies like a normal Minecraft mob.


The Mutant Snow Golem will, upon death, drop from 32-48 snowballs and a Jack O' Lantern.

Mutant Enderman[edit]

The neutral, two-armed version of the Mutant Enderman

The Mutant Enderman is probably the most dangerous Mutant in this mod, but is thankfully neutral, like an Enderman. With a height of 5 blocks and 200Heart.svg × 100 hearts of health, this four-armed fiend is not your average teleporting block-snatching monster. It strikes fear in its enemies with its piercing purple eyes, its imposing figure, and its ability to wreak havoc in your world. Mutant Endermen can frequently cause death to even the toughest of players.

Mutant Enderman
Mutant enderman.png
Health points

200Heart.svg × 100

Attack strength

Melee Attack:8Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg inner,10Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg outer Teleport:4Heart.svgHeart.svg Block Chuck:6Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg direct, 2Heart.svg-4Heart.svgHeart.svg splash Clone Mode: Easy:4Heart.svgHeart.svg Normal:6Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg Hard:9Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHalf Heart.svg Scream:4Heart.svgHeart.svg unblockable


When a Chemical X is used on an Enderman, or in a light level of 7 or less, rarely.

Internal ID


Namespaced ID


Attacks/ Special Abilities[edit]

There are 7 attacks and special abilities the Mutant Enderman can use to end your life - or at least until you respawn.

Forced Look[edit]

Like Endermen, the Mutant Enderman is a seemingly harmless, neutral mob that will usually not attack you until you look at it. Once you stare at it, it will stare right back at you, make a shorter stare sound, grow its 2 other arms, and wait for you to make a move. Once you look away from it, or if the stare sound ends, it will teleport you closer to itself, give you Blindness, and start its attack. It will also start attacking you if it sees you wearing a pumpkin, when it's raining (in survival), or rarely at random if you stand too close to it. Anything that attacks them will cause the mutant enderman to retaliate.Also contrary to a normal enderman if you wear a pumpkin on your face it will go after you no matter what(even if you don't look at it).


This tactic just sounds like a way for the Mutant Enderman to evade your attacks, but not all is as it seems with this monster. In one way, it is, and is often used to escape projectiles, water or fire like a normal Enderman. In another way, it's an effective offensive weapon. When the Mutant teleports, it emits its "ender-soul", which will deal knockback and 4Heart.svgHeart.svg hearts of damage to all entities around it in a 5 block radius, and possibly give the Blindness.

Melee Attack[edit]

It's main attack, it will probably use against you the most out of all the attacks. With that attack, it just simply whacks you with one of its arms, picking a random one. If it hits you with one of its inner arms, the attack will deal 8Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg hearts of damage; while its outer arms will deal 10Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg hearts. The outer arms also deal greater knockback than the inner ones.

Throwing Blocks[edit]

You have probably witnessed a normal Enderman grab a block of dirt, teleport around for a while, and set it back down somewhere else. But with the Mutant Enderman, it takes that ability up a notch. In your battle with the Mutant, it can grab a block (for a maximum of one in each hand) with its telekinetic ability and fling it at you. That attack will deal 6Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg hearts for a direct hit and 2Heart.svg-4Heart.svgHeart.svg hearts of splash damage. Tip: When the Mutant Enderman throws a block at you, he is aiming for the block you were standing on when he threw it. With that in mind, you can run from the block you were standing on to avoid getting hurt by the thrown block.

Clone Tactic[edit]

The clone tactic attack is by far the most annoying attack the mutant enderman can use on you. It will create 8 Enderman clones, which look like translucent versions of a regular Enderman, and send them to attack you. The minions can teleport like a regular Enderman and will deal 1Half Heart.svg per hit; the clones can be killed with one hit, however, so they are more of a pest than a threat. But to make things harder, the Mutant Enderman will transform itself to look exactly like a minion, except for being slightly taller than the rest. The disguised Mutant Enderman will deal 6Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg hearts of health per hit, and heal itself by 2Heart.svg. You must hit the Mutant Enderman to destroy the minions and change the Mutant Enderman back to his original form. Tip: If you have the thorns enchantment on any of your armor, it will hurt the Mutant Enderman and its minions when they hit you. And if the Mutant Enderman hits you while you have Thorns enchanted armor, the monster will go back to his original form. This makes it an easy way for you to deal with this tactic.


Like the mutant zombies throw attack, but far more sophisticated, Tele-smash is extremely dangerous when used. The Mutant Enderman will grab you with all 4 arms, then teleport you into the air 12 blocks into the air. That attack will deal 6Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg hearts of damage plus any fall damage you might receive. Also, you will be infected with the Nausea Potion effect, which can make fighting the mutant enderman even more difficult. Tip: Feather-Falling enchanted boots will really help with the fall damage portion of this attack.


The Mutant Enderman can scream. It is nothing like the creepy scream a normal Enderman makes, however. It most often does this super attack when it's raining or occasionally when fighting you. It may not sound threatening, but his scream is a lethal scream that can possibly kill you in seconds. The scream will do 4Heart.svgHeart.svg hearts of armor-piercing damage, and gives you debilitating potion effects including as poison, weakness, hunger, and nausea. This attack has claimed more player lives than most others. Tip: Have a bucket of milk on hand to cure you of possible potion effects from the scream.


If you manage to slay this beast, you should be proud of what you just accomplished! But you're not in the clear yet. When a Mutant Enderman dies, it hovers above the ground, and lets out a final scream, and starts to de-pixelate, which looks a lot like an Ender dragon's death, minus the purple rays coming from its body. But, its Endersoul will also become unstable and starts to deteriorate. The Endersoul will then shoot out Endersoul Fragments that will explode within a few seconds of shooting out. Put simply, the Mutant's death will knock you around and deal damage to you and any other mob nearby, and is pretty much impossible to escape. But, you can prevent most of the damage and the impact of the exploding fragments by putting a pumpkin on your head. After a few seconds, it will be over, and victory will finally be yours!


The Endersoul Hand and Endersoul Fragments

When the Mutant completely de-pixelates, it will drop up to 8 ender pearls and/or eyes of ender. But that is not all. While the beast is dying, you can preserve some of its Endersoul Fragments by holding the sneak button ( the left shift button by default), then right clicking as many Endersoul Fragments as you can before they explode. Any Fragments you right-click will fall to the ground and remain there after the enderman's death. Then, you can right click them again a couple times, and then they will follow you wherever you go. Once all of them are following you, you must then drop an eye of ender. That means you click the drop button (the q button by default), not throw the Eye of Ender into the air. Once you do that, all of the Endersoul Fragments will combine into an Endersoul Hand and drop on the ground as an item, which uses up the eye of ender. The amount of uses an Endersoul Hand has depends on how many Endersoul Fragments you used to make it; each fragment will give 60 uses, with 4 fragments giving you the maximum 240 uses. With this Endersoul Hand, you can do three different things. 1: You can hit mobs with it, which will deal 4Heart.svgHeart.svg hearts of damage per hit. 2: You can grab blocks like a Mutant Enderman and throw them at mobs to do damage. 3: And, if you hold the sneak button (the left shift button by default) and right click a block, it will teleport you to that block that you right-clicked. That ability has a range of 128 blocks, will give you no damage from teleporting unlike Enderpearl teleportation, and will damage nearby mobs, just like when a Mutant Enderman teleports. But, it will take up 4 uses per teleport, so it would be best to use it sparingly.

Mutant Skeleton[edit]

The Mutant Skeleton

The Mutant Skeleton is a dangerous creature that you don't want to encounter. Standing at around 3-4 blocks tall, this Mutant is armed with a more powerful crossbow, instead of the bow a regular Skeleton uses. He also features a gigantic ribcage, a serious case of under-bite, and powerful, bone-chilling attacks. It has been known to snipe players away from a distance farther than any other Mutant can sense you. And like a Mutant Zombie, it can heal 2Heart.svg of its 160Heart.svg × 80 hearts every 5 seconds at nighttime, making this monster a harder enemy to deal with at night.

Attacks/ Special Abilities[edit]

This mutant features four dreaded attacks.

Ranged Attack[edit]

One of the Mutant Skeleton's most common and feared attacks is its ranged attack. It will aim it's crossbow at you, pull back, and fire an arrow straight at you. This is no common arrow, though, because it can go through all blocks and entities to hit you. It can also inflict a random negative effect on you, such as poison, exhaustion, and slowness. But if you manage to hit the Mutant before it fires at you, you might be able to break its focus, causing it to misfire.

Melee Attack[edit]

If you try to get close to the Mutant Skeleton to whack it with a sword, then you will be in for quite the surprise. The Mutant will use his melee attack, which is just simply whacking you with his crossbow. While it doesn't give you much damage, the attack will push you quite far away from it, giving it the chance to use its ranged attack again.

Multi-shot Attack[edit]

This is an attack you will almost never be able to avoid. When the Mutant Skeleton does the multi-shot attack, he jumps high in the air, while simultaneously firing many arrows at the same time at you. Fortunately these arrows don't deal random negative potion effects like on the ranged attack...


When you look at a Mutant Skeleton, you might wonder why he has such a huge ribcage. Let's hope you don't have to figure it out the hard way... The Mutant Skeleton is able to use its ribcage to constrict the life out of you, which will toss you high into the air. This is one of the Mutant's most damaging attacks, dealing attack and fall damage.


[more information needed]
It heals 2Heart.svg every 5 seconds (every 100 ticks) at nighttime.


When you kill this Mutant, its bones will be flung apart, which can hurt you if one hits you. If you are still alive after that is over, congratulations! Victory is yours!


The scattered bones of a Mutant Skeleton
The player wearing Mutant Skeleton Armor

The Mutant Skeleton's drops are its bones that are scattered on the ground after its death. You can click on these bones to have them drop as an item. Once you collect them, you can then use them to craft Mutant Skeleton armor. There will be exactly enough bones to craft the armor. The armor will greatly help archers in 4 ways. #1: The Mutant Skeleton skull can be worn as a helmet, and wearing it will make all critical mid-air shots deal double the damage. But if you aren't airborne when you make the shot, the arrow will only deal half damage, and you won't be able to get critical shots. And your arrow resources won't be depleted 50% of the time, too. #2: The Mutant Skeleton chest plate allows you to pull a bow back 4 times faster than normal. #3: The Mutant Skeleton leggings gives you Speed II, making you quite nimble. #4: And, the Mutant Skeleton boots lets you jump higher than normal, especially while you are sprinting. Overall, this is probably the most useful Mutant to kill, as it gives you an entire, powerful set of armor with just one Mutant Skeleton's drops.

Mob Summary Chart[edit]

Mutant Mob Attacks/ Special Abilities (+ Damage) Healing Death Drops Weaknesses Strengths Other Notes
Mutant Creeper 1. Direct Attack:4Heart.svgHeart.svg
2. Jump Attack: up to 49Heart.svg × 24.5 center
3. Spawning Minions: Creeper explosions
4. Charge Attack: heals for15Heart.svg × 7.5
5. Lightning Attack: Lightning damage to nearby entities
Heals from all explosions. (Except other Mutant Creepers' explosions) Gathers its last amount of energy, while pulling in nearby mobs and players, then blows up.

Deals 125Heart.svg × 62.5 damage at center and 75Heart.svg × 37.5 in radius

Creeper Egg All normal damage except explosions Immune to explosion damage. Isn't affected by ocelots. Destructive. To hatch the Mutant Minion Creeper Egg, right click and it will fly onto your head, where it will stay for a number of days until it hatches, or you can explode TNT around it to hatch it.
Mutant Zombie 1. Melee Attack (Up to 24Heart.svg × 12)
2. Roar Attack (1Half Heart.svg)
3. Throw Attack (fall + attack damage)
It heals 2Heart.svg hp every five seconds at night. If you don't incinerate its body when it dies, (light it with a flint and steel) it will come back to life. Dies completely the 3rd time you kill it. Hulk Hammer Weak against fire, lava, fall damage, drowning, suffocation, and your attacks, from a bow or sword. Immune to sunlight; can also use the melee attack through buildings or walls; they have the capability to take down an Iron Golem or Mutant Snow Golem in some cases. Its appearance is quite similar to the Incredible Hulk, a character from the Marvel comics and movies.
Mutant Snow Golem 1. Monster Attack (Up to 12Heart.svg × 6) If a snowball is thrown at it, it will heal 2Heart.svg. Its death is like a regular Minecraft mob. From 32-48 snowballs, plus a jack-o-lantern Weak against fire, lava, fall damage (?), suffocation, and your attacks, from a bow or sword. Also, if it manages to fall in water, (without freezing it) it will deal 16Heart.svg × 8 hearts of damage to the Mutant. Also, if it is attacking in a forest, its ice chunks will break if they hit leaves from trees, making it vulnerable to monster attacks. Since it attacks by ranged attacks, it has the ability to beat an Iron Golem in a fair fight. If you use the Mutant Snow Golem as a sentinel, which is made by putting it in a 3x3 square fence structure, it is vulnerable to Skeletons, since they have longer range than the Mutant Snow Golem
Mutant Enderman 1. Whack Attack N/A
2. Scream Attack N/A (Impossible tell, inflicts potion effects)
3. Block Chuck (Deals about 2Heart.svg - 3Heart.svgHalf Heart.svg Hearts Damage Each)(Up to 4 Blks Maximum It Can Hold At One Time)(Uses Telekinesis)
[more information needed]
It curls up into a ball and screams in a constant purple shockwave around it, flinging fragments everywhere that deals 1Half Heart.svg - 2Heart.svg each. If these fragments are right clicked while flying, they will come to the ground and follow you around. These shards will act as refills to the uses on the M.E.'s drop, the Ender Hand. (Block Telekinesis Item) Soul fragments, Ender soul glove [more information needed] can teleport itself and the player [more information needed]
Mutant Skeleton 1.ranged attack:

hits you from a distance, possibly giving you a negative potion effect 2.melee attack:whacks you with its crossbow, knocking you back so it can use it's ranged attack on you.

[more information needed] [more information needed] [more information needed] [more information needed]
[more information needed]
[more information needed]


Chemical X[edit]

The Chemical X

Chemical X can be thrown onto a mob to transform it into its Mutant form, if it has one. There is a 50% chance that it will turn into a Mutant and 50% chance it will just kill the mob. If it is not thrown directly onto a mob, it will randomly pick a nearby mob to infect, with no preference if the mob has a Mutant form it can change into or not.

Chemical X - Crafting Recipe.png