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The MoreNatureMod is a mod by cr3wp. This mod adds a variety of foods and items to the game. It is currently in beta testing mode right now, to test for bugs. Cr3wp hopes to get done with the new dimension coming in 0.9 beta. You can check out his forum post for more screen-shots and information here.

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The food in the MoreNatureMod is the main part of the mod. In fact, before the 0.6 beta update, the mod was called the "MoreFoodMod".

Food in the MoreNatureMod:
• Chicken-wings (Restores 4.5 Hunger)
• Dough (Restores 1 Hunger, with a high chance of the "Hunger" effect, like when eating rotten flesh)
• Slice of Toast (Restores 2 Hunger)
• Fried Egg (Restores 2.5 Hunger)
• Bacon (Restores 2 Hunger)
• Raw Bacon (Restores 1 Hunger, with an 80% chance of the "Hunger" effect)
• Calamari (Restores 2.5 Hunger)
• Grilled Calamari (Restores 3.5 Hunger)
• Cheese (Restores 5 Hunger, no recipe yet)
• Sheep Cheese (Restores 5 Hunger, no recipe yet)
• Crusty Bread (Restores 4.5 Hunger)
• Salami (Restores 4.5 Hunger)
• Lamb Chops (Restores 2 Hunger)
• Grilled Lamb Chops (Restores 4.5 Hunger)
• Carp (Restores 2 Hunger)
• Smoked Carp (Restores 4 Hunger)
• Unburned/Raw Rum (Restores 2 Hunger)
• Rum (Restores 2 Hunger, with an 80% chance of the "Drunk" effect)