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Mod Packs
Name Description Version Link Latest Release Installer Compiler SMP compatible
The PAQ (pack) The PAQ (/pak/) is a Brand New Mod Pack Community. Everything we have done has been to make installing the mods simpler while still keeping the mod authors themselves happy. You may be saying to yourself, "not another mod pack when we already have so many", but this one is different because it is driven solely by the community. Every mod that is added has been voted upon by the community, and any new mods no matter what they are will be voted by anyone. Another key aspect is that instead of having complex launchers that no one really understands, we use the Minecraft launcher and installer/updater of which handles all the technical hassles. pack list here: 1.7.1


JE 1.6.4 Yes mage_dragon, PAQ inc. N/A
Craftland Mod The Craftland Mod build around the Aether Mod, with some unique unreleased Mods you have not seen elsewhere.

The Aether, Littleblocks, SmartMoving, QuakeCraft, Healthbars, Damage Indicators, Mob Levels, Extrabiomes Pandas, Penguins, Display Cases, Survival Games, Whole new GUIs, ReiMinimap, New Crafting GUI, Arm Chairs, Shop Chests, Parties, Friends List, InvTweaks




JE 1.6.4 Yes nidefawl N/A
Flan's Mod Flan's mod is a combination of Planes, Vehicles and WW2Guns rewritten with a whole load of awesome new features and designed to allow easy custom content creation by anyone. Flan's mod alone is useless, it requires content packs in order to be of any use. You can browse below for content packs by me, Flan, and by other people who have made custom content packs. 4.0


JE 1.6.4 No jamioflan Yes
Kovacic's Modpack

Automatic Installer!

Ever wanted an easy way to install Minecraft Mods? This Mod Pack comes with more mods, maps, and texture packs than you could ever want, and it even comes with a handy installer that makes modding a piece of cake! Works for both Windows and Mac!

- Minecraft Forge (Required)
- Animal Bikes
- Backpack Mod
- Better Furnaces
- Biospheres
- ComputerCraft
- CraftGuide
- Death Chest
- Floating Ruins
- Millenaire
- Minecraft Comes Alive
- Minions
- Not Enough Items
- Reduced Lag (Optifine)
- Rei's Minimap
- Smart Moving
- Treecapitator

- Tropicraft
- DevineRPG
- Mo'Creatures
- More Furniture

Both Mac and Windows!



JE 1.7.5 Yes Kovacic N/A
Peculier Pack Current version of the PeculierPack is for minecraft 1.6.4

The Peculierpack is primarily a Modpack for promoting not so well known mods for the minecraft community to enjoy. That does not mean that it excludes a few well known ones like Buildcraft. If you want your mod to be in the PeculierPack, Email us at ""




JE 1.6.4 Yes Jack Peculier Yes
StellarCraft3 This Mod Pack contains over 100 tech/exploration mods, and is available for easy download through the ATLauncher and soon the FTB Launcher.

Includes: (Visit the Website for the full list)

Has a guide to install for the Vanilla Minecraft Launcher



JE 1.6.4 Yes NEOidea Yes
VoxelModPack The preferred ModPack of The Voxel Box.

Includes: LiteLoader, VoxelLib, VoxelMenu, VoxelFlight, VoxelWorld, VoxelPlayer, VoxelTextures, Macro/Keybind Mod, IntegratedSoundpacks, VoxelGET, VoxelMap, VoxelSniperGUI, VoxelVisualiser, VoxelBoards WorldEdit CUI Liteloader Edition, and MCPatcher. It can be downloaded from the Feed The Beast launcher, or from the website.



JE 1.6.2 Yes The VoxelModPack Team N/A
X Mod Pack Includes: Smart Moving, Xie's Mod, Cylan's Content, Buildcraft, Forestry, Railcraft, Industrialcraft 2, Millenaire, Legendary Beasts, Plugins for Forestry, Universal Electricity, ICBM, Atomic Science, MFFS, Nuclear Control, GregTech, Fossil Mod (Dinosaurs), Twilight Forest, Balkons Weapon Mod, Not Enough Items, Elemental Creepers, Jammy Furniture mod, Nether Ores, Metallurgy, Computercraft. 1.1


JE 1.6.2 Yes JordynX N/A