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Tired of having found the two most epic mods in the world, only to find out after installing them that they are not compatible and you have to re-install Minecraft and lose your world where you just found 20 diamonds? Well, with this page it will happen no longer!

Millenaire[edit | edit source]

ANNOCRAFT: Compatible.

Babyanimals: Compatible.

Battletowers: Compatible.

Better than Wolves: Compatible.

Backpacks: Compatible.

Biome Name Display: Compatible.

Cannon Powder: Compatible. **requires PropertyReader

Castle Defenders: Compatible.

Castlegates: Compatible.

CCTV Block v2.2: Compatible.

Ceiling and Wall Stairs: Compatible.

CJB's Mods: Compatible.

Clay Soldiers: Compatible.

Claydeposits: Compatible.

Convenient Inventory: Compatible.

Coralreef mod: Compatible.

Death Chest: Compatible.

Display Case mod: Compatible.

Dragonmount: Compatible.

Dynamic Lights: Compatible.

Elemental Arrows: Compatible.

Elevator-mod: Compatible.

Expandedfarming: Compatible.

Extended 2x2 Crafting Grid: Compatible.

FiniteLiquid: Compatible. **set forbidden_blocks=213,214,217,218,219 in config.txt

Flowercraft: Compatible.

Friend Mod: Compatible. **Guards and Knights are likely to kill your friend without mercy**

Grove Sprites: Compatible.

GUI API: Compatible.

Humans+: Compatible **The Humans spawned from the mod will massacre your villagers.

Industrial Craft: Compatible.

Kaevator Super Slopes: Compatible.

Magic Chest: Compatible.

MineColony by lacozzini: Compatible.

MineCraftEnhanced (MCE): Compatible.

Mo' Creatures: Compatible. **Wild Animals will tear your villagers apart.

ModLoader: Compatible.

ModloaderMP: Compatible.

ModOptionsAPI: Compatible.

More Creeps & Weirdos: Compatible.

More Stackables: Compatible. **If you have problems, use smp and type t/maxstack all 64

MoreStairs: Compatible.

Nature Overhaul: Compatible.

Nether Craft (by scokeev9): Compatible. **requires ScotTools v8.0

OptiFog: Compatible.

Optimine: Compatible.

Paraknight's Radio Mod: Compatible.

Phoenix Terrain Mod: Compatible.

Piston Mod: Compatible.

Planes (by flan): Compatible.

PlasmaCraft: Compatible (see note 1 below)

Plastic Craft: Compatible

Pokeball: Compatible

Portal Gun: Compatible.

Premium wood: Compatible. **requires ScotTools v8.0 (Need a guide on how to get merchants to buy\sell premium wood blocks)

PropertyReader: Compatible

Recipe Book: Compatible.

Risugami's Biosphere map generator: Compatible (see note 2 below)

Rope: Compatible. **requires PropertyReader

RPG Mobs: Compatible.

ScotTools v8.0: Compatible.

Secret Switches: Compatible.

Shelf-mod: Compatible.

SinglePlayerCommands: Compatible **Spawning Villagers crashes game**

Stainedglass: Compatible.

Somnia: Compatible.

MyCraft: Compatible (see note 3 below)

SyrupTweaks: Compatible.

Tale Of Kingdoms: Compatible.

Telescope: Compatible. **requires PropertyReader

Terra Cotta Mod: Compatible.

ToggleBlocks: Compatible.

TooManyItems: Compatible **(only the latest)! Older versions of TMI will not work.

Timber! Compatible.

Train and Zeppelin Mod: Compatible.

Turbomodelthingy: Compatible.

Turret: Compatible. **requiresPropertyReader

Vertical Redstone: Compatible.

WeaponMod: Compatible.

WhatsMyLightLevel: Compatible

WildGrass: Compatible

Wolves Extended!: Compatible

Padded Wooden Armour Mod: Compatible

Wurstknifte's Bookmod: Compatible

Xau's HD texture patch: Compatible.

Yogbox: Included in the yogbox, often updated.

Zan Minimap: Compatible **Enabling threading will crash your game after sometime.

Zombe's Mods: Compatible **Spawning villagers will crash your game.

Notes PlasmaCraft´s Acid will be turned into a locked Chest when it begins to flow, resulting in random Chest-Rivers.

Risugami's Biosphere map generator: Villages will not spawn on their own but if you cheat to get a Village wand and an Obsidian block (49) you can spawn a town on a Biosphere (but sometimes they will spawn on the real ground below the spheres which creates a lot of Lag)

Mycraft can be used if you extract the file which your supposed to put in the "mods" folder in ".minecraft" and put the .class files into a folder in the mods folder in your MyCraft folder, next put the folders in the extracted .zip file into minecraft.jar If you don't follow the above a java class that this mod chages breaks Millénaire. MyCraft flying mod conflicts with Millenaire - You should change it.