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Mo' Creatures
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Mo' Creatures is a mod created by DrZhark on November 17, 2010. It adds 58 new animal and monster mobs to the game, as well as the ability to tame and ride many of them.


  • Minecraft Forge
  • CustomMobSpawner (if omitted, the default spawner will be used)


Mo' Creatures will only work with texture packs that either use MCPatcher or if there are skins already, but sphax will work even if there is no patch for this mod.


Friendly mobs[edit]

Name Description
Horses Horses do not attack you, but they can still hurt you. They will buck you off if you ride it when they aren't tamed. When killed, they drop leather. They can be bred and tamed (check breeding/taming details). They will not despawn when tamed, and have health, which they can recover by being fed hay bales. There are over 36 types all up and can be bred and given essences of light, undead, fire and darkness to change them into various mystical creatures e.g. (bat horse, unicorn, nightmare, pegasus, dark pegasus and Fairy Horse).
Birds There are 6 different types of birds: Dove, Crow, Blue Gross Beak, Cardinal, Canary and Parrot, each one with a different sound. They will eat seeds if you drop them on the ground in their sight. Right-clicking a tamed bird will place it on your head. Once a bird is placed on your head, you will not take fall damage. Instead you will "glide" to the ground slowly.
Insects Includes butterflies, moths, flies, bees, fireflies, dragonflies, crickets, maggots, ants, cockroaches, and crickets. These mobs cannot be tamed. They are classified as arthropods.
Turkeys Passive mobs that drop raw turkey when killed, which can be cooked. There are male and female variants. Can be tamed with melon seeds.
Ostriches Ostriches spawn in plains and desert biomes. You can find male, females and chicks. The males will fight back if attacked. They drop raw ostrich when killed and are tamed by spawning them in an egg. There are three types of ostriches: black (male), brown (female), and albino. If you give ostriches essences the ostrich will transform into a new species. Plus, they can be given helmets and flags with any colored wool.
Snails They're slow and they hide in their shells, except when they don't have a shell. Snails drop slime balls.
Bunnies Bunnies only jump around aimlessly. They are brown, white, gray, black, or light brown with a little pink nose. Right clicking on them will place them on your head. Right clicking them once they are on your head will make them jump off of you. Having a rabbit on your head while riding a horse will considerably speed it up. Rabbits also breed uncontrollably when near one another and can cause lag when kept together too long.
Dolphins Dolphins are tameable and rideable and will not attack you unless you attack them. They drop raw fish when killed. Tamed with raw fish.
Elephants and Mammoths Elephants spawn on Deserts, Jungles, Plains and Forests. Mammoths spawn in cold biomes. Elephants drop Hide. An elephant calf can be tamed by giving it 10 Sugar lumps or 5 cakes. (Most players give them 10 sugar lumps as cake takes quite a lot to craft!) Tamed elephants are healed with baked potatoes, bread or haystacks. A harness can be put on tamed adult elephants to make them rideable and attach extra things. They can also be given armor.
Fish including Lil' fish, small fish and medium fish

Lil Fish (fishies)

They come in ten different colors (excluding piranhas). They drop raw fish and fish eggs. They can be caught by right clicking on them with a full fishbowl and with a fish net. It's always nice to have a bowl of fish in your minecraft house!

Small Fish

Small fish look very much like lil fish, but are bigger and cannot be put in fishbowls. However, they can be tamed.

Medium Fish

Medium fish are much larger than small and lil' fish, and are tamed in the same way as small fish.

Kitties Cats can be tamed and become the player's pets. Litter boxes,Cat beds,and cat food can be crafted for them. When provoked, they will scratch the player. They need to have a litterbox and a bed or they will try to kill you. Feed it cat food. They need some time outside or they will get mad.
Komodo Dragons Komodo dragons spawn on swamps and plains. They attack small animals and players. Komodo dragons poison their prey. They drop reptile hide and the bigger Komodo Dragons have a 25% chance of dropping eggs. An egg can be hatched if placed near a torch and the resulting baby Komodo Dragon will be tamed. Tamed Komodo dragon can be healed by giving it raw rat or raw turkey. A saddle can be put on a Tamed adult Komodo dragon so it can be ridden. They drop Reptile Hide.
Mice Mice scurry about squeaking and spawn during the day. They drop seeds when killed. They can be quite annoying to have scurrying around your house! If you right click them they will ride on your hand. They can sometimes be mistaken as rats.....
Deer Deer run away from anything bigger than a chicken and they drop leather and raw pork chops when killed. They usually spawn on plains, but can be found elsewhere.
Ducks Ducks act just like chickens and are retextured. They drop feathers when killed and/or raw chicken. They follow and breed to bread rather than seeds.
Goats Goats are really easy to tame, just drop any edible(food) item nearby. Once tamed, you can name them. You can also change the name by right clicking on the goat while holding a medallion or book.

Tamed and wild goats will follow you if you are carrying any edible items in your hand. You can use a rope on tamed goat to make them follow you You can milk female goats. Female goats don't have a gotie and have shorter horns. Don't try to milk a male goat. It won't like it! Male goats will fight back if provoked, and will throw you backwards with its horns. They will also fight between themselves. They won't fight to death and will calm down after a short while. Goats are quite omnivorous. They will eat ANY item or floating blocks that are nearby. Even diamonds. If you die next to a goat it will have a feast with your dropped items. You have been warned...

Turtles Turtles are slow and small mobs that spawn naturally in swamp biomes. Wild turtles draw their head into their shells if you come near. Wild turtles can be flipped over by right-clicking; they are more vulnerable to attack this way. Turtles drop between 1 and 2 chests and/or 0 - 2 turtle meat when killed. To tame drop sugar cane near them. If you named them after the ninja turtles you'll get a surprise!(They look like the teenage mutant ninja turtle you named it after) *Spoilers*
Crabs TBD
Manta Rays Manta rays are large, but peaceful creatures that swim in the water. They can be ridden by right-clicking on them. Can be tamed with fish nets.

Also there are rare pink manta rays.

Neutral mobs[edit]

Name Description
Bears They only attack the player if you attack them. They drop fur or fish when killed. Polar Bears will attack on sight, Grizzly and Black Bears are neutral. This happens in nature as well. Pandas can be tamed with sugar cane.
Crocodiles Crocodiles will roam around near beaches in the swamp biomes, sometimes they will remain static.

Don't be fooled by a 'sleeping' crocodile, they are ready to attack and their speed can surprise you. They are very aggressive and fast in the water. Crocodiles snatch prey with their jaws, they will try to carry their prey to the water, where they will perform a death roll. If a crocodile has caught you, you can try to get free by attacking it, but not all the hits will land. It's not that easy to escape crocodile's jaws, just like in nature. Crocodiles drop hides that can be used to craft 'Croc' armor, equivalent to iron armor.

Snakes There are eight different kinds of snakes including a couple of shy snakes that will run away from the player and venomous snakes like corals, cobras, and rattle snakes. There are also aggressive pythons, which are the biggest snake in the mod.

Different kind of snakes spawn based on the biomes. Rattlesnakes only spawn in deserts, while pythons spawn in swamps and jungles

Snakes mind their own business, if you get too close they will alert and hiss, giving you time to run away. If you don't they will attack you.

A player carrying a bird or mouse will attract the nearby snakes. They hunt down small creatures

When snakes are killed, they drop eggs which can be hatched in the water or next to a torch and will not attack you once hatched. The hatchlings can also be named and you can put them on your shoulders

Boars Similar to pigs. Boars are brown and will attack the player if harmed or if the player gets too close. Boars will only attack other animals and the player when they are hungry. They deal around 2 hearts of damage. They drop hide or raw pork when killed.
Wild Wolves These will not attack the player unless they are harmed or if it is night, however they will attack chickens and ducks during the day. They drop leather when killed. Note that these do not replace the wolves from vanilla Minecraft. They cannot be tamed, but if you hold a rabbit they will follow you to try to kill it.
Foxes Foxes will only attack mobs that are smaller than them. They will only attack you if you attack them. Drops 1 piece of leather when killed. Foxes can be tamed with raw turkey meat. Heal them with raw rat meat. Arctic Foxes can be found in Snow Biomes and tamed the same way. WARNING! Foxes and wolves will attack each other so do not keep them close!
Rats During the day, rats are neutral towards the player, but at night or in caves they are aggressive and will attack on sight. Rats drop raw rat when killed, And raw rat is used to feed many animals, it can also be turned into a burger.
Sting rays Sting rays will poison you if you get too close, but will not actively attack you. They don't drop anything. Can be tamed with a fish net.
Jellyfish Jellyfish will spawn on most waters. They are translucent and propel with pulsating movements. They are also luminescent at night. You can get poisoned if you get too close. Jellyfish drop slimeballs. They can be tamed with fishnets. Just stay away from them.

Hostile mobs[edit]

Name Description
Sharks Sharks will kill anything that falls on the water except for squid. For breeding/taming details check mob details. They have a 10% drop rate for Shark Eggs and a 60% drop rate for shark teeth when killed. If in a boat around Shark, the shark will attack the boat and after a while destroy it. The shark teeth can be used to craft chain armor, or made into an unenchantable Shark Sword.
Big Cats Big Cats include lions, tigers, cheetahs, white tigers, and panthers. Male lions will attack the player on sight and are extremely dangerous. Female lions will only attack the player if the player attacks them or another lion nearby. They drop Big Cat Claws and leather when killed. They can also be tamed if a cub is found, by throwing raw fish or raw porkchops, and can be named by using a medallion.
Wyverns Wyverns are poisonous dragon-like drake mobs that can be found in the Wyvern Lair. Wyvern eggs can be obtained by slaying wyverns (but only in the wyvern lair). A wyvern has a 10% chance of dropping an egg when killed. Wyverns can be equipped with all three types of horse armor, but not Crystal mount armor. There are thirteen different wyvern species: Jungle, Swamp, Savanna, Sand, Mother, Undead, Light, Dark, Arctic, Cave, Mountain, Sea and Ghost. Once tamed, a wyvern can be ridden and flown around. Using an Essence of undead, light and darkness will only have an effect on a Mother Wyvern, turning it into any of the three tier 2 wyverns.

Only Tier 1 Wyverns (Jungle, Swamp, Savanna, Sand, Mother, Arctic, Cave, Mountain and Sea wyverns) can be found in the WyvernLair.

Mother Wyverns are larger than any other tier 1 wyvern, and are the same size as tier 2 wyverns (Undead, Light, Dark)

Ghost wyverns can only be obtained by killing tamed wyverns

Polar Bears Only spawn in snow biomes and will attack the player on sight. They drop Hide when killed.
Piranhas These tiny fish will attack the player on sight. They drop piranha eggs when killed. They are somewhat easy to spot, since they are a bright red and have sharp teeth.
Hellrats Hellrats spawn in the Nether and are aggressive, attacking the player on sight. Hellrats drop redstone and/or Fire when killed.
Scorpions There are 4 classes of scorpions: Orange Common (Overworld spawn), Black Cave (Cave spawn), Blue Frost (Snow biome spawn) and Red Nether (Nether Spawn).

Common has a chance of Poisoning you in one of their hits, Cave procs blindness, Frost can make you slower, and Nether can set you on fire. Every scorpion behaves like spiders, neutral at day, hostile at night, and can jump 2 blocks and over gates. Rarely you will encounter a mother scorpion that will have 3-4 baby scorpions on her back. When the mother is killed the babies fall to the ground and run around frantically and are neutral unless attacked. If killed baby scorpions drop string. You can pick these babies up with an empty hand and a naming window will pop up so that they may be automatically tamed. They will then start to grow which take 1-2 minecraft days. They are fed with raw rat. Once tamed they will attack mobs or even other scorpions and pets sometimes. If you put a saddle on a tamed Scorpion, you can move extra quickly and also climb sheer ledges that would normally be impossible while just walking.

Wraith Ghosts that fly and attack the player on sight. Drops gunpowder when killed.
Flame Wraith Ghosts that fly and its melee attack will usually set the player on fire (which will not extinguish unless water is used), it can be seen from far away because of the flames that engulf it's body. It drops redstone when killed and only spawns on the hard difficulty. flame Wraiths will spawn in the Nether as well as the surface world.
Werewolf During the day the werewolf is in human form and shouts, "Help me!". When they are hit, they yell or say "Stop it, you're hurting me!". At night, it transforms into a humanoid wolf. They can be easily harmed with a silver sword, dropped by silver skeletons. Other weapons take many hits to kill them. They have the ability to sprint while walking on four legs. The human form can drop wooden sticks and tools, the wolf can drop iron tools and a golden apple. They also are able to move very fast upon chasing the player onto ice. This is useful if being pursued because the werewolf will slide very far away, making them no longer a threat, as long as you can shuffle around to avoid them. They can be killed with any other weapon in human form. There are four different types of werewolves: Fire/Magma, White, Basic(Brown), and Black.
Golem Golems spawn at night, and initially consists of only three blocks: the Head, the Core and a valuable ore cube. When the Golem is near a player, it activates and forms its body.

Golems have a powerful melee attack, they also have a ranged attack, where the Golem throws one of the blocks off of its arms.

When a Golem is attacked, there is a chance to destroy one of its blocks. The chance of destroying a block depends on the difficulty level. If the chest is open and the core of the golem is exposed, it will suffer damage.

As the Golem suffers damage, it becomes more dangerous. A hint of the danger level of the golem is the color of its power aura. Blue is seen in a Golem that is not attacking. Yellow on a Golem that has started attack, Orange on the Golem that has suffered considerable damage. Red is seen on a Golem about to explode. Run away from red golems.

The Golem will constantly try to acquire replacement blocks. Every time a block is acquired, the Golem is healed (the amount of the healing depends also on the difficulty level)

It may be wise to look for shelter when the Golem power aura is red, as there is not too much time before the Golem explodes.

When a Golem dies, it drops all of the blocks that were part of its body (including the valuable ore cube).

*Ogres* Extremely dangerous and will attack on sight. They destroy blocks by smashing them with their sticks/clubs or with their big hands. There are 3 types of ogres: Regular, Fire, and Cave. Regular destroy blocks like the other, fire can set the area surrounding him in fire, and cave will only spawn in dark caves. Regular ogres drop obsidian, fire ogres drop fire (item) to craft a chain armor and cave ogres drops diamonds.

Mini Golems The mini golem is not as dangerous as the regular golem, but could still take blocks from its surroundings. They pick up single blocks and throw it at the player. When fighting, you can use any tool. Pickaxes and swords do the most damage. Same as the regular golems, they have a core. The color blue means it didn't attack. Yellow means it just started attacking. Orange means it took considerable damage. Red means its about to explode. They drop iron when killed.


  • Squirrels: Dr. Zhark said that he would include them if Mo' Creatures was profiled, or, at least, mentioned in PCGamer and Narwals as mentioned in the readme of 1.2.5. As of Mo' Creatures V4 for MC 1.4.7, there are still no squirrels.


Grid Horse Saddle (Mo' Creatures).pngGrid Pet Food (Mo' Creatures).png Grid Medallion (Mo' Creatures).png Grid Kitty Bed (Mo' Creatures).png Grid Litter Box (Mo' Creatures).png Grid BigCat Claw (Mo' Creatures).png Grid Whip (Mo' Creatures).png Grid Wool Ball (Mo' Creatures).png Grid Shark Teeth (Mo' Creatures).png Grid Croc Hide (Mo' Creatures).png Grid Croc Helmet (Mo' Creatures).png Grid Croc Plate (Mo' Creatures).png Grid Croc Legs (Mo' Creatures).png Grid Croc Boots (Mo' Creatures).png


All tamed animals will not despawn and they can be renamed if already named by right clicking with a medallion, book, or nametag.

Big Cats[edit]

To tame a Big Cat you must first find a cub. When you find the cub, drop raw fish or pork chops and use a medallion on it after it has eaten at least one. You can name it and it will follow you if you use a lead on it. Without the lead it will not follow you and roam around aimlessly. Use a whip to make them sit down. When tamed and fully grown, it will attack other mobs. A Big Cat won't take any fall damage once tamed, and you can also ride them once fully grown. This works on all of the big cats; Lions, Tigers, Cheetahs/Leopards, White Tiger/Snow Leopard, and Panthers. You will also be able to cross breed the different types of Big Cats, creating Hybrids.


You can tame birds by giving them seeds, which is achieved by throwing the seeds to them. Once a bird is tamed it will not run away from the player and will not despawn, and you can put it on the character's head by right-clicking on it. Once a bird is on the character's head, they are able to glide with it. If the player has a bird on their head and they walk under a block that is just above their head, the bird will die. If they're riding a Pegasus or Fairy Horse with a bird on their head it will cause the Horse to fly faster.


Dolphins can be tamed and bred similarly to horses. Currently there is only one food that can reduce their temper:

Food Effect
Fish -25 temper (To a minimum of 1)

Dolphins do not require a saddle to be ridden. Dolphins are fed and tamed in the same manner as horses.

Types of Dolphin[edit]

There are currently (V2.8) 6 different types of dolphin with different speeds, temperaments, and chance to spawn in the wild.

All dolphins have 30 health

Breed/color Speed Temper SpawnChance
Blue 1.5 50 36%
Green 2.5 100 25%
Purple 3.5 150 25%
Dark 4.5 200 11%
Pink 5.5 250 2%
With Albinism 6.5 300 1%


Dolphin breeding works rather differently than horse breeding.

To breed dolphins you will require:

  • 2 cooked fish
  • 2 dolphins
  • (assumed) A place where they are within 4 squares of each other and 8 squares minimum away from you and other dolphins
  • (assumed)5 minutes or half a Minecraft day

To breed dolphins you must give each a cooked fish. Unlike horses, dolphins cannot become sterile and may breed indefinitely. After 5 minutes there will be a 3rd dolphin. If the two dolphins are of the same breed they will always have a baby of that breed, otherwise their Total Genetic Value (TGV) determines both the chance of getting a certain breed and which breed will be gotten.

If their TGV is less than 5 and they are of different breeds there is a ⅓ chance of breeding a dolphin whose genetic value is equal to the TGV. If TGV is 5 or 6 and they are of different breeds there is a 1/10 chance of breeding a dolphin whose genetic value is equal to the TGV. If the breed is not determined in this manner it will be determined as for spawning a wild dolphin.

Dolphin Genetic Value
Blue 1
Green 2
Dark 3
Purple 4
Pink 5
Albino 6


To tame an elephant, first find a calf of the desired species, then feed it either 5 cakes or 10 sugar lumps. A grown elephant can be ridden with an elephant harness, and each can hold up to two chest sets.

To ride an elephant, use Sneak to cause it to crouch. Release sneak and mount as you would normally, with right click.

To heal give haystack.

Other abilities are:

Elephant Ability
Asian Can equip a luxurious garment and a throne
Woolly Mammoth Can carry two extra chests
Songhua River Mammoth Can equip a mammoth platform, allowing for an extra passenger


Fish are some of the easiest creatures to tame. All you need is a fish bowl, and then you just head out into the water and catch the fish you wish to hold (This is only possible with Lil' fish however), or use a fishing net and name your fish (only for small and medium fish).


Foxes can be tamed with raw turkey meat. Heal them with raw rat meat. Arctic Foxes can be found in Snow Biomes and tamed the same way. Foxes do follow you as of Version 1.8. You cannot place a fox on your head.


Goats are very easy to tame. Simply right click on them with any edible item (cake, apples, fish, etc.). Tame goats can be lead around by ropes. Goats will also follow the player if he is carrying food. Female goats are able to be milked. If the player tries to milk a male goat, it will attack the player. If holding wheat or a variety of certain items, both genders of goats will attack the player.


Taming horses is a complex process. Before you begin taming, you must put a saddle on the horse by holding the saddle and right clicking on the horse. Next you must feed them to reduce their temper. Each type of horse has an amount of temper that must be removed before it is considered tame. Different foods will reduce temper by different amounts. Here are all foods that can currently (V2.7) be used to reduce temper. Once tamed, a horse will not despawn.

For Zebra taming it is a little different as you need to breed horses until you get a cow (white and black) colored horse. A Zebra will not be tamable otherwise. Once you have a cow horse, get an apple and a horse saddle. Then go find yourself a Zebra and tame it while sitting on your cow horse.

Food Effect
Wheat -instantly tame/-25 temper
Sugar Lump -50 temper (To a minimum of 25)
Bread -100 temper (To a minimum of 25)
Apple -instantly tame

To feed a horse hold the food you wish to feed it then right click on the horse. As of V2.7 and earlier, there is a bug that causes you to eat a sugar lump when feeding it to a horse, using 2 sugar cubes per right click. After reducing temper to 25 or lower the horse must be ridden to complete taming. An additional feeding may be necessary whilst on the horse, giving the player a prompt to name your pet. It is recommended that you reduce temper as much as possible before attempting to ride a horse. To ride a horse, right click it while not holding food. While being tamed, horses will buck you off, possibly several times, possibly causing fall damage.

Types of Horse[edit]

There are currently (V2.7) 8 different types of horse with different speeds, hit points totals, temperaments, and chance to spawn in the wild.

Breed Color / Description Speed Hit Points Temper SpawnChance
Regular Horse Light brown 0.9 25 100 50%
Brown Horse Brown 1.0 30 200 35%
Black Horse Black 1.1 35 300 9%
White Horse White 1.7 40 20%
Unicorn White with horn 1.3 40 400 4%
Pegasus White with wings 1.2 40 500 1%
Pack Horse Pinkish brown with saddle bags 0.9 40 600 N/A
Nightmare Black with horn 1.3 50 700 N/A
Black Pegasus Black with horn and wings 1.3 50 800 N/A

In the mod's options it is possible to raise the spawn chance of Pegasus from 1% to 3%. This also lowers the chance of other horses spawning. Pack Horses, Nightmares, and Black Pegasus cannot be found in the wild and must be bred, with the exception of deep inside caves in some cases for the Bat Horse. When any horse spawns in the wild there is a 20% chance it will be a foal (baby horse).


(There are no graphic depictions or otherwise inappropriate material when breeding horses)

To breed horses you must acquire:

  • 2 pumpkins/mushroom soup/cake
  • 2 non-sterile or Fertile horses (accepts pumpkins, mushroom soup or cake)
  • A place where they are within 4 squares of each other and 8 squares minimum away from you and other horses(preferably a small pen away from other horses)
  • 5 minutes or half a Minecraft day

Put both horses in a small pen near each other (a whip is very helpful here, because it stops horses from moving when used). Feed both a pumpkin, mushroom stew, or cake. If both accept the food, a cloud of hearts will appear around both horses. Move away, and keep other horses away for about half of a Minecraft day. Soon, a foal will be near or under one of the parents. Based on the parents, the foal will be a certain color.

Zebras can be cross-bred with horses and donkeys, to get a Zorse or a Zonkey, respectively. In addition, donkeys and horses can be crossed to obtain a Mule. Mules can carry a small inventory if given a chest.

Rare Breeds[edit]

Some horses can only be obtained through Zorses or via an alternate means. Such breeds are listed here:

  • Bat Horse: Give a Zorse an essence of darkness.
  • Dark pegasus: Give a pegasus an essence of darkness.
  • Fairy horse: Breed a pegasus and a unicorn by giving both an essence of light. Warning: The unicorn and the pegasus will disappear in the breeding process.
  • Ghost horse: Green ghost horses can be obtained by killing tamed unicorns. There is a small chance that a green ghost horse will appear in its place (there will be no horn, however). White, flying ghost Horses can be obtained by killing tamed Pegasi. Again, there is a small chance that a white ghost horse will appear where the pegasus used to be.
  • Nightmare: Give a Zorse an essence of fire.
  • Pegasus: Give a Bat horse an essence of light when standing or flying at cloud level or above. Note: if you are mounted you can't give it essence of light.
  • Undead Horse/Unicorn/Pegasus: Give any Horse (including rare breeds) an essence of undead. It will transform into a zombie Horse. Gradually, all of its flesh will fall off, transforming it into a skeletal Horse.
  • Unicorn: Give a Nightmare an essence of light.

Proper Storage And Care Of Your Horse[edit]

Horses have a tendency to wander so if you want to keep track of them, it's important that you contain them properly. It's important that there is no grass in their enclosure as predator mobs may spawn. While horses normally require a 2 by 2 space to move through, it's possible for them to glitch through smaller gaps, so eliminating gaps in their pen is a must. If your horse becomes injured, simply feed it in the same manner as you tamed him to restore his health. Because of their tendency to wander, it is a good idea that you give them a pasture and let them free range as long as they cannot fly. If they can fly and you do not want them to run away, you should watch them carefully. In water they are very fidgety and will twist and turn, making it hard to get across the water when riding the horse. You can use a whip to keep your horse in place (the kitty equivalent to sitting). The horse will lower its head, and will (for the most part) remain in the same place. Whip the horse again to lift head. However, be careful when using a whip on a Nightmare. If you are riding the Nightmare, it will activate its special ability, and wherever it runs it will trail fire for a short time. If you are not riding it, it will simply stay put like other horses. Press f to dismount.


Wild kitties will run from the player. You have to throw a cooked fish near them and, once they eat it, they won't run away. You can, then, give them a medallion to tame them. Once a medallion is given, you can name them. But, be aware that it is not as easy to tame them as it seems. The name and health bar can be toggled on/off individually by right clicking while holding a pickaxe or globally by using the in-game mod menu.

Once the cat is tamed, it will look for a kitty bed with food or milk.

You can transport kitties that are lying on a bed or litter box. The kitties will want either milk or pet food poured into the kitty bed. While the cat is eating or drinking, you can see the milk/food level shrinking.

Once the kitty has eaten, it will look for an unused litter box.

The litter box will become 'used'. This item is a powerful magnet for monsters: Monsters ignore the player and target the litter box, however, they won't try to destroy it. After a while, a used litter box will return to its empty state. You can also use sand on an used litter box to clean it, or simply pick it up (Right click when holding a pick)and it will be stored in your inventory, and when you place it again it will be cleaned. This is a good way to clean it when you have a shortage of sand.

A cat that has eaten and used a litter box, will roam freely, it can become hungry again and look for food in a kitty bed again, or it will fall sleep at night, or try to climb a tree.

A cat that climbs a tree, will get trapped on top and will need help to come down.

If you use a whip nearby cats, they will sit and won't move. You can right click on a cat while holding a whip to individually toggle sitting on/off.

You can pick up a cat in three different ways: if it is a kitten, it will ride on top of your head. An adult cat will go on the player's shoulders. If you pick up a cat while holding a rope (not lead), you will carry it by its legs. Cats don't like to be carried that way and will take damage and be angry with you once you drop them. However, when being carried by a rope the cat won't take damage from being hit against blocks when jumping, as is normal with the other two ways of carrying.

Cats can also get angry if they don't get food or if player attacks them. When the cat is angry, it will chase the player and occasionally claw them. After a while, the cat temper will improve. You can also give an angry cat fish, so it will stop being angry.

A cat will follow you if you have a wool ball on your hand.

If you give a cat a wool ball, it will play with it for a while chasing it and pushing it, until the cat gets bored.

Cats will display emoticons to give you clues of what they're thinking. You can turn emoticons off using the in-game mod menu.


You can breed another cat that is also in the mood (given cake). After a while, one of them will become pregnant and will need to find a kitty bed.

After a short while in the kitty bed, the cat will give birth to 1-3 kittens. Kittens will be very playful and will chase any items (not only wool balls), will play with the player and will chase its mom.

If a kitten is attacked, its mom will defend it.


To feed them you need to craft Pet Food. This is done with a Raw Fish and a Raw Pork chop. To see how to craft it look above. To feed the Kitty you need to make a bed for it, and afterwards you right-click on it while it is in its bed (to feed you need to be holding the Pet Food). If a kitty goes to long without food, it will eventually starve and die. So make sure you check up on it every once in awhile.

Komodo Dragons[edit]

To tame a Komodo dragon, you must kill them until one drops an egg. (They can poison you, so be careful.) Right-click to place the egg. Always place the egg near a torch because it will NOT hatch if not near a torch. It will hatch shortly. When the Komodo dragon has matured, it can be ridden around with a saddle. Note: If you are not near the egg(within 8 blocks) when it hatches, it will result in a feral(hostile) Komodo dragon. Therefore, you must stay with the egg until it hatches. Otherwise your efforts will be in vain!

Manta Rays[edit]

Manta rays are large, but peaceful creatures that swim in the water. They can be ridden by right-clicking on them. Can be tamed with fish nets.


Taming rabbits is immensely simple. Simply right-click one to pick it up, and it's tamed.


Breeding rabbits is a very simple process. Get two rabbits and keep them in a small place, such as a fenced in 3 by 3 area. After about five minutes, a noise is heard similar to the noise of a chicken laying an egg. This noise indicates that there is a baby rabbit.

The color of the baby is completely random, no matter what color the parents are. Be careful as the rabbits will keep breeding nonstop until you move them or space them out.


To tame a scorpion, you need to kill a mother scorpion with baby scorpions on its back. The babies will attack the player if hit. Then, you right-click on one of them and are given the option to name it. After you pick a name, you'll pick up the baby scorpion. When it's fully grown (note: you won't be able to pick it up at this point) put a saddle on it (crafted or vanilla) and ride it around. Feed the baby by right clicking them with a rat or mouse in hand.


Taming sharks is easier than taming horses. In order to tame a shark, you will need to start with a baby shark from an egg. Sharks have a 10% chance of dropping an egg when killed. To hatch the egg, you need to throw it into the water which will generate a friendly-baby shark. After it grows big enough, it will be able to attack other mobs (like squid). Tamed sharks will not attack other sharks or the player. You cannot ride the shark. You may however, jump the shark if you so desire.


Taming snakes is rather simple. Find a snake of the desired species. There is a chance that it will drop an egg of its respective species when killed. Right-click to drop the egg by a torch. After a while, it will hatch into a friendly baby snake, and can be named, carried when right-clicked, or led on a rope. Tamed snakes can be healed using raw rat, and will not attack the player.


Can be tamed with melon seeds. Other than taming them there isn't much you can do. Drops Raw Turkey which can be cooked. You can feed Foxes raw turkey to tame them.


To tame a turtle, drop sugar cane or watermelon slices nearby. Once tamed, turtles can be named, will follow the player, and grow slowly over time. Right clicking a tame turtle with anything, but a pickaxe or medallion will put it on your head. If a turtle is injured and you have sugarcane, put it onto your head and it will eat out of your inventory.If you have a turtle on your head and you're on a horse, the horse will go much faster. Try naming the turtles after the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and see what happens. (Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, or Raphael)


Wyverns are tamed very similarly to Komodo dragons, and any egg-dropping mobs. To get a tamed wyvern, the player must first get a Wyvern egg (eggs will grow up to be the same type of wyvern as its parent). To get an egg, a wild wyvern must be killed, and there is a 10% chance that an egg will actually be dropped (Mother wyverns have a 33.3% chance, mother wyverns have a higher drop rate because they are rare to come upon). Wild wyverns can be found roaming around the wyvern lair dimension, which can be reached by using a wyvern portal staff. Once the egg has been obtained, it needs to be placed in a bright place, close to the player to hatch.

Tamed mother wyverns grow to the same size as tier 2 wyverns, around twice the size of other tier 1 wyverns.

Tier 2 and Ghost wyverns[edit]

Giving a Mother wyvern an essence of light, essence of dark or essence of undead will transform it into a Light wyvern, Dark wyvern or Undead wyvern. These wyverns are known as tier 2 wyverns.

Killing a tamed wyvern has a chance of turning it into a Ghost wyvern


If your wyvern gets hurt, you can heal it by giving it some raw rat or raw turkey.

Creating an enclosure[edit]

You should keep your wyvern in a large glass enclosure, with a roof (Wyverns can fly away and get lost). Creating a wyvern enclosure should be much easier in creative mode, as it is possible to construct a large piston door for letting your precious pets in and out.

Note: It is not enough to simply tie your wyvern to a fence with a lead, because it can break free. (leads break when they are stretched to over 10 blocks)