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Kittens are tamable mobs, found in the Mo' Creatures mod.


Kittens come in many different variants. They are most likely to spawn in the wilderness and can be kept in village houses after being tamed. The player can create a litter box and bed for the kittens.

Unlike wolves, kittens have a symbol over their heads that will tell the player how they are feeling, such as if they're hungry, tired, playful, excited, in love, in pain, or scared. Kittens do not attack most mobs. However, if a tamed wolf pup and tamed kitten are too close in contact, the wolf will attack the kitten. Sometimes, this will result in the kitten becoming aggravated, and will attack the player who tamed the wolf pup. Kitties also attack insects, mice, and other small creatures.

Kittens are very needy and their litter boxes and beds must be cleaned and filled extremely often. If the player does not do so, the kitten will become aggravated and attack them. Litter boxes will attract monsters if dirty.

Kittens can be bred using 2 cakes or 2 cooked fish, which will result in 1 to 3 kittens. When a kitty is tamed, it can be named with a medallion, which can also be used to rename it. When the player picks up a kitten, they will carry it on their shoulders or in their hand. Picking up kittens results in them sitting on your head.[verify] Kittens become aggravated after being carried for a period of time.