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Mods/Mo' Creatures/Horse

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{{Entity |image=Horse_(Mo'_Creatures).png |health={{hp|25}} to {{hp|50}} |entityid=Horse |drops={{ItemLink|Leather}} (0-2) on death<br> |exp=2 }} Horses are a passive mob with various breeds. Horses can be tamed, named, bred and ridden. Riding horses is unlike riding pigs, because when riding a horse you can control where it goes. Some horses can even be flown. If the "Target Horses" setting in the Global Mod Settings is set to "Yes", hunters such as [[Mods/Mo' Creatures/Bear|Bears]] and [[Mods/Mo' Creatures/BigCats|BigCats]] will attack them.Horse (Mo' Creatures).png


Taming horses is a complex process. Before you begin taming, you must put a saddle on the horse by holding the saddle and right clicking on the horse. Next, you must feed them to reduce their temper. Each type of horse has an amount of temper that must be removed before it is considered tame. Different foods will reduce temper by different amounts. Here are all foods that can currently (V2.7) be used to reduce temper. Once tamed a horse will not despawn.

Food Effect
Wheat -25 temper (To a minimum of 25)
Sugar Lump -50 temper (To a minimum of 25)
Bread -100 temper (To a minimum of 25)
Apple Instantly tames

To feed a horse, hold the food you wish to feed it, then right click on the horse. As of V2.7 and earlier, there is a bug that causes you to eat a sugar lump when feeding it to a horse, using 2 sugar cubes per right click. After reducing temper to 25 or lower, the horse must be ridden to complete taming. An additional feeding may be necessary whilst on the horse, giving the player a prompt to name your pet. It is recommended that you reduce temper as much as possible before attempting to ride a horse. To ride a horse, right click it while not holding food. While being tamed, horses will buck you off, possibly several times, possibly causing fall damage.

Types of Horses[edit]

There are currently (V2.7) 8 different types of horse with different speeds, hit points totals, temperaments, and chance to spawn in the wild.

Breed Color / Description Speed Health Temper Spawn Chance
Regular Horse Light brown 0.9 25 100 50%
Brown Horse Brown 1.0 30 200 35%
Black Horse Black 1.1 35 300 9%
Unicorn White with horn 1.3 40 400 4%
Pegasus White with wings 1.2 40 500 1%
Pack Horse Pinkish brown with saddle bags 0.9 40 600 0%
Nightmare Black 1.3 50 700 0%
Black Pegasus Gray with wings 1.3 50 800 0%
Fairy Horse white with white horn and wings 1.3 50 900 0%

In the mod's options, it is possible to raise the spawn chance of Pegasus from 1% to 10%. This also lowers the chance of other horses spawning. Pack Horses, Nightmares, Black Pegasus and Fairy Horse cannot be found in the wild and must be bred. When any horse spawns in the wild, there is a 20% chance that it will be a foal (baby horse).


Breeding horses is not the same procedure as breeding vanilla mobs; however, it is similar.

To breed horses you will require:

  • 2 pumpkins/mushroom soup
  • 2 non-sterile horses
  • A place where they are within 4 squares of each other and 8 squares minimum away from you and other horses
  • 5 minutes or half a Minecraft day

To breed horses, you need to give each of the them a pumpkin or mushroom soup. One of the two that you feed the pumpkin/soup to will become sterile and not be able to breed again unless "Easy Breeding" is on in the mod's options when the foal is born. Turning Easy Breeding on after a horse becomes sterile will not allow it to breed. After about 5 minutes, there will be a third horse. There is a ⅓ chance of this horse being a rare breed unless using "Easy Breeding", in which there is a 100% chance. The exact type of rare breed is determined by the total genetic value (TGV) of the parent horses.

Horse Genetic Value TGV To Breed
Light horses 1
Brown horses 2
Dark horses 3
Unicorns 4
Pegasus 5 10
Pack horse 6 7
Nightmare 7 9
Black Pegasus 8 12
Fairy Horse 9 14

Note that the total genetic value must EQUAL these numbers. If the value is 13 or higher, it cannot produce a Black Pegasus. If the TGV cannot produce a rare breed, you will get a random horse with genetic value 1-5. Also, two pack horses, even when their TGV is 12, will not produce a Black Pegasus.

Before you can put a saddle on the new horse, it must be fully grown. This happens naturally over the course of several minutes. To speed up the growing process, feed the horse (this may not count towards reducing their temper).

Rare Breeds[edit]

As explained before, some horses can only be obtained with breeding.

  • Packhorse : You can give this horse its own inventory by right clicking it while holding a chest. To access its inventory, right click it while holding a stone shovel or Torches.
  • Nightmare : Fireproof and blazing fast. By feeding them redstone, you can make them light fire wherever they step.
  • Black Pegasus : The best of horses: fireproof, flying, tied for fastest speed and able to have its own inventory. Give/Access this horse's inventory in the same manner as the Packhorse.

Proper Storage And Care Of Your Horse[edit]

Horses have a tendency to wander, so if you'll want to keep track of them and it's important that you contain them properly. It's important that there isn't any grass in their enclosure as predator mobs may spawn. While horses normally require a 2x2 space to move through, it's possible for them to glitch through smaller gaps, so eliminating gaps in their pen is a must. If your horse becomes injured, simply feed it in the same manner as you tamed him to restore his health.