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Minecraft Enhanced
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A view with double the normal view distance, and 'better clouds' and a sky box enabled

This mod allows players to change the view distance in Minecraft, allowing the game to load the map up to 64 chunks away. The mod also allows the alteration of much of Minecraft's environment. Included are options to alter the clouds, lunar cycle, stars, sky color, weather, and fog. Also included is a sky box.


All of the following options can be changed in-game using the Mod Options API mod, on which this mod is dependent. Be aware that the view distance setting will, at its maximum, try to load over sixteen thousand map chunks, which will cause a significant performance hit.

All of the options take immediate effect when set or changed, allowing for some experimentation to find the best individual settings while in game.

Better Cloud Settings[edit]

A low cloud layer with 'better clouds' and a sky box enabled
  • Set cloud box opacity
  • Set cloud box movement speed
  • Set cloud layer height
  • Set cloud layer opacity
  • Enable/disable 'better clouds'
  • Enable/disable 3D clouds

Star Settings[edit]

A night view of a waning moon with star color enabled and stars set to a small size
  • Set star movement speed
  • Set star size
  • Set star amount (for a more densely-packed star-filled sky)
  • Enable/disable star cycle
  • Enable/disable star color
  • Enable/disable shooting stars
  • Enable/disable comets
  • Enable/disable star dust

Season Settings[edit]

  • Enable/disable darker nights
  • Set season cycle time
  • Set moon phase cycle time

View Settings[edit]

An aerial view of a landscape with the view distance set to twenty-four chunks
A view with zero fog depth and a short for distance
  • Set fog height (limits the height fog extends upwards to)
  • Set fog depth (limits the fade in of fog; a value of zero gradually fades fog in up to the fog distance)
  • Set fog distance (measured in blocks; at this distance fog will obscure 100% of the view)
  • Set view distance (measured in chunks; the default value for Minecraft is twelve)

Color Settings[edit]

  • Set sky red, green, and blue color balance
  • Set moon halo red, green, and blue color balance

Graphics Settings[edit]

  • Enable/disable weather effects (snow, rain, lightning)
  • Enable/disable rain splash particles
  • Enable/disable texture filtering


AudioMod, ModOptionsAPI