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Minecart Mania! is a Minecraft Beta server mod created by Afforess that reinvents the minecart game mechanics. It can create boosted track sections, brakes, cart dispensers and more. A video demonstration of some of the features is available here.

Concepts from Minecart Mania, such as the boosters and detectors, were included in beta 1.5 as the powered rail and detector rail, respectively.


Name Effect Can be disabled by redstone current
Gold Ore Boosts carts by 25%. (Undoes Gravel) Yes
Gold block Boosts carts by 100%. (Undoes Soul Sand) Yes
Soul Sand Slows carts by 50%. (Undoes Gold block) Yes
Gravel Slows carts by 20%. (Undoes Gold ore) Yes
Iron block Ejects players and animals from a cart. Yes
Pressure Plates Act as a combination of a track piece and pressure plate.

They incur a slight speed penalty and can only work as
straight tracks, enabling 4-way intersections.

Wool Bounce a cart in the opposite direction, conserving momen-

tum. Lag may occur when placing a cart on one.

Obsidian Catches and launches carts. See section. Special case
Chest Cart storage and dispensation. See section,

as this is also (slightly less) complicated.

Special case
Brick Pauses the cart and waits for the user to select a direction. See section. No


The installation package can be downloaded from here.

The mod uses the Hey0 plugin format, and is installed by moving it into the Hey0 plugin folder, and adding it the plugin list.

Track Modifiers[edit]

Track modifiers work by placing different block types underneath (or in some cases in between) the track sections. Depending on what block is used, different effects can be achieved.


Placing minecart tracks on top of gold ore or gold blocks (made from 9 gold ingots) will yield boosted track sections. Gold ore will only boost the minecart by 25% of its speed / momentum, while gold blocks will double it. Minecarts that are not moving will not be affected by these track sections. Boosted track sections can be disabled by applying a redstone current to them. But this part of the mod isn't really needed because you can now in beta 1.5 get booster tracks.


Placing Soul Sand or gravel underneath a section of a minecart track will cause any minecart in motion to slow down dramatically as it passes over it. Soul Sand slows a minecart by 50%, gravel only by 20%. This means one soul sand block will undo the boost given by a gold block, while one gravel will undo the boost from a gold ore block. Additionally, hooking up a powered redstone current to the brake will disable the brake. This brake also allows for the creation of games involving a slowed down mine cart. One popular variant of this is Degwet Ball


Placing an iron block underneath of a track section will force any player or mob out of a cart as it passes over it, placing them directly behind where the minecart previously was. This can be disabled by applying an active redstone current.

Pressure Plates[edit]

A double lane intersection with switching lanes built with pressure plates. It closely resembles real world cloverleaf intersections.

Both wooden and stone pressure plates act as straight tracks. Although it won't be visible in the game, they will act as a combination of a plate and a track when a minecart passes over them. Pressure plates can also act as a neutral 4-way intersection. Normally, track intersections force carts to switch directions. Using a pressure plate allows minecarts to continue in their original direction. This way, intersecting lanes of track can be built that don't cause the carts to change directions.


Placing a wool block underneath a section of track will cause any minecart in motion to change directions and continue in the opposite direction with the same speed it had before. Additionally, hooking up a powered redstone current to the wool will disable the bouncing mechanic.

Launchers / Catchers[edit]

An obsidian block whose ability for it to catch moving carts and stop them has been disabled by a sign

Obsidian can be used to launch stopped minecarts forward. Placing Obsidian underneath track, and applying an active redstone current to it will cause a stationary minecart placed on top to accelerate in the direction the track continues in. In case there is more than one direction available to launch in, the game will follow the compass rose, trying north, east, south and last, west. Their exact speed can be controlled by signs. Signs with the text "speed X%", where X is an integer between 1 and 100 affect its initial speed. 100% implies full speed, 50% half speed, etc...

Obsidian can also be used to catch moving minecarts and hold them until a redstone current launches them forward again. To make obsidian act as a catcher, an inactive redstone current must be applied to the block. No redstone, or an active current will not work. Because the catching mechanic can sometimes interfere with the launching mechanic of the block, signs can be used to disable catching. Placing a sign adjacent to the track above the obsidian with the word "Launcher" in any of the 4 lines will disable the ability for it to catch moving carts, until the sign is removed.

Obsidian can be used to stop a cart's motion temporarily. Placing obsidian underneath a track, and a sign adjacent to it with the text "hold for X" will hold a cart stationary on the obsidian for X seconds. (X should be between 1 and 999). If there is room on the sign, a countdown will appear.

This sign is set to hold any cart that passes over the obsidian for 4 seconds.


Normally, this chest would dispense minecarts to the track on the right (north), but the sign overrides the normal placement, and minecarts are instead placed on the track in front of the chest (east).

Minecarts can be automatically stored in single or double chests without the aid or intervention of a player. Placing a track up to a chest, and pushing a minecart towards it will cause the minecart to be stored in the chest, thus disappearing from the track once it touches the chest. Giving the chest a redstone current will dispense a minecart if one is available. Used in conjunction with a minecart launcher, this can automate minecart storage. In case there is more than one direction available to dispense to, the game will follow the compass rose, trying north, east, south and last, west. Alternatively, a player can place a sign adjacent to the chest with the direction name on any of the four lines to force a specific direction.

Placing a sign next to a chest with the text "Minecarts:" on one of the lines will cause it to be updated with a total number of the minecarts present in the chest, useful for knowing whether dispensers are empty or full without looking in each one. Open the chest or apply a redstone current to update the sign.

Additionally, a sign placed to a chest with text "collect only" in one of the lines will force the chest to only collect passing carts. Chests designated as only collectors will also collect carts that pass parallel to it. Furthermore, a sign with the text "collect empty" in one of the lines will force the chest to only collect empty minecarts, ignoring those with anything in them. This can be used in combination with the "collect only" line.

Placing a sign next to a chest with the text "parallel" will allow the chest to collect carts passing by while still allowing the chest to dispense minecarts. This can be used in combination with "collect empty" to allow the chest to collect passing minecarts that are empty and dispense minecarts unlike "collect only" which only collects and does not allow the chest to dispense minecarts.

Finally, placing a sign with the first line "DispenserTypes" and the following lines as types of minecarts ("minecart", "powered" or "storage") will allow the chest to only dispense the listed types. Example sign:

Line 1: Dispenser Types
Line 2: Powered
Line 3: Storage
Line 4:

Would allow a nearby chest to dispense Powered and Storage minecarts, but not empty minecarts. The order is based on the order inside the chest, with the top left most spot being the first slot chosen.

Example sign with most switches enabled. (Order does not matter.)

Line 1: North
Line 2: Minecarts:
Line 3: collect only
Line 4: collect empty


Station blocks are only used in multiplayer. When a station block is placed underneath an intersection, any minecart with a player inside will stop and prompt the user for instructions on how to continue via the chat dialog. Users then can use the chat dialog to change their direction. The accepted chat commands are "/straight", "/left", "/right", "/north", "/south", "/east", and "/west". For ease of typing, the first letter lowercase of straight, left and right can be used (straight can either be "/straight" or "/s"), and the first letter uppercase for cardinal directions (north can be "/north" or "/N"). Once players issue a command, the minecart will continue in the new direction with the previous momentum.

Kill Switch for Empty Minecarts[edit]

A kill switch for empty minecarts has also been made available in a configuration file that is automatically created the first time the mod is run, for both servers and clients. The file "MinecartManiaSettings.txt" allows the user to set a specified time period for killing empty minecarts. Intended mostly for server use (but it does work on clients), it will destroy and remove minecarts that remain empty for longer than the time allotted. Entering and exiting the minecart resets the timer for each particular minecart. Integer (whole numbers) only.

Sign Instructions[edit]

Signs are used to control a variety of actions that occur to minecarts.

Elevator Signs[edit]

A sign with the text "Elevator" (case-insensitive) on it at a particular spot, and a similar sign with matching text somewhere on the same Y plane (above or below it) with track leading to one sign, and away from the other, will cause minecarts to be transported from one sign to the other, seamlessly without the loss of motion.

Switch Signs[edit]

Station blocks at intersections normally prompt passengers for a chat command direction - but this can be overridden and replaced by switch signs. Switch signs must be placed adjacent to an intersection, with a station block underneath the intersection track. Switch signs consist of 2 components - the qualifier and the direction. The qualifier is a keyword from the following list: "player", "empty", "powered", "storage", "mobs", or an individual player's name (like "Afforess"). The direction is either the direction in full, like "north" or the first letter of the direction, uppercase, like "S" (for south). They are separated by a ":" on the sign. An example sign might look like this:

Line 1: empty : north
Line 2: mobs : S:
Line 3: storage : West
Line 4: powered: E

Ejector Signs[edit]

A sign with the text "Eject Here" anywhere on the sign, at least 2 blocks away from an ejector block, will cause players and mobs to be ejected at the location of the sign.

Multiplayer Chat Commands[edit]

Chat commands are chat entries that begin with a '/' character and are only available to users using the multiplayer version of the mod.


Using "/throttle [percentage]" when inside a minecart will adjust your speed on the fly. While originally intended for autocart only, to allow users to see scenic views and vistas without whipping by everything, it also works in non-autocart servers. Stepping out of the minecart will reset the throttle to 100%.


Using "/brake" inside of a minecart will engage the braking mechanism, bringing a full speed minecart to a hard stop in several blocks. The brake will not reset when you leave the minecart, so it can be used to put minecarts in the way of other people's tracks, or use minecarts as roadblocks.


Using "/momentum" when inside a minecart will show your minecart's X, Y, and Z momentum on the chat dialog.

Track Direction[edit]

Track direction and placement can be altered by using the "/trackdir" command. For example, using "/trackdir n-s" will force the minecart track you are standing on to switch to face north-south directions, ignoring the track around it. The total list of usable track direction commands is "/trackdir n-s", "/trackdir e-w", "/trackdir slope-s", "/trackdir slope-n", "/trackdir slope-e", "/trackdir slope-w", "/trackdir curve-sw", "/trackdir curve-nw", "/trackdir curve-se" and "/trackdir curve-ne".

Version History[edit]

Version Date Changes

2.3a December 26, 2010
  • Fixed double chest dispensing glitch
2.3 December 26, 2010
  • Beta Compatible
  • Added Minecart Elevators
  • Added Switch Signs
  • Added Ejector Signs
  • Added dispensing of Storage and Powered Minecarts
  • Craftbook Compatible
  • Redesigned config file
  • Update Support
2.2a December 3, 2010
  • Fixed extreme minecart collision damage
  • Fixed double chest spawning bug
  • Stone Pressure plates don't cost momentum traveling over them
2.2 December 11, 2010
  • Added new chat commands to SMP
  • Added station block
  • Added new config settings for pressure plate rails
  • Added minecart damage
  • Bug fixes for SMP.
2.1h December 3, 2010
  • Minor Hey0 bug fixes
2.1g December 3, 2010
  • Updated Hey0 mod to 131 for 0.2.8 server
2.1f December 3, 2010
  • Fixed bug in Hey0 that caused carts to appear 50% inside of a chest when they spawned
2.1e December 3, 2010
  • Fixed dispensers storing carts as diamond blocks in SSP
2.1d December 3, 2010
  • Removed Debugging statements from Hey0 plugin.
2.1c December 3, 2010
  • Released Hey0 plugin for servers
2.1b December 1, 2010
  • Updated Client for 1.2.5
2.1 November 27, 2010
  • Fixed Pusher blocks on SMP
  • Fixed Internal Client Error when players crashed into chests in a minecart on SMP
  • Fixed Crash when signs had decimal values
  • Added Handcar Mode, allows operating cars from WASD keys.
  • Added Autocart mode for SMP
  • Added Block Configuration for clients and SMP.
2.0b November 20, 2010
  • Fixed Redstone burnouts
  • Fixed Redstone detection on blocks
  • Fixed crash when users who had installed Minecart Mania client tried to connect to a server using it
  • Added Sign ability to detect only empty minecarts, and add them to a chest
2.0a November 20, 2010
  • Moved Redstone currents back down the block underneath the track, instead of at the track level
2.0 November 19, 2010
  • Signs can show the number of minecarts in a nearby chest
  • Signs next to obsidian can hold carts for a given time period
  • Iron blocks underneath track will kick any player or mob out of the cart
  • Chests can be used to collect carts that move parallel to it
  • Signs can be used to control how fast obsidian launchers initial speed it
  • Empty minecarts will disappear after a set time from a config file
1.9b November 15, 2010
  • Fixed N-S mixup in code.
1.9a November 15, 2010
  • Fixed NESW directions, previously was using ESWN instead of NESW.
  • Allows signs to override NESW directions
  • Allows signs to disable Obsidian Catching mechanic
1.9 November 14, 2010
  • Unpowered Obsidian acts as a catcher, stopping moving carts.
  • Double Chests now work as dispensers correctly
  • Powered and Storage Minecarts are correctly stored when entering a chest.
1.8 November 13, 2010
  • Booster Block Effectiveness Increased by 100%
  • Gravel Acts as a brake, Slowsand more effective brake
  • Single Chests can hold and dispense minecarts
1.7a November 11, 2010
  • Fixed bug in SMP where boosters and brakes only worked in N/S directions
1.7 November 11, 2010
  • Released SMP version
  • Added Obsidian Launcher
  • Included Older Autocart mod
1.6 November 10, 2010
  • Added Gold Ore Booster
  • Crossing over pressure plates no longer slowed down speed
  • Compatible with v1.2.2
1.5 November 8, 2010
  • Added Cloth Bouncer
1.4 November 7, 2010
  • Added Gold Block Boosters
  • Added Slow Sand Brakes
1.3 November 5, 2010
  • Compatible with v1.2.1
1.2 November 5, 2010
  • Compatible with v1.2.0_02
1.1 November 3, 2010
  • Supported Autocart
  • Compatible with v1.2.0
1.0 October 28, 2010
  • Initial Release
  • Minecarts could pass over pressure plates as if they were regular track


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