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Minecolony is based on the game Anno 1602. MineColony gives you the ability to add 5 extra worker mobs, a Delivery Boy, a Miner,a Builder, a Lumberjack and a Farmer. It also creates another mob called the Settler. This is the basic unit in this mod.

Bugs and Incompatibilities[edit]

There are 2 versions of this mod. The original (available here: [1] ) is incompatible with other mods, in particular Mo' Creatures and Humans+.

The forked version (available here: [2]) uses ModLoader and does not suffer the same compatibility problems and works with the aforementioned mods.

Occasionally the Builder will not do anything, even if you make a house upgrade sign. Well, there is a way to fix this, by just killing the builder, and letting a new unemployed person take his place, which usually solves the problem.

At times the Miner can cause crashes due to what appears to be something wrong with his texture. This either has to do with the death of the miner, or when the miner enters water. So be careful when using this one!

It also seems that the Builder's schematics for the Lumberjack's 3rd/4th house upgrade is glitched, making the Builder stay in his house and say something about the schematics being wrong.

General Features[edit]

-different kinds of workers (lumberjack, miner, farmer, builder, delivery man, baker)

-basic units - citizens. They occupy jobs and become workers

-different level of tools impacts the efficiency of work

-when the tool wears out, worker searches his chest for the kind of tool he uses (don't forget to supply lumberjack with axes and miner with pickaxe and shovel)

-You can change worker's current tool by dropping it next to them

-workers don't work during night

-workers tell you why they're not working when you get close to them

-build houses, decrease taxes and make food for your people to improve their mood

-keep workers at work by paying them their salary

-use golden scepter on the people to ask them to follow you

-use caliper to measure the distance between houses

-use bank to make and convert money

-use town hall to see overall information about You colony, tips, balance and more

-configure mod options in a .property file

Town Hall[edit]

A Supply Ship is the first thing you will need as it will give you a Town Hall Chest. If you don't have a Town Hall Chest, you will not be able to place anything else unless you have placed this. To craft a Supply Ship, you will need to craft five boats. Then, arrange the five boats into a boat crafting recipe (pretend the boats are wood planks) and you'll get a Supply Ship. The recipe below, doesn't work because you can only get a Town Hall Chest from a Supply Ship.

Ingredients Input » Output Description
Boats Creates the Supply Ship if placed near an ocean or a huge lake.


You create workers by placing special worker Chests in the world. Once a chest is placed, a settler Mob is created.

A helper will only work if they have the appropriate tools in their chests, and it is daytime. They communicate their needs to you by heading back to their chests and staying there. When you are close enough the Helper will communicate using the text box. For Example the builder will say out of Cobble 121. The 121 means how much of the item the helper needs. A helper that is sleeping for the night would have a sign saying "Sleeping" beside them. Likewise if a helper is out of tools.

Crafting Recipes[edit]

(Crafting recipes will be accurate if this (*) is next to it)

Name Ingredients Input » Output Description
Iron Scepter Stick + Iron Ingots

Iron Scepter
When an Iron Scepter is used on a worker chest, it will automagically create a fence.
Gold Scepter Stick + Gold Ingots

Gold Scepter
When the Gold Scepter is used on a worker or settler, it will make them follow you.
Name Ingredients Input » Output Description
Bakery Wooden Pickaxe + Wooden Plank This will create a Baker that will Bake foodstuffs, mostly bread for your citizenry and increase their overall happiness.
Miner Chest Wooden Pickaxe + Wooden Plank

Miner Chest
This will create a miner that will harvest sand, dirt, cobblestone and ore blocks. In order to work, Miners need pickaxes, shovels and torches.
Lumberjack Chest Wooden Axe + Wooden Plank

Lumberjack Chest
This will create a lumberjack that will harvest wood, and plant saplings. In order to work, Lumberjacks need axes.
Farmer Chest Wooden Hoe + Wooden Plank

Farmer Chest
This will create a Farmer that will plant seeds, place water, and harvest wheat. In order to work, Farmers need hoes and shovels.
DeliveryBoy Chest Chest + Wooden Plank

DeliveryBoy Chest
Delivery boys will go between different way-points collecting stored items from and distributing necessary items to other workers chests. The Worker will then take the stored items and put them in his chest for easy pickup. Way-points are created by placing signs.

How to use your own schematics in game. A1= turn on use player schematics in the settings


This will allow you to use your own schematics, don't put them in the schematics folder this is not where they go.(needs editing from someone more experienced.) Forge, and Quarry are not craftable or available in the current game.