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Mod Description[edit]

Minecolonies is a comprehensive NPC-powered town building and automation mod for Minecraft.

Players command NPCs to automate tasks such as building, gathering natural resources, crafting to fulfill the colony's needs, and guarding the colony from outside threats.

Custom schematic system, Structurize, allows completely free placement of structures within the colony's boundary and holographic preview of of them before placement. Choose from over 1,300 schematics provided, download more from our forums, or create your own and even share them with the community.

Robust permissions system offers the multiplayer experience that you want with a variety of grief protection levels, allowing you to collaborate on a single colony with friends, create alliances between separate colonies, or have separate colonies compete to be the best. PvP features are planned.

Our development team is continuously working to optimize existing features and add new content to the mod. (January 2019)

Official Download[edit]

For the latest fixes and newest features, download the most recent file at:

Crafting Recipes[edit]

For the most current information about crafting recipes and mod mechanics, look through:

Official Website[edit]

For any other information you might need, like how to get help on Discord or join the developer team, please read the Minecolonies official website: