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This guide will help you install the latest Minecraft Forge and OptiFine.

Find the .minecraft folder[edit]

Before the player begins, they must find the .minecraft directory. This directory will not exist if the player has not touched their game at least once. This tutorial will work from within this folder.

OS Path
Linux ~/.minecraft
macOS ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft
Windows %appdata%\.minecraft

In many Linux file managers, dot files (files and folders prefixed with a period .) will be hidden. In Nautilus, press Ctrl+H to toggle the display of dot files.

Downloading and Installing Files[edit]

First, you should download Minecraft Forge from the official download site of Forge.

Then, open the downloaded .jar file, or run it from a command line like this:

java -jar forge-

After you have installed Minecraft Forge, download the current OptiFine version from the official download site of OptiFine.

After downloading OptiFine, run Minecraft Forge at least once. Then close it after running.

Now, put the .jar file of OptiFine under the mods folder of the .minecraft folder. (If you don't have one, create one and call it 'mods')

Running OptiForge[edit]


Now you have installed Optifine (Put Optifine in your mods folder) it's time to see if it has worked! To test it out, run Minecraft Forge normally, and you will see (hopefully) that Optifine is appearing as a mod!