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Reason: Abandoned and outdated mod

Humans+ is no longer available to download and will not be receiving any updates in the future.

More information: Minecraft Forum Topic


  • Mods that alter the game environment.
  • More than 15 unique human mobs, including: Assassin, Bandit, Rogue, Rogue Archer, Hunter, Wanderer, Him, Settler, Lost Miner, Mob Horse, Knight, Elf, Samurai, Pirate and Shadow Walker.
  • A fully working Alignment system, in which, you can gain/lost trust from different factions.
  • More than 20 new Items, including swords, flags, and food.
  • Faction Flags, very rare drops that can be placed on walls to act as mob spawners for the faction they represent.
  • Friends, some factions will help you if you are good enough, others will work for contracts.
  • Fully customizable config file.
  • Equestrians. These are horses that humans can mount and ride.
  • Fishermen, pirates are able to fish for any water creature, be it added from another mod or in the original minecraft.
  • Zelda style hearts are a 1 in 3 drop from most mobs, they will heal 1 heart on contact.
  • Leaders spawn with a group of their faction that follow them around and fight for them, leaders themselves are stronger, faster and have more health, They also have randomly picked names above their heads and wear special leader capes.
  • Targeting compatibility with other mods.
  • Over 70 Textures for the mobs, they are randomly picked at spawn, but each faction has their own texture pool and are easy to tell apart.