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Geolosys is a modpack-friendly version of TerraFirmaCraft ore generation. In essence, it is a simple mod that adds geological systems to Minecraft's world generation. It comes with an extensive config file (and GUI), and allows you to modify world generation. With Geolosys, realistic mineral versions of common ores are added for many variants commonly used in modpacks.


Ore Found on... Drops
Assorted Quartz (Geolosys).png Assorted Quartz Layers 6 - 29 Nether Quartz
Autunite (Geolosys).png Autunite Layers 8 - 33 Grid Uranium Cluster (Geolosys).png Uranium Cluster
Grid Yellorium Cluster (Geolosys).png Yellorium Cluster
Azurite (Geolosys).png Azurite Layers 12 - 44 Grid Copper Cluster (Geolosys).png Copper Cluster
Bauxite (Geolosys).png Bauxite Layers 45 - 70 Grid Aluminum Cluster (Geolosys).png Aluminum Cluster
Beryl (Geolosys).png Beryl Layers 4 - 32 Emerald
Cassiterite (Geolosys).png Cassiterite Layers 44 - 68 Grid Tin Cluster (Geolosys).png Tin Cluster
Cinnabar (Geolosys).png Cinnabar Layers 5 - 12 Redstone Dust
Coal (Geolosys).png Coal Layers 8 - 78 Coal
Galena (Geolosys).png Galena Layers 16 - 50 Grid Lead Cluster (Geolosys).png Lead Cluster
Grid Silver Cluster (Geolosys).png Silver Cluster
Gold (Geolosys).png Gold Layers 5 - 30 Grid Gold Cluster (Geolosys).png Gold Cluster
Hematite (Geolosys).png Hematite Layers 32 - 60 Grid Iron Cluster (Geolosys).png Iron Cluster
Kimberlite (Geolosys).png Kimberlite Layers 2 - 15 Diamond
Lapis Lazuli (Geolosys).png Lapis Lazuli Layers 10 - 24 Lapis Lazuli
Limonite (Geolosys).png Limonite Layers 6 - 32 Grid Iron Cluster (Geolosys).png Iron Cluster
Grid Nickel Cluster (Geolosys).png Nickel Cluster
Malachite (Geolosys).png Malachite Layers 39 - 44 Grid Copper Cluster (Geolosys).png Copper Cluster
Platinum (Geolosys).png Platinum Layers 3 - 25 Grid Osmium Cluster (Geolosys).png Osmium Cluster
Grid Platinum Cluster (Geolosys).png Platinum Cluster
Sphalerite (Geolosys).png Sphalerite Layers 35 - 55 Grid Zinc Cluster (Geolosys).png Zinc Cluster
Teallite (Geolosys).png Teallite Layers 8 - 43 Grid Tin Cluster (Geolosys).png Tin Cluster