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It is inevitable that vehicles will one day roam the world of Minecraft. Already today, we have JamioFlan's Planes, JamioFlan's Vehicles, and SDK's ATVs. Vehicles, while still in their adolescence, are becoming an essential tool for many players. Now is the time to safeguard your iron-hungry investments. Now is the time to prepare for the future of Minecraft. Ladies and gentlemen, now is the time for Garages!

Garages can most simply be described as a new kind of door. An amazing door. They keep the scary monsters and spiders outside but let sunlight in. They can be opened by right-clicking and placed on the bottom of a ceiling to provide a strong, but flexible barrier to keep your vehicles safe from the perils of the night. Garages are synchronized. Opening one garage block will open the whole garage. They are even variable in height, ranging from the dingy crevice that can hold no more than a Smart Car to incredibly massive, gigantonormous aircraft hangar doors. Ladies and gentlemen, garages are the future of vehicular security.


Risugami's ModLoader


Unknown. Does not seem to present any incompatibilities yet. Generally any non-modloader mods that affect rendering could cause issues.

Common Problems[edit]

  • Not reading the install instructions, and forgetting to properly install the gui and items directory in the jar.

Crafting Recipes[edit]

The Garage Panels[edit]

In order to build a garage, you must first craft some garage panels out of iron and glass.

Name Ingredients Input » Output Description
Garage Panels Iron Ingots + Glass Doors That Open Upwards And Downwards

The Garage Block[edit]

Three of these panels can be combined to form a garage block. A single garage block is placed on the bottom side of a regular block and is one block wide. It must have at least 3 blocks of clearance (essentially a minimum height of three) and has no maximum height.

Name Ingredients Input » Output Description
Garage Block Garage Panels
Garage PanelGarage PanelGarage Panel
Garage Block
Doors That Open Upwards And Downwards

The Garage Remote[edit]

Many of you who rushed off to build a massive garage must now be wondering how to close it now that you have opened it and you are too short to reach the top to close it again. It is now time for another fantastic electronic contraption. I present, the Garage Remote! Using this simple device crafted from some iron, redstone, and a button, you can remotely open any garage that is directly in front of you from a maximum range of 32 blocks.

Name Ingredients Input » Output Description
Garage Remote Stone Button + Redstone Dust + Iron Ingot

Garage Remote
Doors That Open Upwards And Downwards

Block IDs used[edit]


Item IDs used[edit]