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The Elemental Creepers Mod is a game add-on that adds many more types of creepers to the game of Minecraft.

Types of creepers[edit]

Magma Creeper[edit]

A magma creeper

This guy is red in color. He trails fire everywhere he walks, and when he blows up, he leaves lava everywhere, and it makes quite a mess. Not a guy to mess with unless you feel hot.(Better bring a dark creeper.)

Water Creeper[edit]

A water creeper

Same as the Magma Creeper, but blue in color and a lot less deadly. Drops water everywhere when it explodes, and also makes quite a mess.

Lightning Creeper[edit]

An electric creeper

This guy is bright yellow, and summons a lightning bolt when it explodes. The lightning bolt causes fire in the near vicinity.

Earth Creeper[edit]

An earth creeper

Looks like a dirt block, he places dirt everywhere when it explodes. Not at all deadly, unless you manage to suffocate.Suggestion:DO NOT LET IT BLOW NEAR YOUR HOUSE unless you want a dirt museum.

Reverse Creeper[edit]

A reverse creeper

Very weird creeper, as you can see from the picture. It is unclear on what this guy does yet.(UPDATE!: it actually reverses the ground it explodes it flips it over it is really messy and weird.)

Ice Creeper[edit]

An ice creeper

Takes ice with him wherever he walks, spreads it everywhere when he explodes. Makes the area quite chilly indeed.

Light Creeper[edit]

A light creeper

A very bright yellow, it is unclear what this guy does as well.(UPDATE: it is like the dirt creeper it places glowstone instead. It is helpful but messy.)

Dark Creeper[edit]

A dark creeper

Burns in daylight, unlike all the others, and has a very menacing look.(Also destroys all light source when exploded even lava so could be useful.)

Cookie Creeper[edit]

A cookie creeper

This guy is very nice, as he hands out cookies as his last wish(when it explodes). He is a very nice guy indeed.

Illusion Creeper[edit]

This mean guy spawns up to 5 versions of himself. Make sure to find the real one!(the fakes ones turn into dust.)

Psychic Creeper[edit]

A psychic creeper

This purple guy sends you flying in the air when he explodes. A lot of fun with 20 of them going off at the same time.

Spider Creeper[edit]

A spider creeper

Looks a bit disturbing, with his 6 legs, but it is unclear what he does.(UPDATE!: when exploded leaves cobwebs EVERYWHERE and poisons you.)

Friendly Creeper[edit]

A friendly creeper

She is what a regular creeper isn't. Friendly.

Stone Creeper[edit]

A stone creeper

Despite his name, this guy hates stone.(destroys stone and everything made of it.)

Wind Creeper[edit]

A wind creeper

Very fast, but blows like a normal creeper.

Ender Creeper[edit]

A ender creeper

Like an Enderman, just a creeper.

Solar Creeper[edit]

When he blows up, he not only leaves a hole in the ground but with lots of fire.

Hydrogen Creeper[edit]

You better run, better run, because he's a nuke!

Firework Creeper[edit]

He explodes in an abundance of fireworks.

Cake Creeper[edit]

When he explodes, there's cake for everyone! Yay!

Spring Creeper[edit]

Pink, he's got a spring in his step.

Big Bad Creeep[edit]

Oh lawd he comin.


Imagine an aquatic creeper, here's one.

Furnace Creeper[edit]

He's bought a giant furnace to smelt YOU.

EU & Flux Creepers[edit]

They require a mod that uses Redstone Flux to work.


This mod can be downloaded here. Note that this mod requires Forge to install.