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This guide contains a table that lists how blocks, items, and entities are referenced in the code. These references are listed as methods. The chart is ordered in data value order.

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Name Method Metadata
Air None None
Stone Block.stone None
Grass Block Block.grass None
Dirt Block.dirt None
Cobblestone Block.cobblestone None
Oak Wood Planks Block.planks 0
Spruce Wood Planks Block.planks 1
Birch Wood Planks Block.planks 2
Jungle Wood Planks Block.planks 3
Oak Sapling Block.sapling 0
Spruce Sapling Block.sapling 1
Birch Sapling Block.sapling 2
Jungle Sapling Block.sapling 3
Bedrock Block.bedrock None
Water (Flowing) Block.waterMoving None
Water (Still) Block.waterStill None
Lava (Flowing) Block.lavaMoving None
Lava (Still) Block.lavaStill None
Sand Block.sand None
Gravel Block.gravel None
Gold Ore Block.oreGold None
Iron Ore Block.oreIron None
Coal Ore Block.oreCoal None
Oak Wood Block.wood 0
Spruce Wood Block.wood 1
Birch Wood Block.wood 2
Jungle Wood Block.wood 3
Oak Leaves Block.leaves 0
Spruce Leaves Block.leaves 1
Birch Leaves Block.leaves 2
Jungle Leaves Block.leaves 3
Sponge Block.sponge None
Glass None
Lapis Lazuli Ore Block.oreLapis None
Lapis Lazuli Block Block.blockLapis None
Dispenser Block.dispenser None
Sandstone Block.sandStone 0
Chiseled Sandstone Block.sandStone 1
Smooth Sandstone Block.sandStone 2
Note Block None
Bed Block.bed None
Powered Rail Block.railPowered None
Detector Rail Block.railDetector None
Sticky Piston Block.pistonStickyBase None
Cobweb Block.web None
Tall Grass (Dead Bush) Block.tallGrass 0
Tall Grass Block.tallGrass 1
Fern Block.tallGrass 2
Dead Bush Block.deadBush None
Piston Block.pistonBase None
Piston Head Block.pistonExtension None
White Wool Block.cloth 0
Orange Wool Block.cloth 1
Magenta Wool Block.cloth 2
Light Blue Wool Block.cloth 3
Yellow Wool Block.cloth 4
Lime Wool Block.cloth 5
Pink Wool Block.cloth 6
Gray Wool Block.cloth 7
Light Gray Wool Block.cloth 8
Cyan Wool Block.cloth 9
Purple Wool Block.cloth 10
Blue Wool Block.cloth 11
Brown Wool Block.cloth 12
Green Wool Block.cloth 13
Red Wool Block.cloth 14
Black Wool Block.cloth 15
Piston Extension Block.pistonMoving None
Dandelion Block.plantYellow None
Rose Block.plantRed None
Brown Mushroom Block.mushroomBrown None
Red Mushroom Block.mushroomRed None
Block of Gold Block.blockGold None
Block of Diamond Block.blockDiamond None
Block of Redstone Block.blockRedstone None
Slime Block Block.blockSlime None
Redstone Block sensor Block.blockSensor None