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Below is a list of helpful links explaining Java terms and the structure of Java. These links are written by Oracle, the developers of Java.

Classes are declared by the class keyword.
Inheritance is declared by the extends keyword.
Interfaces are declared by the interface keyword.
Packages are declared by the package keyword.
Variables are fields that vary (they do not always vary, if a static modifier is used). An example of one is public int variable = 1;.
Data types are parts of variables that determine values within the variable. Data types include int, long, short, byte, float, double, char, String, and boolean.
Operators determine actions between multiple values. Operators include +, -, *, /, %, =, |, ^, &, ?, and many more (see the link above).
Expressions define values using variables. An example of one is (x + y) / 100. Statements are complete equations and declarations. An example of one is aValue = 8933.234; and System.out.println("Hello World!");. A block is a group of statements.
Control Flow Statements control the execution of statements by allowing branching and looping. Subsections of this explanation explain keywords like if, else, switch, case, break, default, while, do, for, continue, and return.