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Better Build Stuff Mod

1. Clear Blocks

The "Clear Blocks" are blocks and slabs in many different colors.

They are perfect for Pixelart or other things.

And they are survival-compatible because you can craft anyone of them.

You can find them in the creative tab "Clear Blocks" and "Clear Slabs":

Alle Clear Blocks.pngAlleClear Slabs.png

How to craft them:

Alle Clear Blocks Crafting Rezept Neu.gifAlle Clear Slabs Crafting Rezept Neu.gif

A list of all Clear Blocks and Clear Slabs:

  • Black Block
  • Black Slab
  • White Black
  • White Slab
  • Yellow Block
  • Yellow Slab
  • Green Block
  • Green Slab
  • Dark Green Block
  • Dark Green Slab
  • Cyan Block
  • Cyan Slab
  • Blue Block
  • Blue Slab
  • Dark Blue Block
  • Dark Blue Slab
  • Purple Block
  • Purple Slab
  • Magenta Block
  • Magenta Slab
  • Pink Block
  • Pink Slab
  • Dark Orange Block
  • Dark Orange Slab
  • Orange Block
  • Orange Slab
  • Red Block
  • Red Slab
  • Dark Gray Block
  • Dark Gray Slab
  • Gray Block
  • Gray Slab
  • Light Gray Block
  • Light Gray Slab
  • Brown Block
  • Brown Slab
  • Dark Brown Block
  • Dark Brown Slab