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This mod gives you the ability to craft Victorian style balloons and airships, and fly in them. Additionally, airships allow you to store things like a chest, and can shoot arrows.

Dependencies[edit | edit source]

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Headline text[edit | edit source]

Incompatibilities[edit | edit source]

Unknown. Does not seem to present any incompatibilities yet. Generally any non-modloader mods that affect rendering could cause issues. However there has been a couple of issues on the demo game where it is impossible to make the airship.

Additional Installation Procedures[edit | edit source]

This mod comes packaged with two different sets of textures for the airship you will need to move the "gui" and "item" directories in the "16" or "32" directory into your jar. If you haven't installed a High Def texture mod, then use the ones in the "16" directory.

Common Problems[edit | edit source]

  • Not reading the install instructions, and forgetting to properly install the gui and items directory in the jar.
  • If the game crashes when you placed the airship, your minecraft.jar does not contain a balloon.png and/or airship.png. Please make sure you installed everything right.

Crafting Recipes[edit | edit source]

Name Ingredients Input » Output Description
Balloon Leather

Engine Iron (Ingot), Piston

Airship Engine
Airship String, Furnace, Boat, Balloon, Engine

Airship Engine
Airship Engine


The Airship[edit | edit source]

Once you have crafted your airship and have it in your inventory, make it the active item and place it (right click). This will drop an airship at that location and works similar to a boat. You can right click to enter it. At this point the airship needs fuel, so open your inventory and put in some wood, coal or logs in the fuel slot. Then you can use your directional keys, and space and left shift to control it.

The Airship Inventory[edit | edit source]

Each airship comes with its own inventory. This inventory is used to feed the airship fuel, ammunition, and provide you with extra storage. There is no separation however between what is used for the ship, and what is in storage, so be careful if you are transporting Logs, Wood, Coal, or Lava buckets.

Airship Fuel[edit | edit source]

The following items can be used as fuel, and will be consumed in this order:

  • Coal
  • Lava Buckets
  • Wood
  • Planks

Gunpowder provides a small amount of fuel and gives the airship a "turbo boost."

Airship Controls[edit | edit source]

The airship is controlled similar to other movement (i.e. use the forward key to go forward..) Here are the additional controls for the airship:

Key Action
Space Ascend
Left Shift Descend
E Open Player and Airship Inventory
Left Control Fire Arrows

The Onboard Weapon[edit | edit source]

If you put arrows in the airship's Arrows slot, you can press left control to fire them.

Block IDs used[edit | edit source]

Item IDs used[edit | edit source]

Airship ID#: 4498