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2DCraft was a mod that adds a new World Generation option. It makes a world which is 2D. It is only 2 blocks wide. When creating a world, go into More World Options, World Type, then change it to 2D-WORLD. You cannot generate Dungeons, NPC Villages or Strongholds when using the 2D-WORLD option.

Download[edit | edit source]

You can download this mod and view the official post at

Installation[edit | edit source]

1. Go to %appdata%\.minecraft\bin (windows) or ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/bin (mac)

2. Open the minecraft.jar (with 7-zip/Win-Rar)

3. Delete META-INF Folder

4. Put all the files of the mod into the minecraft.jar

5. Start Minecraft

6. Create a new world, with the world type 2D Craft or Minecraft

7. enjoy!

Tips & Info[edit | edit source]

If it doesn't work, you could change it. There are two world types added: 2DCraft and Terraria. The 2DCraft world type is regular Minecraft, but it is only 2 blocks wide. The Terraria world type is a more Terraria-like world where you can jump higher, the terrain is a bit different, etc. If you think that view is too zoomed in, you may make the FOV higher. This will make the camera zoom out, and you can see more blocks. You can use creative mode, where you can fly and such. There are five different view types (two have been added with this mod).

Video[edit | edit source]

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