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In the Legacy Console Edition of Minecraft, in update TU36, the Mini Games option was added. Mini games are essentially servers, but for the Legacy Console Editions of Minecraft. They can be played in splitscreen, online with friends or random people, or with another console by an ad-hoc connection (on Vita and Legacy Switch Edition). The three mini games available are battle, tumble, and glide. The Bedrock Edition, which has superseded the Xbox One Edition and the Nintendo Switch Edition, will not contain Mini Games. The closest equivalent is featured servers, which have their own minigames, but can only be played online and do not support splitscreen.


Battle is a game very similar to the popular server game Hunger Games, often played on servers in other versions of the game. Battle has a variety of other differences as well, such as the following: a fifteen second grace period, chests can refill over time, TNT will be instantly ignited once placed, after a certain point a "Showdown" mode will activate, as well as a timer at the top of the game is reaching its time limit. In addition, pressing the back button will view the players in the game, who is alive, and the number of kills each player got. 8 players (4 on PlayStation Vita) can join the world depending on the settings, as well as 16 players on Current Generation consoles. If the game is public, other people that are not friends with you can join your world. Offline games, however, can be only used for split screen (4 players). There are two types of games: Casual and Competitive. Casual games allow all player skins and some other features relating to spectators. Competitive games do not allow player skins that are smaller or do not display certain armor. Spectators are invisible in Competitive, but not in Casual, where they appear as bats and can squeak. Spectators cannot fly through blocks, but can fit through one block tall spaces and can watch any players still alive.

When you first start a game and after every round, you will be teleported to the main lobby. In the main lobby, you will take no damage and have the opportunity to explore it. If you are lucky, you might be able to find the six Easter eggs as you explore, with each one rewarding you with a different mob (creeper, wither skeleton, skeleton, zombie, ender dragon) or player head for Battle! (Tumble included)

16 Player multiplayer is supported by Battle (Xbox One and PS4 Only)

As of TU50-52, a feature was added to differentiate between 8 or 16 player servers (Xbox One and PS4 Only).

As of TU60, the totem of undying can be found very rarely in the Casual and Competitive modes, commonly in the High Power mode, never in the Decayed mode, and in the starter chests occasionally in the Food Central mode.


There are lots of different modes exclusive to the Battle minigame.

  • Random Chest Loot
    • Normal- Contains the normal loot found in the game
    • Decayed- Similar to the Normal Chest Loot setting except armor and weapons are low on durability.
    • No Armor- All chest will have no armor (the only "armor" is mob heads, but it doesn't count...)
    • High Power- Weapons and armor are all at least iron and the food changes to rabbit stew and cooked mutton, instead of apples and porkchops.
    • Food Central- There is a wide variety of food now! But the food is always in the center; never on the exterior chests.
  • Hunger
    • Normal- Hunger is the same as in vanilla Minecraft.
    • Anti-Camping- Camping in one spot will make you hungrier...
    • No Hunger- You have infinite hunger and you can't lose it either! But you also can't heal either...
    • Lead Feat- Swimming, sprinting, and even walking will cause your hunger to drop more than usual (It's worse than Always Hungry).
    • Always Hungry- You lose lots of hunger for every action!
  • Spectating
    • Bat
    • Parrot
    • Vex
    • Player Head
    • NONE
  • Random Spawn- Either you spawn in the center or spawn where ever there is glowstone around the map!
  • Inventory- Either your regular 27 slots, 9 hotbar slots, 4 armor slots, and offhand slot or the absence of the 27 inventory slots...


All Loot comes from the chests in Battle Mini Game.




Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different) Availability Xbox points earned Trophy type (PS)
Xbox PS Bedrock Nintendo

The Student... Win a public Battle mini game. Yes Yes No Wii U, Switch 25G Silver

...has become the master Win 3 public Battle games in a row. Yes Yes No Wii U, Switch 60G Gold

'Tis but a scratch Take 100 damage in a round of a public Battle mini game. Yes Yes No Wii U, Switch 40G Silver

Cupid Kill 2 players in a round of a public Battle mini game using a bow and arrow. Yes Yes No Wii U, Switch 20G Bronze

Hunger Pain Kill a player while you are starving in a Battle mini game. Yes Yes No Wii U, Switch 20G Bronze

Mine! Open every chest in a Battle mini game arena in one round. Yes Yes No Wii U, Switch 20G Bronze


Since TU49, there are 21 maps in Battle Mini Game. Each map comes with its own themed builds and music, often based on the texture pack used. (Note: You cannot change the texture pack or music you are using when playing Battle Mode). Players can only play on the first three maps mentioned unless they buy the Season Pass or other respective Battle Map Packs.

  • Cavern (Default): "This ancient looking underground structure is the perfect place to sneak up on your enemies!"
  • Cove (Default): "Try to survive in the pirate's hidden camp, complete with shipwrecks and caves!"
  • Crucible (Default): "A world built deep in the Nether, with plenty of lava for your enemies to swim in!"
  • Lair (Fantasy): "Battle in the dragon's lair."
  • Medusa (Greek Mythology): "Don't look directly at her!"
  • Temple (Default): "This mysterious temple is set within the deepest jungle. Watch out for enemies lurking in the tree tops!"
  • Atlantis (Greek Mythology): "Deep beneath the ocean, a lost city lay in ruins. Atlantis awaits the battle."
  • Ruin (City): "Abandoned and left to ruin, there are still secrets yet to be found. Battle for the raining resources and survive this hazardous place."
  • Siege (Fantasy): "Brave the enemy walls or defend the keep. The siege is upon us."
  • Castle (Default): "Crown yourself in glory in the Castle's great halls."
  • Invasion! (City): "An alien attack has created a famous area. Defend your rooftops but don't fall off!"
  • Shipyard (Steampunk): "A port in the sky away from the storm, but this area is anything but calm."
  • Frontier (Default): "It's high noon! Things are about to get wild in the Old West, so grab a fistful of TNT, slap on a sou'wester and prepare for an almighty dustbowl dust-up between the good, the bad, and the ugly."
  • Dig (Default):"A snowbound excavation site lies deserted. What unspeakable things did the scientists discover beneath the ice? Find out for yourself, while battling against both the elements and each other!"
  • Shrunk (Plastic):"Are you tiny or is everything else just really, really big? Be careful not to lose your sense of proportion as you fight your way across this over-sized bedroom and tidy up the competition."
  • Halloween (Halloween):"Something wicked this way comes. Full of deadly thrills and sinister shocks, it will scare you off your Minecraft blocks!" (this map doesn't come in a pack)
  • Valley (Chinese Mythology):"Discover your inner self as you battle across this this ancient land of dragons! This battle map is exclusive to the Chinese Mythology Mash Up."
  • Festive (Festive) Unknown
  • Atomics (Fallout) Unknown
  • Libertalia (Fallout) Unknown
  • Capitol (Fallout) Unknown

DLC packs[edit]

  • Battle Mode Pack Season Pass (grants access to all season one Battle Mode map packs DLC)
  • Battle Map Pack 1
  • Battle Map Pack 2
  • Battle Map Pack 3
  • Battle Map Pack 4
  • Festive Battle Map
  • Halloween Battle Map
  • Fallout Battle Map Pack


Added in the August 30th, 2016, update, Tumble is more or less an official variation of the popular user-generated game "Spleef".

Much like Spleef, the object of the game is to be knock blocks out from under the other players while standing your own ground. The last person standing on the platform is the winner and the game cycles to the next map. In one mode of Tumble, players stand on a single, massive platform and attempt to destroy their opponents' footing with an iron shovel. In the other mode, there are three tiers of platforms which players must dig out from each other using snowballs.

Unlike traditional Spleef, the player must win three rounds to be sent back to the lobby to start the next round. Also, all blocks can be broken with one hit of a shovel (much like when in creative mode) or snowball – the sole exception being TNT blocks, which act as both pitfalls for unaware players as well as time-bombs which can be used to destroy the ground lower platforms (in snowballs mode).

Sixteen player multiplayer is not available for this game mode.

As of TU60, the custom setting allows the Standard defense, as well as fireworks and levitation potions.


Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different) Availability Xbox points earned Trophy type (PS)
Xbox PS Bedrock Nintendo

S-no Throw Win a single round of Snowball Tumble without throwing any Snowballs. Yes Yes No Wii U, Switch 40G Silver

Snow Storm Hit a single Player with 25 Snowballs in a single public round. Yes Yes No Wii U, Switch 40G Silver

Hotshot Hit a Player with a Snowball while falling into the Lava. Yes Yes No Wii U, Switch 40G Silver

Snowplough Push three Players into Lava using Snowballs in a single public round. Yes Yes No Wii U, Switch 15G Bronze

Overlord Stay on the top layer while winning a round in a Snowball Tumble Mini Game. Yes Yes No Wii U, Switch 15G Bronze

Underdog Win a Tumble game whilst on the lowest layer in a Snowball Tumble Mini Game. Yes Yes No Wii U, Switch 15G Bronze


There are certain events that this mini game has. There are a total of two known ones that can be found. The first one was in Halloween where the maps would have their own distinctive layers and the Halloween 2015 Mash-up Texture pack was also used. This last one is only available for the Xbox 360, as this marked the 6th Birthday for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. It used the Cartoon texture pack and nothing else changed either.


Added in the March 28th, 2017 update, Glide is an elytra race through tracks. There are two game modes, with one exclusive option:

  • Time attack
  • Score attack
  • Solo

There are currently 12 tracks for Glide:

  1. Cavern (Default)
  2. Kraken (Default)
  3. Yeti (Default)
  4. Temple (Default)
  5. Canyon (Default)
  6. Dragon (Chinese Mythology)
  7. Shrunk (Plastic)
  8. Body (Default)
  9. Mobs (Default)
  10. Icarus (Greek Mythology)
  11. Exalibur (Fantansy)
  12. Celts (Default)

Kraken, Yeti and Dragon can be used by buying the 'Beasts Track Pack'.

Celts and Exaclibur can be used by buying the 'New track Pack'.

Shrunk, Body and Mobs can be used by buying the 'Giants Track Pack.'

The 'Myths' track pack will release in TU57.

Cavern, Temple, and Canyon are free and get installed alongside the update they came in.

Sixteen player multiplayer is supported by this game mode.


Legacy Console Edition
TU36 CU25 1.28 Patch 7 Patch s1 Added Battle mini game.
TU41 CU30 1.33 Patch 11 Added Tumble mini game.
TU51 CU41 1.44 Patch 20 Patch s3 Added Glide mini game.
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