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Random crashes[edit]

Getting random crashes. Playing on windows XP, 32 bit java, using a map made a snapshot or two ago, creative mode. When building, I can place a block to two, then Saving Chunks appears. No clue why.

  • Crashing in XP is old bug. It's been there least from 1.2beta. Never the less, it should be reported, because minecraft should be playable even in XP. Rank it [!!] . 12:36, 7 February 2012 (UTC)

FPS drop (bad or minor?)[edit]

I don't understand how major problems with FPS could be considered just an 'annoyance.' The fact that the game runs massively worse than in any recent version seems like a pretty major problem. SvenBoogie 06:21, 4 February 2012 (UTC)

No mobs spawning[edit]

Using world seed macguffinator I noticed no mobs spawned at all for the first game day except squids. Windows 7 32 bit. Reproducible?

Something Doesn't Belong On This Page[edit]

Someone said in the gameplay annoyances section:
[A] When in F5 mode, we can't see what block we're pointing at, because of our character being at the center of the screen. It should be nice to have a view were our character would be a little at the left of the screen.
This does not belong on this page. This page is for known bugs in snapshot 12w05b, not features that would be nice to have. Additionally, the point of "F5 mode" is to be able to see your character in third-person view. I personally use third-person view to take snapshots frequently and a thing on the side showing first-person view would ruin my pictures.The Only Zac - Wait, so is the cake a lie or not? 19:05, 10 February 2012 (UTC)

World Generation bug[edit]

[A!] I created a world in single player on super flat mode, with the 12w05b snapshot. instead, i got a few hundred blocks of super flat generation, and the rest of the world was regularly generated minecraft! the border of the areas was a large cliff area, in which there were numerous lava falls, water falls, diamonds, other ores, and ravines. there were also trees spawned at the bottom of the cliff, and even a half-npc villager house. this could be a very interesting method of obtaining extreme survival maps.

there is an apparent higher percentage of abandoned mineshafts in this world

there is an exposed stronghold to the north of the spawn.

the nearby oceans have chunks of superflat in them, and the ocean doesn't flow into these gaps. there are also numerous gameplay bugs, such as lightless torches and non-flowing water.

this doesnt work in minecraft pre-release 1.2 although, when I moved it to pre-release 1.2, it continued to spawn wierd chunks in new lands, with new 1.2 features like jungles and wooden abandoned mineshaft floors.