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This is the Minecraft Wiki sandbox. You can experiment with making edits on this page. To edit this page, click the "Edit" tab (or the pencil button in mobile view) at the top of the page, or click here. After making your changes, you can preview them by clicking the "Show preview" button below the edit box, and save them by clicking the "Save page" button in the same place.

Note that changes made here are not kept, since this page is only meant for testing. If you have an account and are logged in, you can create subpages of this page (e.g. Minecraft Wiki:Sandbox/Temporary testing page) for longer-term projects, though these may still be deleted after a period of inactivity. Additionally, if you're registered, you can create a personal sandbox in your userspace where you can experiment without worrying that your changes will be wiped.

Template:Traffic signals Minecraft traffic signals have long been red green only or without advanced features such as left turn signals without alternative intersection designs such as the continuous flow intersection. but now the modular parts are here. while at the time, the page editor is working on actuated control, actuated signal control is finally a thing for smart intersections. here is a current list: 26 repeater 4 tick 2 phase yellow light included controller, kill switch comprised of 2 inverters. with a input in between the 2 inverters. this is also the base for the yellow light timer, containing 5 4 tick repeaters. and a actuated control max out timer. call prioritizors are being worked on. no progress has been made due to work on other devices related to actuated control. the next build on the line you can make yourself is the night flash controller. the how to's are somewhere else in the wiki if you look it up once these are created. but the last yet not least product of the line is the protected left turn silo for timing left turn intervals. a single controller may be used to control multiple junctions without building seperate controllers. this remote transmission is very useful. it should be cautioned that servers focusing on beauty and not functionality may not like these systems as wire sorting may make a redstone jungle near the intersection. how all of these work will be explained. first up is the 26 repeater fixed timing controller. it works as expected. a torch clock delayed with repeaters. the rows must be 5 blocks long for the output to work properly or the yellow light WILL be knocked out of tune causing the light to malfunction. the yellow light timer gives an all way yellow light or yellow lights only to the desired streets. only giving the yellow lights to certain streets is most desirable when a left turn signal exists. the actuated control max out timer MUST have a repeater delay where on circuit has a single repeater and the second circuit has a high amount of repeaters. this will prevent malicious users from making the traffic light have a sezuire and malfunction. this protection is required only on actuated control since as long as you keep fixed timers protected from vandals, the fixed timer controllers will not malfunction unless you have set up the controller wrong. left turn silos are a bubble stream based system where a single item is dispensed into the bubble stream. this unlocks the left turn output and activates the arrows. the amount of time that passes before the item returns to the dispenser determines the length of the left turn phase which is fixed. just put a roof o the silo or it will not work and the left turn arrow will be green for all eternity or until you fix the issue. that wil be all for now until i make more innovations on the new 2189 model traffic light controller system:New generation of innovation. the official name of this new system you may build on your world