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Work in Progress
Don't take action until the details have been worked out.

What makes a useful redirect?[edit]

  • Primarily, anything someone would search for when trying to find an item, or game feature:
    • Exact names used in the game
    • Names of certain specific features (e.g.: "Armorer")
    • Very common alternate names (e.g.: Loads of people call "enchanted golden apple" "notch apple", despite that never being an official name. "AI" is an alternate name for "Mob").
    • Non-American English variant spelling (e.g.: "Armour"), possibly excluding joke English language variants
  • Common link targets, in order to avoid piped links to reduce page clutter. (MCW:STYLE#Linking)
    • TODO: Are plurals useful?
      • Proposal: Only keep plural redirects if the singular word does not fit exactly inside the plural. For example, [[wolves]] is acceptable as the word "wolf" cannot be seen in its full form, however [[zombies]] would not be acceptable as the singular word zombie fits in in its plural, and as such the link can be changed to the equally functional [[zombie]]s. (discuss)
    • Lowercase names (such as "Zombie pigman"), see MCW:STYLE#Capitalization
  • Historical names (Stained Clay)
  • Terms that would not make good redirects may include:
    • Alternate names invented by YouTubers, etc. (e.g.: "Butter" for Gold, "Googlies" for Zombies)
    • Simple plural suffixes such as Zombies, see above


  •  In progress Figure out criteria for useful redirects
  •  Not done Amend style guide to match criteria
  •  Not done Sort redirects to be removed
  •  Not done Check redirects are not used on prominent external sites
    •  Not done Mark redirects which can't be deleted due to external usage with a template and/or category
  •  Not done Delete unused redirects
  •  Not done Categorise remaining useful redirects

Unsorted list of redirects[edit]

This list may not be up to date. See also: Special:ListRedirects