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Minecraft Wiki:Projects/Raw and cooked food

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This project is currently closed and no action will be taken.
There has not been a consensus that raw and cooked foods should be merged together. If you still think that they should be merged, open a new discussion, and if the outcome is to merge, this project may be reopened again.

This page is part of the Raw and cooked food project.

The purpose of this project is to merge raw food with cooked food.

To-do list[edit]

The following foods need merging:


When all meats are completed, they will be moved to their appropriate location. Potatoes will be moved separately.


  • The pages Chicken and Rabbit already exist and refer to mobs. The items will be called "Rabbit (meat)" and "Chicken (meat)" or "Rabbit (food)" and "Chicken (food)", with a dablink on the mob pages.
  • For potatoes, poisonous potatoes will be included.


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