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This project is based on the wiki points and quality.

This is a list of notable contributors of the editors of the English wiki, only mildly sorted. This is only a leisure guide at best. This list is based on boredom and should not be taken completely seriously. It is a work in progress, and a stub. Many users may be missing from this list, or be in the wrong order. If you feel a user (including yourself) should be in a different location on the list, please suggest a change on the talk page.

Users may edit this page, provided they take an unbiased approach, and do a little bit of research on a particular user before editing. Users may edit their own title or suggest a better title for another user on the talk page, as long as it is appropriate. Humor and personality is allowed in a title, provided it isn't ego.

After 2013[edit]

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This page is a work in progress.
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Before August 15, 2013[edit]