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  • need lists of English word used in Minecraft introductions, translated into Spanish
  • script in Spanish for an introduction to Minecraft - could be used by the Spanish teacher or by students
  • cultural - town, fiesta, agriculture, monuments, museum, art

Activities for learning Spanish using Minecraft

Where ever possible, students speak Spanish while working on these activities. The Spanish language Minecraft tutorials are a good resource of Minecraft-specific vocabulary.

Mi Casa Ideal

Students make "Mi Casa Ideal". They will make their own houses and label things in them - building materials, structures, contents, furniture.

SUBJECT: Spanish 1-2
GROUP SIZE: Large Group
TIME: 4 x 45 minutes
TYPE OF ACTIVITY: Student Activity
CONCEPTS: Vocabulary application
ACADEMIC SKILLS: Word recognition

Learning outcomes

  • learn everyday items in a house and be able to memorize their vocab by living with it everyday
  • use Spanish to work on Mi Casa - discussion, problem-solving, vocabulary for working together
  • learn and use Minecraft-specific Spanish vocabulary
  • learn and use Spanish terminology for computers and information technology


  • in creative mode
  • use any material they want to build a house
  • use signs as well to label their items in their houses
  • know how to put blocks down
  • labels - put them down and the typing comes up automatically


  • Spanish Area - create a big landscape in an area of the map. We then took fences and divided up 64 areas in the big area with a 7x7 block area. Each of these areas is then specified with a sign of a name of a student. So each student is given that amount of space to build their own ideal house (limits size of houses, focus directed on vocabulary-related objects). They can build up or down however they choose.
  • sample video of how the students will work on their projects
  • Spanish word lists for building houses in Minecraft


  • review Spanish vocabulary for houses, furniture, building materials
  • review Minecraft skills, view tutorials and wiki in Spanish
  • build houses and label contents - each student completes their own house, but work in small groups in Spanish
  • make lists of new Spanish words - needed, discovered
  • visit houses of other students, get ideas for improvements
  • update your house - make additions, modifications
  • in Spanish, describe your house and the building process


  • labels at least [number] items in the house
  • uses additional labels / vocabulary words for extra credit
  • participates in Spanish discussion during building
  • describes completed house using appropriate vocabulary words

Vocabulary lists


Additional resources, development

  • advanced Minecraft skills - set up the Spanish Area, build examples of houses using variety of building techniques
  • activity tutorials - specific to class resources - server, map, transportation
  • Spanish 4 students with Minecraft skills and/or related Spanish vocabulary available to work with Spanish students

Learn more...

  • Minecraft Wiki - Spanish
  • tutorials in Spanish
  • Minecraft Spanish language forums
  • Spanish dictionaries
  • Spanish online magazines - houses, interior design