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Possible in Vanilla[edit source]

  • Discussing ores (geology), how plants really grow (plant biology), the ○N○
    factor (following the sun and finding your way back without torches at night (astronomy)) (geography and mapping techniques). There were discussions around "How would I get back home if I was lost in the woods after biking up a trail that no one really knew about?" (survival skills)
  • Energy, reaction
  • Water Cycle - student project for 5th grade Science 2012.12
  • Building extra-dimensional figures, possible up to four-dimensional figures in Minecraft.
  • For example, a tesseract is fairly easy to build.
    A tesseract in-game.

Possible with mods[edit source]

IndustrialCraft 2 + Resonant Induction[edit source]

  • Nuclear reactors
  • Fusion
  • Fission
  • Breeder

Galacticraft[edit source]

  • Space station oxygen setup

Redpower 3[edit source]

  • Compact logic circuits
  • Especially useful on multiplayer, such as for making a power plant for a city

ComputerCraft[edit source]

  • Programming