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This is a list of all known credible and formerly credible sources relating to Mojang AB's new action-adventure game, Minecraft Dungeons, coming 2020.

Up-to-date sources[edit]

These sources are more recent and are confirmed to be up-to-date with accurate information.

Official pages[edit]



Gameplay Reveal[edit]

The same video as above, but posted by Mojang rather than Microsoft, no known differences are seen.[edit]

VOD Stream of the Gameplay[edit]


NintendoDirectE3 Event exclusive footage[edit]

Exclusive Gameplay Of Minecraft Dungeons[edit]

13 Minutes of Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay - Gamescom 2019[edit]

Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay (German)[edit]

Minecraft Dungeons - Gameplay on Nintendo Switch (PAX West 2019)[edit]

Minecraft Dungeons - Intro Cinematic (Minecon Live 2019)[edit]

Outdated Sources[edit]

These sources were accurate for a certain amount of time, but the facts have changed since then. Changes include Minecraft Dungeons is now releasing in 2020 rather than 2019. Additionally, the official title no longer features a colon (Minecraft Dungeons rather than Minecraft: Dungeons)



The Reveal of Minecraft: Dungeons - MINECON Earth 2018[edit]

Trailer (2018)[edit]