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The Nameless One, upon his throne in the Desert Temple, commanding armies of the undead

The Nameless One is a ruthless boss in Minecraft Dungeons who holds power over the undead. They are found in the Nameless Kingdom.



The Nameless One, being the ruler of the undead, is a skeleton.

It wears a metal crown over a hood and a metal belt. It has glowing lime green eyes and has a cloak with green translucent smoke coming out from underneath it, as it has no legs. It's ribcage goes over a robe which is remarkably similar to that of a witch.


This skeleton boss awakes from its sepulcher when the player is close, to fend off he/she in its arid temple. When not attacking, it will hover away and teleport. [1]


The ruler of the undead, the Nameless One fiercely attacks with a bewitchment from its staff, producing a green mist and affecting nearby averses. It may teleport and have the ability to summon skeletons and skeleton vanguards to assist during combat.


  • The Nameless One is similar to the Twilight Lich from the popular Twilight Forest Mod.
    • Both are Skeletons, both wear similarly shaped crowns, and both are rulers of the undead. Both also use magic and are hostile to the player.
  • The nameless one has an ally called the necromancer. They probably share similar powers.


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