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The Necromancer, also known as the Nameless One, is a boss in Minecraft Dungeons. It wields a staff that allows it to summon the undead. It is found in the Desert Temple.


The Nameless One is a large skeleton. It wears a metal crown over a hood and a metal belt. It has glowing lime green eyes and has a cloak with green translucent smoke coming out from underneath it, as it has no legs. Its ribcage goes over a robe which is remarkably similar to that of a witch.


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When the player first sees the necromancer, it is asleep, along with a few other sleeping skeleton vanguards. However, when the players attempt to grab its staff, all awaken and attempt to fend the player off. Once it is defeated, the players are free to take the staff.

Attack Patterns[edit]

Note: The attack names are conjectural; an official name has not been established.

The Necromancer has three attacks. When not attacking, it will hover away from the player and teleport.

Energy Blast

The Necromancer fires a slow moving green energy blast from his projectile towards a player's current location. Deals heavy damage if it hits. It is used five times in a row, and is its most common attack.

Summon Undead

After a charging animation, the Necromancer summons a wall of seven Skeleton Vanguards between it and the player. Used more sparsely.


After a charging animation, the Necromancer creates from one to five copies of himself. If there is only one, both will behave similar to the Necromancer's normal attack pattern, but without creating further clones. If there are at least 3, both the Necromancer and its clones will teleport to form a circle around the player and continually fire energy blasts at them. The clones can not be attacked, and only disappear when the real Necromancer is attacked. Used only when the Necromancer is either taken enough damage or after a certain amount of time has passes since the beginning of the battle.



Load Long Spellsfx_mob_namelessLoadLongSpell
Spell Fatsfx_mob_namelessSpellFat
Teleport Outsfx_mob_namelessTeleportOut
Wake Upsfx_mob_namelessWakeUp


  • The Nameless One is similar to the Twilight Lich from Twilight Forest mod.
    • Both are Skeletons, both wear similarly shaped crowns, and both are rulers of the undead. Both also use magic and are hostile to the player.
  • The Necromancer is visually similar to the Summoner. The Summoner, however, has a blue motif instead of a green one.
    • The Necromancer is also slightly taller than the Summoner by half a block.
  • The Necromancer's Doppelgängers attack is similar to the Illusioner, a currently unused type of illager in Minecraft.