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Mobs are "living", moving game entities. There are several mobs exclusively found in Minecraft Dungeons that are not present in the base game.

List of mobs[edit]


ChickenFace.png CowFace.png KeyFace.png PiggyBankFace.png SheepFace.png
Chicken Cow Key Golem Piggy Bank Sheep

Non attackable[edit]

WanderingTraderFace.png VillagerFace.png PigFace.png 60px
Wandering Trader Villager Pig Trader Llama


WolfFace.png IronGolemFace.png BatFace.png LlamaFace.png ChickenFace.png
Wolf Iron Golem Bat Llama Baby Chicken


60px ChickenJockeyFace.png CreeperFace (Dungeons).png EnchanterFace.png GeomancerFace.png HuskFace.png SummonerFace.png PillagerFace.png
Cave Spider Chicken Jockey Creeper Enchanter Geomancer Husk Summoner Pillager
SilverfishFace.png SkeletonFace (Dungeons).png SkeletonVanguardFace.png SlimeFace.png SpiderFace.png VindicatorFace.png ArmoredVindicatorFace.png WitchFace.png
Silverfish Skeleton Skeleton Vanguard Slime Spider Vindicator Armored Vindicator Witch
WraithFace.png ZombieFace (Dungeons).png PhantomFace.png 60px 60px 60px PurpleSlimeFace.png RedstoneCubeFace.png
Wraith Zombie Phantom Spawner Royal Guard Armored Pillager Cauldron Slime Redstone Cube
VexFace.png 60px 60px 60px MooshroomFace.png 60px ChillagerFace.png 60px
Vex Armored Zombie Armored Skeleton Baby Zombie Mooshroom Chef Vindicator Chillager Frozen Zombie
60px StrayFace.png 60px
Icy Creeper Stray Mossy Skeleton


EndermanFace.png EvokerFace.png IllusionistFace.png RedstoneGolemFace.png SkeletonHorsemanFace.png
Enderman Evoker Illusionist Redstone Golem Skeleton Horseman


JungleAbominationFace.png 66px 66px RsMonstrosityFace.png NamelessOneFace.png Arch-IllagerFace.png MooshroomMonstrosityFace.png 66px
Jungle Abomination Wicked Wraith Corrupted Cauldron Redstone Monstrosity Nameless One Arch-Illager Mooshroom Monstrosity Heart of Ender