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Key Golem
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The Key Golem, also known as Gold Key, is a small mob in Minecraft Dungeons which helps the player unlock doors upon collection.


The Key Golem will start out asleep. When it is awake, it will attempt to evade the player at any point it can. The player has to hit it to collect it, at which point it gets strapped to their back. The Key Golem will squirm and yell while on the player's back. If the player manages to get to a locked door while the Key Golem is still with them, it will disappear, the lock will turn yellow, and then the door will open.


Minecraft Dungeons
September 29, 2018During the trailer for Minecraft Dungeons, the key is seen twice. It is not yet named
May 17, 2019During the interview with David Nisshagen about Dungeons, the key is mentioned at the end. Again, the Key Golem is not yet named.
May 17, 2019The Key Golem is seen again in the announcement for MINECON Live 2019, indicating an announcement relating to Minecraft Dungeons is coming. Still, it is not named.
June 9, 2019The Key Golem is shown in the Gameplay Reveal trailer for Minecraft Dungeons, and its name is finally revealed