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The first stand-alone game developed by Mojang and set in the Minecraft universe since… well, Minecraft!

Mojang on the gameplay of Minecraft Dungeons

This is the page concerning information regarding the gameplay of Minecraft Dungeons.


The game is an action/adventure RPG.


Worlds are procedurally generated. World Seeds are being considered. There is a "Hub World".[1] Levels take place both above and below ground.[2]

The first level you play is called the Creeper Woods. There are other levels as well, the order of which is unknown: The Fiery Forge and the Desert Temple.


Not much is known about the plot, due to the game not being released yet. What is known is that players will fight illagers and other enemies, led by the antagonistic Arch-Illager, to free the villagers from oppression.[2]


The game was originally going to a small single-player campaign, but the development team thought they were "onto something so fun" that they decided to expand it to include up to four players. It can still be played as the single-player campaign, if wanted.[1]


Even though the trailer suggests that players are constrained to a single class, that is not the case. Players can pick up different weapons and armor, enchant them, and then equip them to choose a different class[2].



  • Mystery Armor
  • Thief Armor
  • Spelunkers Armor
  • Wolf Armor
  • Hunters Armor
  • Evocation Robe
  • Highland Armor
  • Souldancer Robe
  • Fox Armor
  • Arrow Bundle
  • Boots of Swiftness
  • Torment Quiver
  • Corrupted Beacon
  • Creeper (Artifact/Cut)
  • Death Cap Mushroom
  • Flaming Quiver
  • Tasty Bone
  • TNT
  • Wind Horn



Critical hits[edit]

Critical hits are dealt by an enchantment called critical hit.

  • Critical hits deal three times, this is, 300% more damage.
  • Has a 10% chance to be performed when attacking at level I, 15% for level II and 20% for level III.


Shockwaves are enchantments that are launched after the last attack in a melee combo, having a chance to occur and can be upgraded:

  • Deals 1.8♥ at level I, 2.8♥♥ at level II and 3.7♥♥ at level III.


This enchantment grants players a small portion of the mob's max. health as healing.

  • Level I adds 10% of mob maximum hp.
  • Level II adds 15%.
  • Level III adds 20%.

Descriptions when picked up[edit]

  • Heals 20% over 3 seconds.
Arrow Bundle
  • A small bundle of arrows.
  • Heals 100% over 30 seconds.
  • Heals 50% over 10 seconds.
Shadow Brew
  • Grants invisibility and boosts the player's next melee attack.
Strength Potion
  • Briefly boosts melee attack damage.
Swiftness Potion
  • Briefly boosts movement speed.
  • Explodes when thrown, damaging everyone in an area.


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