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Corrupted Beacon

In our next glimpse of the inventory, we’ve gained a whole lot of levels and found loads of items. We’ll equip one of the artifacts we have found – the Corrupted Beacon! The beam of a beacon will be familiar to Minecraft players, but in Dungeons it takes on a whole new purpose. You’ll see a lot more exciting items in this screen, but we’re saving those for later!

Måns Olson

The cube trembles in your hands. Great power is stored within, just waiting to be unleashed.

In-game description

The Corrupted Beacon is a common item in Minecraft Dungeons that can project a harmful light beam to hostile mobs.


The Corrupted Beacon can be used to fire a beam of purple light that does 73 damage per second. It requires souls (which you pick up from certain defeated enemies) to work.


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