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Corrupted by evil... Driven by vengeance... The Arch-Illager made all bow before him. And if they did not bow... they would FALL

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The Arch-Illager is the main antagonist of Minecraft Dungeons. He is the leader of the Illagers.


The Arch-Illager was an exile from his people, and the Villagers would not accept him (possibly due to the Illager's warrior culture, or because of his head being sideways). He eventually stumbled upon the Orb of Dominance. In an almost hypnotic state due to the Orb's power, he grabbed the Orb and quickly took on the title of Arch-Illager and gained immense power. He then attacked villagers with armies of Illagers, and even other mobs like a Redstone Monstrosity.

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  • The Arch-Illager is very similar to Kaos, the main antagonist of the Skylanders franchise.
    • Both are short in stature, have a somewhat squeaky voice, wear a robe, and use magic. They are also both the main antagonists of their respective franchises.
  • The Arch-Illager's robe is similar to that of the Wandering Trader, albeit with a two-pixel high white bottom.
  • The Arch-Illager's head is different from that of any other illager: it is wider than it is tall.
    • It also has different eyebrows.