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This page is part of the Minecraft Dungeons Wiki project.


Hello! This project is about giving information about Minecraft Dungeons, Mojang's upcoming action/adventure game based on classic dungeon crawlers.

More information will come when Minecraft Dungeons is released on May 26, 2020, and during the closed beta. There are 3 videos concerning the game (below). For more news, visit @dungeonsgame on Twitter or sign up for email notification here.


MINECON Earth 2018 - The Reveal of Minecraft Dungeons![edit]

Announce Trailer[edit]

Gameplay Reveal Trailer[edit]

Opening Cinematic[edit]

Documentary Series[edit]

Minecraft Dungeons Diaries


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Existing pages[edit]

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For pages on subjects which do not exist in tradition Minecraft please use {{dul}}






This section refers to bosses that are generic, i.e. that you see multiple times as different entities.


  • Accelerate
  • Anima Conduit
  • Bonus Shot
  • Burning
  • Chains
  • Chain Reaction
  • Committed
  • Cool Down
  • Cowardice
  • Critical Hit
  • Echo
  • Electrified
  • Explorer
  • Final Shout
  • Food Reserves
  • Fire Aspect
  • Fire Trail
  • Frenzied
  • Gravity Pulse
  • Health Synergy
  • Infinity
  • Leeching
  • Multishot
  • Piercing
  • Poison Cloud
  • Potion Barrier
  • Protection
  • Punch
  • Rampaging
  • Resetter
  • Ricochet
  • Shockwave
  • Smiting
  • Snowball
  • Soul Speed
  • Speed Synergy
  • Spirit Siphon
  • Supercharge
  • Swiftfooted
  • Thorns
  • Thundering
  • Unchanting
  • Weakening

Enemy Characters[edit]

This section refers to specific bosses rather than a generic type of enemy.

Playable Characters[edit]



Works in Progress[edit]

If you know how to help, then by all means help!


Minecraft Dungeons
September 29, 2018Minecraft Dungeons is announced publicly.
May 17, 2019David Nisshagen is interviewed about Minecraft Dungeons.
May 17, 2019A key-like mob (first seen in the Minecraft Dungeons trailer) is seen again in the announcement for MINECON Live 2019, indicating an announcement relating to Minecraft Dungeons is coming.
June 9, 2019The Gameplay of Dungeons was revealed for E3 2019.
September 28, 2019The Story of Dungeons was revealed for Minecon Live.
March 25, 2020The Dungeons Closed Beta was released for Windows 10 to 1,000 players.
March 31, 2020Minecraft Dungeons is postponed to May 26, 2020.
March 31, 2020Minecraft Dungeons has a minor update with bug fixes.

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