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This is a list of community projects on Minecraft Wiki.

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How to make a new project[edit source]

Create a new article in the Minecraft Wiki namespace which has the name of your project. For instance, if you wanted to make a project to translate the wiki into Greek, you could make the article "Minecraft Wiki:Projects/Greek translation".

The project page itself should be clear on what the project is trying to achieve. It may include things like:

  • An overview of what the project aims to do.
  • A detailed to-do list for the project.

Once the project page is ready, remember to add it to the list of current projects below.

  • If the project is going to use multiple pages, add {{project}} to it and all pages and categories within the project.
  • If the project is only going to use one page, simply add it to Category:Projects with a sort key of the project name.

Current projects[edit source]

Language translations[edit source]

A handy template for translation projects can be found here.

Organization and research[edit source]

  • Screenshot Licensing - Licensing unlicensed screenshots.
  • Categorization - Organizing and handling the wiki's categories.
  • Welcome - Welcoming new members of the wiki and providing general help to them and the user-base of the wiki.
  • Minecraft in education - Research, project ideas, curriculum maps, lesson plans
  • Highlighting Edition-Specific Information - To make it easier to find Edition-specific information on the Wiki.
  • Beginner's Guide Rewrite - Improving the Beginner's Guide, as well as creating a general overview of survival mode.
  • Minecraft in schools - How Minecraft can be used in classes and to teach subjects at schools.
  • Screenshot Fixing - Providing a uniform standard for screenshots and replacing existing ones to match this standard.
  • Rewrite for Style - An organized way to rewrite the various articles that do not fit with the style guide.
  • Quoting - Add developer quote or tweet to the header of a page as an introduction.
  • Tutorials Modernization - Update tutorials to conform latest versions of Minecraft.
  • Userboxes Standardization - Standardizing the namespace of all userboxes and creating a common sizing template.
  • Structure Blueprints - Blueprints for naturally generated structures such as temples.
  • Redirect cleanup - Figure out what redirects are unnecessary and can be deleted in order to make search suggestions more useful.
  • File name cleanup - Moving files to more descriptive names.
  • Renaming - Changing the names of all the editions to reflect on the new names.
  • Raw and cooked food - Merging raw food with cooked food.
  • Cleanup open tags - Fixing and cleaning up all unclosed code and div etc tags to fix the navigation bar on all affected pages.
  • Capitalization Fixing - Correctly capitalizing or un-capitalizing Minecraft-specific terms in articles.

Completed projects[edit source]

Organization and research[edit source]

Language translations[edit source]