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Use this to add a request for patrolling in which you describe one or more particular edits that need verification or confirmation before it can be patrolled. It automatically stylizes a heading for a conversation. An icon shows whether the request has had progress or has been finished, and a link is made to each specified revision.


The first parameter is set to determine the specific icon to use. Use one of the following:

  • ? () if the request hasn't been processed yet
  • wip () when a request has gotten replies but did not finish verification yet
  • done () after the edits have been both verified and patrolled

If unset or an unknown value is used, it will default to ?.

The second parameter will determine the question displayed. If it is unset or blank, the value will default to "I don't know...". In either case, the text will be displayed with its first character in uppercase.

Use the diffs= parameter to specify the diff or diffs that are related to the request. Specify a diff by the revision number of the edit. To specify multiple ones, separate the revision numbers by a comma (spaces optional).


Code Result
{{/request|?|How many diffs do you need to get cake?}}

How many diffs do you need to get cake? (no diffs specified)

{{/request|done|Is this page really necessary?|diffs=1245565}}

Is this page really necessary? Diffs: 1245565

{{/request|?|Is this quote acceptable?|diffs=1158007, 1158009}}

Is this quote acceptable? Diffs: 1158007 • 1158009

{{/request|wip|Do these drops really, "drop" in the game?|diffs=1158012}}
: I believe so, it did in 1.7.10. But I'm not sure in 1.12 or 1.13. - [[User:Example|Example]] [[User talk:Example|talk]] 07:07, 07 July 2017 (UTC)

Do these drops really, "drop" in the game? Diffs: 1158012

I believe so, it did in 1.7.10. But I'm not sure in 1.12 or 1.13. - Example talk 07:07, 07 July 2017 (UTC)