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This Minecraft Wiki page is about bugs and issues in the Pocket Edition. For issues in the current full PC version, see Issues. For issues in the Xbox 360 Edition, see MCW:Issues/Xbox 360 Edition issues. For hardware performance issues, see Pocket Edition hardware performance.
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[!] In 5.0. randomly the circle to destroy will NOT stay in a position and you cannot place anything but you can't move. And you can open your worlds unless you make a new one but you will still have the problem. Tested on a Phone


  • Just close the Minecraft PE app, and there are two choices you can take: Number one is to shutdown you iPhone by sliding the red button (by press and holding the power button for 7 seconds) and press/hold again to turn on. The second choices is to wait for a few hours until Mojang logo will appear again. If you still don't receive the Mojang logo, the bug will still continue. I hope this helps. Dlpham 16:45, 23 December 2012 (UTC)

In version 0.5.0 there is a problem with the quit and copy map function... U have to place blocks everywhere you want copied. Tested iOS 6.0.1 ipad2, ipad3, and iphone4s

[A!] In [MP] [Su] 0.5.0 alpha on iOS game server is on an iPad1 16Gb (all other apps closed). Connecting with either iPad2 32Gb or iPhone4 is possible but randomly guest is disconnected (not correlated to deaths of player). Login in again, and everything collected by guest is lost. Buildings stand, tree cut by guest are lost, and so are the threes/coal/iron. Even if things are placed in chest they disappear. Have one time been able to reconnect and get something I threw on ground. Since this happens 2-3 times every 30 minutes it makes it very annoying to play two persons since one has to constantly cut trees, constantly craft tools etc...while ressources are deprived. Router is 150 Mbps, connected to an UPS and in the room so I don't believe it to be a network issue. Ruins the gameplay so much I had to call it a major annoyance! -- 16:39, 25 November 2012 (UTC)

[!!] In any minecraft version with a survival mode, on a coby kyros mid 7024 tablet (android 2.3.3) once 5 minutes or so has passed, or you get to night, the tablet freezes and is unresponsive until it is reset. Most of the time, after the reset, created worlds will disappear, yet still be used if creating a new world that has the same name and seed. This happens in both creative, and survival mode.

[!!] The game freezes when loading a world with most it at a low elevation, for example, a flatgrass map with ground level at Y=32.

[!] Sometimes after the Mojang logo appears or loading any world, the app will display a white screen and it freezes for some seconds, sometimes this will restart the app.

  • Reproduced on iOS 5.1.1. It seems to be random and uncommon. Hanabanashii 11:29, 15 August 2012 (UTC)

[!!] About 5 seconds after opening a map, the world crashes. Shortly after this the phone crashes. The only possible way to get the phone to going again is by pulling the battery. The phone in question has been reinstalled, updated, the app updated, then reinstalled. It does not seem to matter whether it is a new world or a saved world. This bug was reported while running on a Nexus S, which was recently updated to Jellybean (4.1). No problems prior to the Jellybean update. No mods were being used at the time. I have read others with a similar problem with Jellybean.

  • I have noticed the same problem. When I load a world it runs fine until I move in any direction. This may have to do with rendering issues, but the game is completely unplayable. Tested on a Droid X with Liberty ROM installed.
  • I have a Nexus 7, which runs with no problems at all. Maybe your graphics or processing card is too old to successfully handle Jellybean running Minecraft. Sbd01 12:59, 20 January 2013 (UTC)

[!!] PE version 0.6.0 iOS 6.1: when playing as a guest opening chests crashes the app. Player who is host of game can open chests without crashing. This also happens in creative mode.


[A!] On iOS devices, doors may open by themselves.

  • That's not how it works.
  • Happens to me all the time, I shut all the doors, pause game, quit to menu, go back in and random doors are open. Pr3zzy 08:26, 21 September 2012 (UTC)
  • The only way to fix it is to break the door and replace it again. I'm still trying to find a way to create the glitch. Dlpham 01:31, 31 October 2012 (UTC)


[A!] [Su] When you switch to Peaceful mode to regenerate, then you switch back to normal mode,the hostile mobs are gone. Very annoying when I want to get bones or gunpowder.

  • That is why it is called "peaceful mode". That's not even an issue.
  • Well, he switched back to normal mode and still there were no hostile mobs.
  • That's normal. Were you in the daytime?

[A] When charcoal is in your hotbar thingie, then you click/tap on charcoal it will say 'Coal'.



[!] Falling sand/gravel will disappear. Version 0.6.0, ipod touch 4th gen, ios 6.1. [!] In MCPE 0.5.0 Alpha on an iPad mini running iOS 6.1 (although I doubt this is system relevant), there is a major glitch preventing melon farming. Whenever the farmland is created and a melon seed placed on it, the farmland patch reverts back to dirt in a few seconds, and when re-hoed, the melon seed is gone completely. I have duplicated this glitch on several worlds in several locations. The dirt basically consumes the melon seed and makes melon farming impossible. This occurs during both day and night. --Jrocket97 23:54, 22 January 2013 (UTC)

[!] [Su] Doors give 2 doors when mined!

[X] In MCPE 0.5.0 Alpha, through inventory editing and some clever build work, I managed to let water flow onto a lava flow (not source block) and resulted in this; the smoke effects appear over the flow but doesn't turn into cobblestone just leaves the water flow hovering above it. Tested on Android (Huawei ascend)

[A!] [SMP] MCPE 0.5.0 Alpha: When hosting a world on survival multiplayer, the guest has water which is not present in the host's world. This seems to be related to blocks that were originally ice on the host's device. If ice blocks are broken and replaced with another block type, these will appear as water to guests. For example, build a wall over ice, place torches on the wall, and then fill the water holes that develop with any solid block: gravel, sand, cobblestone, etc. The guest will see these blocks as water and continue to fall in, appearing to the host as though he is floating in the solid blocks. This bug can also lead to flooding within structures visible only only the guest's device. The host is not affected by this bug. (Tested on iOS 6.0.1 and 5.x)

[!!] On iOS, in version 0.5.0, if you try to open a chest, the game will crash.

[!] In 0.5.0 Alpha TNT and Creepers can not blow up Dirt, Logs, and Beds (There might be more) (Tested on IOS only!)

[A!] [SMP] When my friend joins my world and tries to move,I either can't see him or his character doesn't move.

[X] In the creative inventory, there are 2 stone bricks (only on version 0.5.0) Dlpham 16:41, 23 December 2012 (UTC)

[X] If a fence block is placed touching where the map ends, or the boundary, the fence block will connect to the boundary, as if there was another fence block outside the boundary. (Has only been tested on iOS)

  • It is probably because of the Invisible Bedrock.

[X] When a guest player uses bone meal, it does not run out.l [a] [su] leaves blocks on pine trees show as small crafting chest blocks when damaged?(iOS)

  • Actually this is just one issue related to bad connection. It seems that when the connection is suffering, guest actions don't update right so actions that need to be updated continually (like chests and durability) don't work right so the guest can actually never run out of durability and can take things out of chests without the game actually registering that they took them out (it is possible to duplicate blocks this way)

In CMP, if you place a torch on top of a block, it will be placed on the side of an adjacent block, and if that block is removed the torch will stay there in midair. (Tested on CMP, iOS)

[A!] In iOS, water appears to be frozen, but it will flow. Tested on iOS 0.5.0.

[X] Wooden Slabs cannot be mined with an axe or by hand. They can however be mined by a pickaxe as if they were stone.

  • That's normal.

[X] When the hinges of a door are facing north and you punch the door, it will make end portal

  • I am able to reproduce this, if the door is placed while standing in a specific direction (I don't know which direction cause I don't know how to tell in PE), if you break the door while it's open the particles that are dropped look like the end portal block particles (not the particles given off by the actual portal or by endermen, but the particles that you would see if you broke one of the portal's blocks.) Breaking the top and bottom half give different looking particles, but both are end portal particles. (Tested on IOS)

[X] Doors hinged to the right give off different particles when mining than those to the left. (Tested on iOS)

  • This also seems to change if the door is opened or closed, not exactly what direction it was placed in. RyanDolan123 02:49, 8 October 2012 (UTC)

[X] If you break a door by mining the top half it won't drop anything.

[X] Sugar Canes,flowers or any block smaller than 16x16x16 pixel can be put on the adjacent block of a cactus

[X] Sometimes a door will drop as an item when you break it on creative

[X] If your dig down in dirt 1 "cube", place a slab (wood, brick, stone, etc.) overtop of it, then step on it and put another slab on top of it, you will fall through until you reach the bottom of the hole. Your head will be in the 2 slabs. this happens in both creative and survival, and in creative if you time it just right you can stop in the 2 slabs (now one cube) and see under the map. Tested in both iOS and Android

[X] Sometimes in multiplayer when a player than does not own the server gets an item from a chest and dies and logs out the intems show up for no players on server. Sometimes after you sleep, you will spawn on top of the roof of your house, and in the case of my friend, if you are at the bottom of the world in a giant hole, if that has a roof on it you will spawn on top of it. There does not seem to be anything causing this and it seems to be a somewhat rare occurrence.

[!] When some wheat (surronded by fences) are matured, if you "Quite to title" and back to your game the wheat is back at the first grows's step! This is a very annoying bug espescially if you need to keep animals away from trampling your crops.

[X] If you have a bow with low durability and one with high durability, and you draw the bow with high durability back, then switch to the bow with low durability, the bow with low durability takes on the durability of the better bow. This bug is quite beneficial. Tested on IOS Survival singleplayer and multiplayer.

I am running Android 4.0.3 on Sysbay S-MP95 tablet. perry 15:17, 31 August 2012 (UTC)

  • same behavior on samsung gt-p6211 / 7n
  • still an issue on 0.4.0, but much less frequent; restarting the game solves the problem for several nights. perry
  • I am seeing this on the Samsung Galaxy Note - back key is also disabled until you stabilise the view so you can't exit and save. Once this caused all the chests to empty. Also it seems to happen when you point the view in a specific direction. It never happened to me with peaceful mode on. CaptainLepton 12:54, 15 September 2012 (UTC)

[!] If you go to the edge of the world and dig down, there is a noclip effect that will let you see through all the grass, dirt, and stone ( tested on iOS )

[!] Extreme amounts of lag may happen for no reason (Fire was not the cause because of Alpha 0.3.3), as this is rare. This will continuously keep happening regardless of how many times the player rejoins his/her world. The Player could be forced to erase the world (tested in iOS, 3GS, iOS 5.1.1).

[X] If you go to max world height at the barrier of your world, and just walk off you will be "flying" out of the boundary.

[X] Shot arrows will pass through ID 95 border block. (Tested on iOS) –Zefaxet

[!] When a creative world is made, and a 2nd player joins, the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and on can all be hurt by arrows, even though they are in creative. Howevr, the world host cannot be hurt by the joining players. (Tested on iOS CMP) –Zefaxet

  • This happens to me too

In survival single player (not tested on multiplayer) if you sleep in a bed then "obstruct" it, you will spawn where the bed once was

[!] Height data transferred between games (fell from the sky in survival) Haven't been able to reproduce this, but could be a case of data transferring from one saved game to another (thus the major tag): On iPhone, I was playing a survival game, quit (either quit-to-opening-screen or closed the minecraft app; don't remember), I then started playing a new creative game and flew very high, and quit while flying (again, don't remember if it was a quit-to-opening-screen or if I just closed the minecraft app), then started the minecraft app, deleted the creative game (because everything was on fire from lava), then started up the survival game; I then started floating in mid air way above my castle. The instant I moved, I fell to my death. I didn't check my inventory before I died so I don't know if anything other than height position changed. I know that X/Y didn't change, I was in the same position in the castle as I was when floating above it, and I was in an entirely different X/Y in the creative game. The survival game seed was minecraft and the creative game seed was nyan.

  • This has happened to me as well! I was using my iPad to play. I quit back to the title while I was in my underground mine. When i returned to play later however, I spawned underwater above ground and was almost killed by zombies. I didn't go to any other map in between.
  • Something similar has happenned to me. When in my mine which I had dug to be 2x2

[!] Quitting the game near the edge of the world will cause you to respawn outside the world, seeing all black (or blue depending on night/day) in all directions. If you manage to walk in the right direction and re-enter the world, you will be at the top, and fall to your death. This happened to me twice, both times near the bottom corners of the world. 20:38, 25 July 2012 (UTC)

    • It's different for me: Every 10th or 15th time I exit a game while under ground, when I restart I'm back above ground. This is a minor annoyance except when it's at night and I'm surrounded by zombies; I died of that once. In my current world it's even worse: I have a lot of ice-covered ocean in this one, and twice I appear under water and there's ice above me. I managed to break out once, died the second time. That time I lost everything I had on me, including two diamond picks; no point trying to respawn and go back to get my swag, since it was all in an undisclosed location at the bottom of the ice-covered ocean, at night.

I thought at first it was related to being within 5 or 10 blocks of the edge of the world, but after a dozen such incidents I've decided that's not always the case.BobBridges

[?] A bug that I found (I don't know how I did it) was that when I was digging a place for my pool to be, (with sand) I looked up, and everything looked different!? The sandstone looked like dispensers, the flowers looked like nether warts, and everything else was changed, I don't know how this happened, but it is definitely a major glitch.

  • These blocks are not in the game,so I am putting a [?] next to it. If this needs a [X] or [!] ,put it back.
  • I do not think this is true, if it was a random glitch, what are the odds of the pixels looking exactly like the actual thing? Either they are lying, or Mojang is working on dispensers and Nether Wart, which I doubt because they would probably have obsidian first, to go the Nether, then add Nether Wart later. As for dispensers, there is no redstone in Pocket Edition as of now (July 4, 2012) so a dispenser could not be crafted.
  • If I recall, the texture file for Minecraft PE is the same as the full Minecraft, so this is likely a texture glitch.
  • Photo needed to prove.
  • The ID for a dispenser is 23, whereas the ID for sand is 12. This is not a possible glitch, unless you were running a modified Minecraft Pocket Edition. Sbd01 12:50, 20 January 2013 (UTC)
  • What seed was it?

[?] I was able to place a torch on the side of the world, where the world ends. This happened in CSP 2 blocks below the surface with the seed: killer I was tunneling around the border. It stills produces light but is much dimmer.

  • I think this was (and should be) posted in the block section of this wiki page. It is a pretty well known bug and if you wish to recreate it (always nice for floating smileys or climbing the border with ladders), you simply need to place a block on the ground that torches are unable to attach to, place the torch on that block, and the torch will stick to the world border (also works with ladders, but does not work with trapdoors)
  • This isn't completely a bug, since the barrier around the world is a modified version of invisible bedrock. Some items are placeable, and some are not. Also, shooting arrows, throwing snowballs, and tossing eggs out of the edge of the world will result in them flying into oblivion. Sbd01 12:50, 20 January 2013 (UTC)

[A] Golden tools last longer than Wooden tools

  • It's not much of a difference, and people don't make golden tools anyway.

[!!] By having two different wood types by opening the furnace,having,for example, birch wood first in the hotbar and normal wood after it, and placing the last wood sort In your inventory in the furnace and taking it back again will change the wood to the first wood sort! By doing this without taking it out, will crash the game!!

[X] If you save the game in the invisible bedrock and with your hand in it, you will go to invisible bedrock top. [X] If you shoot an arrow at a painting, it will bounce back and can possibly hit you.

[X] Sometimes when harvesting seeds with a hoe (stone i know) the seeds still go through the block it was harvested from (happened twice). (0.5.0)

  • This was a common bug in 0.4.0. It's possible that they haven't completely worked out the programming yet. Sbd01 12:50, 20 January 2013 (UTC)

[X] The tooltip/name for block for the Cyan flower says "Rose". (0.5.0)

[X] The seeds for the melons are pumpkin seeds in the PC version. (0.5.0)

[X] Melon slices have a red background. (0.5.0)

[X] Paintings and Glowstone don't have a description. (0.5.0)

[!!] MCPE 0.6.0 On iOS, (ipad 2) Opening a chest in SMP (where You join the game) the whole game crashes!


[A] Gravel and sand do not have gravity (0.2.1 - 0.5.0) Tested on Android tablet

  • (Downgraded To Annoyance) Did sand and gravel have gravity in alpha? (PC Edition Alpha) It's not like "Sand has been added and has gravity."They're just getting started... give them a little time! Sheesh! -- 13:35, 23 July 2012 (UTC)
  • Gravity will be implemented in 0.6.0. This isn't really even an annoyance, since it will be nonexistent soon. Sbd01 12:50, 20 January 2013 (UTC)

[A] Redstone can be mined, but it will not give any redstone dust.

  • Intentional. Redstone has not been implemented yet, and probably won't be for a while due to its complexity. 19:08, 22 October 2012 (UTC)
  • Redstone will most likely be added later in 2013. This is not a bug, as there is no Redstone dust programmed into the game yet. Sbd01 12:50, 20 January 2013 (UTC)

[A!] Using the select button in xperia play will open a crafting table instead of opening standard crafting

[A] Item descriptions overflow the text box. Since there is no way to scroll yet, it is only possible to see part of the description.

[A] Buckets have not been added yet. There is no way to create infinite water supplies without natural water, and no way to transport liquids incase you want lava for cobblestone generators, or water for a sugar or soon wheat farm.

[X] Sugercane drops as a item in creative mode i have seen this another bug involving sugercane,may be destoyed when put together

  • It only drops as an item if it is more that two blocks high and you break the bottom one. Sbd01 12:30, 20 January 2013 (UTC)

[A] Starting worlds would lag the game for a few seconds (happens since 0.3.0) Dlpham 17:47, 23 September 2012 (UTC)

[A] Pressing the pause button doesn't pause the game.

  • Intended, since Singleplayer is Integrated into Multiplayer. Downgrading to Annoyance. Sonickyle 17:50, 6 September 2012 (UTC)

[A!] (v0.5.0 alpha Singleplayer Survival) Managing to actually sleep in a bed is hard, as the range for "Monsters are nearby" is very expanded. Every time I try sleeping, it brings up the message "Monsters are nearby". I look around and there are no monsters within 20 blocks.

  • This may not be a bug. Look around for underground holes in the ground you may have dug for resources. I discovered a hole with a zombie in it precisely 20 blocks away from my bed where I had mined sand. Sbd01 12:30, 20 January 2013 (UTC)

[A!] After I used the Nether Reactor, it trapped me in the room and did not spawn any items or zombie pigmen. I didn't have peaceful on, and didn't have my diamond pick, so I was stuck for an entire MCPE day. Also, the red obsidian takes the same time to break as cobble with my fist. 0.5.0 alpha.

  • Did you break the core? Breaking the core causes the game to confuse itself and keep itself infinitely in the "On" position. This is less than an annoyance as it can simply be solved by not breaking the core until the Nether Reactor has finished. Sbd01 12:50, 20 January 2013 (UTC)

[A] Armor hacked into the inventory will always be leather in 0.5.0 and when clicked it will crash the game, and force close minecraft. The game also crashes when armor is picked up, qnd when this happens.it appears to delete your current inventory. Tested on kindle fire.

  • Armor is not yet implemented, so why is this "!!" ? This is not more than a minor annoyance so its getting downgraded. I think they are figuring out coding and that is the reason for the leather armor being hackable in-game.
  • Armor will be coming in update 0.6.0. This is not an actual gameplay bug, as it is caused only under the circumstances of inventory editing. Sbd01 12:30, 20 January 2013 (UTC)

[A] the sugar cane got in nether reacter is sugar cane block,not item.

[!] After I used the reactor, I mined the core, it trapped me in the room(no holes in the walls) and did not spawn any items or zombie pigmen. I didn't have peaceful on, and didn't have my diamond pick, so I was trapped for at least two MCPE days. Also, the glowing obsidian took the same time to break as cobble with my fist.

  • You disturbed the programming of the core, which caused it to permanently keep itself activated. To fix this next time, try not to break the core until after the reactor has finished its cycle. Sbd01 12:50, 20 January 2013 (UTC)

World generator[edit]


[!] When a world is generated, sometimes all the blocks appear completely black. (Tested on Android)

  • Happens on IOS too.

[!] [MP] In CMP, if you log on to another server, it will load the world seed, but not all of the edits made to the world. (Android logging on to IOS server)

  • Happened to me too! I got on my friend's survival world and made our house have log corners, and the world host couldn't see it. I did it on kindle fire connecting to iPod

[X] After typing in world name, I can't type in a seed, so I have no choice of what my world looks like! (tested on android)

  • Confirmed on Desire Z, Android. It seems that you're unable to scroll, so you can't see the input box. I think I noticed something similar in another menu, but I can't remember where.

Solution : If you type the world name, you can press next in the text box, and you will be able to type on your seed.




[x]Spiders will sometimes spawn without a backside. Tested on android.

[X] New mobs (chickens and cows) don't show up in older maps.

  • Go to newer chunks. Pr3zzy 08:43, 21 September 2012 (UTC)

[X] If Cows or Chickens spawn in water, they can't move, execpt to turn their bodies (Chickens also flap their wings). (iOS- iPod Touch- Version 0.3.0)

  • To fix this hit them with something that will damage them but not kill them. Pr3zzy 08:43, 21 September 2012 (UTC)
  • Has now been fixed in 0.5.0.

[X] It is possible to see chickens spawning, and they can spawn on sand. (Tested on iOS)

[X] Sometimes, Mobs can be hit and take no knockback.

[X] Sometimes, when going into a new chunk on a multiplayer server and chickens spawn in water, their wings are frozen half lifted into the air and are just floating around not doing the animation of chickens swimming. they also don't move around, they just sit there like in older versions. Quite an unusual bug. Tested on IOS 0.5.0 on an Ipad 1 and a Ipad2 Oscer7 07:04, 13 January 2013


[A!] Skeletons movement is messed up. When they spot you they start moving towards you very slowly and very quickly move towards your left which I notice a lot in my mineshaft when they start walking straight into a wall. They sometimes trap themselves behind a wall until you move past them. Their aiming also gets very messed up when they are on the wall and they usually just shoot the wall right next to them. It can cause a visual bug where they appear to be facing the wall yet will occasionally shoot you even though you are behind them. When they get within their traditional 8 blocks from the player, they will not stop but instead continue to move slowly towards the player and to the left. Once they are touching you it becomes very hard to kill them since they are constantly circling you. Caucow 17:23, 21 August 2012 (UTC)

  • That's because the mobs still have the old AI Used in the PC alpha.
  • That's normal. The old mob AI causes that. They also jump in a circle around you.

[A] if you trap a zombie in water so it cannot move, then go where you can not see it, when you come back, it will disappear137.186.199.130

[A] On some maps, the spawn point for creative is not the same spawn point as survival.

  • That's Normal.And why is this in the mobs sector?

[A] When you get dead by zombies, their heads shake very fast. I'm not sure about other monsters too. Dlpham 01:45, 31 October 2012 (UTC)

  • Downgrading to annoyance.

That is because they are eating you LOL!

{blIcsp} on single player in creative, I was just messing around and shooting arrows under ground. I mined a block and shot one there. Something turned red (like when you hit a mob) and looked at me. It looked like a giant spider, but was blue textured almost like a cave spider. I shot an arrow at it, and it died.



[X] In multiplayer playing iOS to iOS, sometimes a player will not be able to see any light from torches until the player places a torch himself.(Tested on Multiplayer iOS)

[X] Some torches don't provide light, similarly to the PC version.(Tested on iOS)

[X] The glass and doors texture flickers underwater.

[X] Occasionally, sections will appear completely black on certain faces of a block, and can not be lit up using a torch. (Tested on iOS)

[X] When the torch is placed on the outside block of the chunk its light does not go to the next chunk. Appears when torch is placed during the day. If you remove and place torch again in the night the bug will disappear. Reproduced in version 0.4.0 on iOS 5.1 in single player survival mode. I have a screenshot in my dropbox but the spam filter blocks the link :(


[A] The rear-end texture appears upside-down on some creatures. This is particularly noticeable on cows, where the pink of an udder can be seen near the top of the rear.

  • It's not.
  • I vote to remove, there is one in mobs section where it's supposed to be.

[A] [Cr] If you hold leaves of any kind in your hand and decide to switch your graphics' 'Fancy' setting from on to off or vice versa, held leaves won't change modes. This can only be fixed by exiting the app and re-entering. Tested on iOS.

[A] Melon slices while in your inventory have a very bright red background, that I find makes the melons appear to vibrate. This only happens in your inventory, and they look normal on the ground.

  • That is because it probably doesn't have all codes fixed or it doesn't exist yet.
  • That's because hacked items have a red background and they forgot to remove its status as a hack.

[A] Sometimes, when you place a torch (usually happens for me underground) light shows and when you come back later the torch is there but no light comes however no mobs spawn. [A] [Cr] if you dye in creative mode before the update that would let you dig below bedrock you spawn at a diffrent place



[X] Sometimes the hurt sound of mobs won't play.

[X] If you hit or kill pig with hand, it won't produce any sound.





In-game interfaces/HUD[edit]


  • [A] When using the split-touch controls on iPad your hotbar is restricted back to 3 slots rather than 7 slots.
  • What version are you using? Mine is only reduced to five. 19:08, 22 October 2012 (UTC)


[?] Sometimes when 2 people play on a server and the person who joined quit, when you play singleplayer on the same world your inventory space grows. Sometimes if this happens and the inventory space goes back to normal size it will throw out all items in the extra space of inventory. It happened on 2 survival files on the same iPod touch 4. Devices for the servers was iPod touch 4 and iPhone 4s.

[A] One time, I was on my friend's survival world, and he was holding bone meal. Only it didn't look like bone meal. The bone meal looked like lapis lazuli! On his hotbar it still looked like and was called bone meal, and it still worked like bone meal. Very strange glitch.

I think this is a bug I use a furnace and while using it it had the x icon were the burning was the game used that as if it were part of the burning process

Both single and multiplayer Minecraft Pocket Edition (CSP and CMP)[edit]

  • [!] (CSP) certain worlds with lava will completely combust causing everything to burn.( Worst world that does this is the seed nyan.
  • [X] There are brown, black and gray sheep in the pocket edition. However, every sheep no matter what color wool it gives you, looks white.
  • [!] Fire can spread to blocks other than the ordinary flammable blocks. Even water and lava are burnt. To duplicate this, create a game with the seed, "nyan" and travel to the lava fall on the left. The lava must first burn a flammable block (like the trees on this map) before the fire can transfer over to the non-flammable blocks.
  • There are actually two lavafalls that do the glitchy burning. The one near the spawn is calm.

To find the third lavafall, go right from spawn. There are a total of three lavafalls in the map.

  • [X] You can place sugarcane on any surface as long as it is submerged in water. If sugarcane is placed next to the original, they will both disappear.
  • [N] [X] You cannot place torches on the back of stairs like glass.
  • [X] It is possible to place ladders against the invisible wall on the sides of a map by placing them on the top of a block or of a ladder. One can make the ladder as high as the map and run out his world. (Works with iOS version).
  • [X] When you hit a door to break it (with your hand or a block), it makes the noise that it does when it opens, but it doesn't.
  • [!] You can close a door on the player, and if you leave the game and come back you will teleport.(iOS)
  • [X] On different worlds,all slabs appear as one type of slab.
  • [X] You can attack mobs and place blocks through a door or a block of glass (iOS & Android)
  • [X] When placing a slab and then stand on it and place the next slab, you will stand inside the full slab block (IOS)
  • [X] Zombies spawn in daylight and don't burn (Tested in IOS only & found in Android)
  • [X] MPS (Multiplayer survival) Sometimes if someone mines a block in your world you lose 2 hearts (tested on 4th gen Ipod touch)
  • MPS When the owner of a map exits the guest doesn't get the stuff the owner built orthe guest only gets part of it ( tested on Kindle Fire HD )

Creative Single Player (CSP)[edit]

  • [A!] In xperia play, the inventory is locked and can't scroll down to access the bottom row blocks
  • [X] If you have a block with snow on it, and you place a ladder on it, the ladder will be placed, but it will not be visible. However, if you place another ladder adjacent to it, neither of the blocks will be there.
  • [X] If you place Wooden Stairs or Stone Stairs above a certain layer, they will not be visible
  • [X] When placing a block of glass underwater and walk in top of such, it will display weird textures on the block of glass. [Tested on iOS only]
  • [X] When holding a Torch, Ladder, Cyan Flower and Sugar Cane a white pixel appears above of the item, this happen no matter if you have the fancy graphics and lower graphics quality turned on and off. [Worked on iOS only]
  • Same problem for me, only it's a line instead of a pixel on an android tablet running 2.3.7 Nopinky 00:09, 10 November 2012 (UTC)
  • [X] When you place 2 slabs under a water source block, it will disappear.
  • [X] If you go to the side of a world and pillar to the height limit, you can walk out of the map.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JysAGAjIUs&nomobile=1
  • [X] In addition to the above bug, (pillar to side of world and getting out), in third person view your character is invisible at this height.
  • [X] If you put a torch on a block next to the world limiting wall and place another torch on the first one, it will be placed on the map limiting wall.
  • [X] It is possible to place blocks on top of flowers and mushrooms causing the flower or mushroom to vanish in most cases, it is probably possible to place blocks on other items that you shouldn't normally be able to.[1]
  • [X] One slab can be placed under a block but to place a second, the block above it must be removed.
  • [X] Both flowers cannot be placed on anything but a dirt or grass block, but if any other block has a thin snow layer on it, it can be placed, destroying the snow layer and putting it on an unusual block (i.e. flower on a diamond block or sand).
  • [X] If you have a cactus plant(any height) and place a door next to it, only the top of the door will be visible. If you then place the same order where the doors are on two consecutive blocks, both doors disappear. The cactus disappears in both cases.
  • [X] When trying opening a door by tapping on the window, it will place the block in your outside of the door
  • You can place slabs inside your head by standing on a slab, placing a slab on the slab and repeating. This can only be done in third-person view.
  • [X] Sometimes when placing ladders on any block, they will only go a certain way or not be placed at all. (tested on Android CM7.1 Nook Color 2.3.6)
  • [X] When flying in CSP If you are right above a block and fly over it is will produce the sound as if you were sprinting. (tested on iOS iPad CSP)
  • Is this in creative or survival? I believe it's intentional in Creative. 19:08, 22 October 2012 (UTC)
  • {A!} In 4.0 i was building a church and i heard grass blocks being walked on. Built the church with stone though....?

[X] In 0.5.0 if I place a grass block anywhere, and I place a spruce or birch tree sapling,I can't use bone meal on it,even if there is room enough for them. Oak trees are fine.Tested on iOS6.

  • Same here! it's a weird Glitch...
  • In creative, if you dig straight down past bedrock, you die.
  • Intentional.

[X] In Alpha 0.5.0 (and even previous versions) in creative, there is no way to access chests, furnaces, nether reactors, work benches, etc. This way you cant use nether reactors and stuff. (tested in ios 6 on ipod 4)

  • Intentional.

Survival Single Player (SSP)[edit]

  • [A] If you build a tower to the top of a world's corner, you can walk out of the map. (Tested on both Android and iOS)
    • Not a bug. Invisible bedrock is a block that surrounds the map. Since there's a height limit, invisible bedrock can't be higher. Downgraded to annoyance --Dlpham 18:37, 28 December 2012 (UTC)
  • [X] You can hit mobs behind glass. (Tested on iOS)
  • [X] When trying opening a door by tapping on the window, it will place the block in your hand outside of the door.
  • Not a bug. This can both be an advantage or a disadvantage, because you can attack/shoot mobs through a door (not recommended because you can accidentally open the door and die). Skeleton arrows can also pass through through the windows.
  • [X] You can't put dandelion yellow or lapis-lazuli on sheeps,though you can in Minecraft pc
  • Not a bug. Minecraft PE is still in Alpha.
  • Coming in 0.6.0
  • [!] You cant use the "up" button when your device is at low battery.
  • [X] Saplings appear invisible in the inventory when first obtained (except the amount). To fix this, put the sapling on the ground, break it and obtain it. The sapling will now appear on the inventory.
  • [X] In the furnace GUI when you put charcoal in then coal the coal will become charcoal. Works the other way around. (Tested on iOS iPad SSP)
  • [X] Trying to place a door on a stair block will not place the door. Instead it drop two, effectively duplicating a door. Fastlane250 19:49, 6 September 2012 (UTC)
  • [X] The only way to get half slabs is to use a pickaxe, almost as it thinks it is a stone related object.
  • Normal.
  • [X] Sometimes random damage is sustained when the player walks on sand. Sbd01 13:08, 20 January 2013 (UTC)
  • [X] One time, I was immune to cactus damage.

Creative Multiplayer (CMP)[edit]

  • [!!] If I am shot with a bow and arrow, I take damage, and at the point of the death, my game either recognizes I have died, or, more often, crashes.
  • [!] If one joins a game then quits and saves copy of the game the copy will only be of the hosts spawn location, even if evident at the time of connection once disconnected and a copy of the game is saved the area around the spawn will be the only part of the map saved.
  • [!] If you save a copy of the world you joined, the copy will not include any of the buildings you built.
  • This has happened to me too, Plz fix
  • For me, it just has half of the world.
  • This usually depends on your internet connection. Check your connection, make sure that it has the specifications to support high-speed internet, and try again. Sbd01 12:20, 20 January 2013 (UTC)
  • [!] In multiplayer survival people that join your game will not die from cactus and falling.
  • [!] In multiplayer joining a world will result in new terrain different from the hosts but any structures built will be there such as if the host spawned on a flat piece of land someone joining could be in the same place but in a cave. Tested on SMP on iPod to Motorola Xoom and Samsung Galaxy SI to Motorola Xoom with Motorola Xoom hosting in both situations.


  • [!] In multiplayer, if 2 slabs are placed on top of each other, it will appear as 3 slabs to any other players (tested on survival with iPad and iPod Touch 4th gen)
  • [!] Sometimes blocks placed by a server's host will not appear on other player's devices. When that player walks through the blocks, they will take what appears to be suffocation damage until they die or leave the place (on creative). This can be fixed by the host breaking the blocks and replacing them.
  • [!] When you are connected to a server if you place any block on top of a snow cover two block will be placed, one where the snow cover was, and another on on top of it. (This only works for connected players, not the player hosting.) Tested on Motorola Xoom and Le-pan.
  • [X] You may start suffocating under water and an item drop may occur.. When you "die", you will see the respawn screen and some building materials will not be in your inventory if someone else "picks" them up. (tested on iOS)
  • Does not crash the game. Downgraded.
  • Are you in survival or creative? Are you in a server in creative or what? --Dlpham 18:41, 28 December 2012 (UTC)
  • [X] When playing in creative mode, my friend flew to the lavafall (we were in the nyan seed), then started taking damage and died, he dropped all of his stuff, I was able to pick it up, and when he respawned, he had nothing but one brick. (iPod Touch on iOS)
  • Doesn't crash the game. Downgraded.
  • It also happened in my creative server too. We were building a house near a lava fall when my friend starting taking damage and died.
  • This is a multiplayer bug where players who joined your server will die when drowning or in lava, and the server host can't take damage if the server is in creative. --Dlpham 18:41, 28 December 2012 (UTC)
  • [X] My friend can't see blocks that I placed next to obsidian before he enters the map, otherwise, while we are both on, he can see what I've placed. He can see everything else that I've placed before, just not NEXT to obsidian.
  • Sometimes my friend places blocks which I can't see
  • The kindle fire or nook cannot host a game. I think this may be because of Amazon and/or BN adding filters to the android app store, but I'm not sure.

The only way I am able to play multiplayer is if I join the game on my iPod, then on nook and kindle. PLEASE FIX THIS!

Bug Images[edit]

[X] When I go into options after installing certain texture packs game crashes

File:Pixel bug on ladder.png|Pixel Bug On Ladder

I have had one I believe.


nl:Pocket Edition known bugs