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The Minecraft Wiki Directors is made up of administrators from all of the language sites.

This page and its talk page is to facilitate communication between them and allow all of the various language sites to work in sync with each other.

Non-directors can request changes to this page, suggest topics of discussion, or comment on current discussions, on the admin noticeboard.

Administrative rights are given to users based on them making exceptional contributions to the wiki, rather than by request. An exception is on other languages of the Minecraft Wiki which have few or no admins, in which case a request is likely to be accepted.



In addition to the administrators of the individual communities, Gamepedia staff also have access to these discussions (the following table lists a few Gamepedia staff, but is not a complete list).

Current items

  1. Template standardization - getting all language sites using the same templates.
  2. Category standardization - getting all language sites using the same category tree.
  3. Establish an Admin noticeboard on each wiki
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