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This page documents the events that take place in the first season of Minecraft Mini-Series.
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Episode 1: The First Night[edit]

CommuniKate and Zed introduce the series as a reality game show, with the winner to be crowned as the Champion of the Spooky Isles. She then introduces the teams and informs them that they have to reach a target, get the most points, and defeat the other teams to win a grand prize of whatever they want. The teams then work to build shelter before sunset, yet only a few teams are successful. Team Tundra attempts to build a shelter, but they are cornered by hostile mobs, and are forced to make shelter inside a cliff. Team Mesa digs a hole in the ground to avoid being killed by zombies. Team Stone Beach builds a ladder to an opening in a cliff. Team Mooshroom takes shelter inside a giant mushroom, and Team Woodland (as they are hostile mobs) makes no shelter at all. Team Mesa wins the challenge and is rewarded a set of golden tools.

Episode 2: The Abandoned Mineshaft[edit]

The teams then work to build their camp, in which they are successful. The teams then go into an abandoned mineshaft, and are informed that the team with the most gold will win the most prizes. Teams Stone Beach and Mooshroom run into some cave spiders, and they barely make it out alive. Teams Mesa, Tundra, and Woodland come across a huge amount of gold over a lava pit. Team Tundra begins making a bridge, Team Mesa splits off, with River going around the pit, and Durango attempting to jump over it. Team Woodland summons numerous Vexes to help them fly over the pit, but is then eliminated after the vindicator falls into lava. Team Tundra wins the challenge and are rewarded fishing rods. In 2nd place, Team Mesa is rewarded with a painting of a fish. CommuniKate then blows up the camp, and the remaining teams use their boats to swim over to Eerie Island.

Episode 3: The Well Wisher[edit]

The teams make it to Eerie Island and build camp. The teams are then surrounded by hostile animals, but find shelter underground. The teams then go down a well which is inhabited by an evil spirit, and are informed that they have to fit four different types of items into item frames without repeating any items, while attempting to avoid being eaten by the evil spirit. Team Stone Beach wins the challenge and are rewarded a jukebox with music discs.

Episode 4: The Sham[edit]

The teams build a treehouse in the jungle. The teams are then informed that they have to complete a challenge: Use the beds to collect the feathers on the slime blocks. Team Tundra wins the challenge and are rewarded diamonds. CommuniKate blows up the treehouse, and Team Mooshroom is eliminated after CommuniKate alleges that Mo sacrificed herself (it is revealed later, however, that Mo was hiding underground). The remaining teams use their boats to swim over to Scatter Island.

Episode 5: The Ender Cave[edit]

The teams make it to Scatter Island, which is home to numerous endermen, and are informed that they have to kill the endermen and collect their pearls (a total of ten). Team Stone Beach then goes up against “The Enderal”, but come out victorious, win the challenge, and are rewarded with two bread, two pumpkin pie, and two cooked chicken, which they split upon the remaining teams. It is also revealed that Mo is alive and in hiding.

Episode 6: The Challenge of Ice and Magma[edit]

CommuniKate blows up the shelter and the teams go to higher ground, eventually making it to a snow biome. The teams are then informed that they have to cross a frozen lake, and then create a snow golem in order to win the challenge. Mo informs Quinn that the other players (who had been previously eliminated) are prisoners on the final island (later revealed to be Arena Island), and Quinn thinks this is a good opportunity to expose CommuniKate. Quinn, Durango, and River take the detour on the frozen lake to obtain Frost Walker boots, which they use to their advantage in creating a snow golem. Team Tundra is eliminated after Sacha dies from stepping on magma blocks. Quinn attempts to use a ender pearl to her advantage, but CommuniKate considers that to be cheating. Team Mesa wins the challenge and are rewarded a dozen steaks, which they split with Team Stone Beach. The teams then use their boats to swim over to Arena Island, while Quinn looks for an opportunity to get to CommuniKate’s codebook.

Episode 7: The Desert Maze[edit]

The teams make it to Arena Island, and are shown the obsidian cube that players go to when they are eliminated. CommuniKate then shows that the obsidian can’t be broken, but Toby realizes that obsidian can be broken with a diamond pickaxe. The teams are then informed that they have to go through a desert maze, with splash potions hidden through to aid them. Mo sneakily gives Quinn a book on chickens. Team Stone Beach uses splash potions of harming and leaping to their advantage, while Team Mesa uses splash potions of swiftness and strength. Team Stone Beach wins the challenge and are given five points, having a 16-12 lead over Team Mesa.

Episode 8: The Finale[edit]

The teams enter the Nether, and are informed that they have to make it to the portal on the other side while avoiding zombie pigmen, blazes and ghasts. Before the challenge can begin, the teams go back through the nether portal, with CommuniKate following pursuit. Toby reveals that he swapped the codebook with the book on chickens, and CommuniKate summons iron golems in anger. Nonetheless, the teams (including teams that have been previously eliminated) get the upper hand, trap the iron golems in cobwebs, and also trap CommuniKate and Zed in obsidian. Toby begins to send the teams home, but CommuniKate breaks free, thanks to an enchanted diamond pickaxe. Unbeknownst to Team Mesa and Team Stone Beach, CommuniKate sent them to a “surprise location”, which is to be revealed “next season”.