Minecraft Earth: 0.13.0

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Minecraft Earth

Release date

February 27, 2020

Other instances
of 0.13.0

0.13.0 is a major update to Minecraft Earth[1] released on February 27, 2020.



Glowing squid
  • Added to the game.
Bone wolf
  • Added to the game.


7 issues fixed
From the previous development version
  • MCE-1751 – Some full width punctuation displaying as apostrophe
  • MCE-1763 – Mistake in Moobloom description
  • MCE-1769 – Missing description for oak sapling
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed users to sign-in to Minecraft Earth from the same account on multiple devices.
  • Improved performance for Chinese, Japanese and Korean text.
  • Multiple crash bugs were fixed for iOS and Android devices so that players can mine, craft, and build in peace.
  • Mobs looked a bit rough around the edges in Bright Mode, so they have now been improved.


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