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This feature is exclusive to Minecraft Earth.
The chest that symbolises the inventory

A tappable is an object on the map in Minecraft Earth that a player must tap several times to extract items that go into the inventory.

Types and rarity[edit]

The tappables encountered within the player's reach radius can be any of:

  • Grass
  • Marsh
  • Stone
  • Tree (oak, birch, and spruce)
  • Chest
  • Mob (farm animals)

Each tappable contains items that are collected in the player's inventory. Up to three different blocks or items from the following lists can be collected from each tappable. There are five tiers of rarity for all blocks, items, and mobs available in tappables. The rarity can be identified by the colored outline around the item.

  • Common = white
  • Uncommon = green
  • Rare = blue
  • Epic = purple
  • Legendary = yellow

Grass and Marsh tappables[edit]

Blocks and items available:

Stone tappable[edit]

Blocks and items available:

Tree tappables[edit]

There are three types of tree tappables, each of which yields logs, leaves, and/or saplings corresponding to the type of tree tapped:

Birch tree
Oak tree
Spruce tree

Chest tappable[edit]

Up to three of several different blocks and items are available from each chest tappable:

Mob tappable[edit]

Tapping one of these mobs puts the mob in the player's inventory. The player can place them on a build plate.